December 31, 2017

Warning: Many Selfies ahead again

Bonna took this shot for me!

When I finally changed my 16GB baby to 128GB because I have tons of selfies! And I actually switched to a NO SIM plan from Starhub which made things more easier! I will share more :)

Bought my first ever RBF baby, now I have 4 + 2 of them hehe!

Just another selfie at the first wedding I hosted in 2017

My very beautiful cake baked by Bob The Baker Boy - my no.1 recommendation for all of my friends!

My Biggest Birthday Party yet - planned, decorated and coordinated everything by myself - invested close to 1K for it heh! Thank you all darlings who made it more amazing than usual.

One of my fav shots in the year of 2017, taken by my BFF-abro!!!! 

Taken by my BFF - never expected myself to be so "colourful" but it's Pink Dot after all! Auntie said I was very beautiful that night!

Aloha Poke Bowl is so tasty but why so exp!!

Met the very handsome Finn Balor!!! SWEET!

Haha, I bought Ring Side Tickets and got the best view - first row, but unfortunately due to draft - My Queen Charlotte didn't come to Singapore hence I sold my ticket and watched from the last Category instead!

With the Cena Cap I bought and my Spinner belt!

Our first JB trip! After 5 years I finally visited JB again! With my fav Kath Jiejie!

Knowing this group of amazing Business Owners!

First time curling my hair until like this (done by salon downstairs la) for hosting! Plus, the hair grew longer already!! Thought this length was perfect hmm..

My Photo Shoot by The Makeover Inc (Blog Post will be out!)

First bouquet of flowers in the year of 2017 from my client!

Forming the Education Committee with my Shuai Baba-s aka Handsome Daddies!

Knowing my Noble Man & not your Typical Feng Shui Master who has helped and supported me tremendously!

My second bouquet of flowers in the year of 2017! From a chapter mate/supplier :) 

Wearing Grey Lenses after my hair switched to Copper Red (but drop liao, cos never bleach) with flowers!!

Wearing the Falsies I bought in 2013 for the first time!

Joining Triple Fit Singapore as a member after I won the #PowerfulMe Challenge!

Reconnected with Yoga once again


Cooking for myself with self-thought recipes out of nowhere!

Knowing a group of amazing people that I connect beyond business!

Knowing my other noble-man!

Noble-woman - with an extra E!

This Picture that probably sums up 2017 - and a goal for myself!

My 2017

This year really flew past like wind, and as I mentioned in 2016 that I wanted it to be a year for me to still grow in many aspects - safe to say, I did it.

I made one of my biggest decisions in life thus far to leave an environment that I wasn't happy in, I did. (I will explain more in 2019)

Things turned well, then not so well after the next environment screwed up unexpectedly, and I knew that it meant that I had more troubles for the heart and mind. 

Then, getting cheated by one of my trusted "friend" - but I learnt something valuable, at least.  

I knew that being dependent on someone who wasn't even treating you as priority is stupid. 

Back then I realized my whining for certain matters in life is basically just me wanting to stay in that "comfort zone" of mine.. 

I realized I could do so much better. 

Thankfully, I was very blessed and things changed after I joined BNI Steadfast - even so, I faced up and downs along the way as I knew and communicated with more people than I usually do.


I truly learnt that, what people say might not be what it is - they take advantage when you're showing your most vulnerable moment. 

I met this Grab Hitch uncle who was 66 years old, whom I believe that I didn't meet by chance - it was fated and I will always remember; Do not believe in what you hear 100% and only believe in what you see 50%. 

He told me that we probably had Karma in our past lives, but sure - he enlightened me a lot.

I met so many noble-man/woman this year as well who really spent loads of time to teach and guide me for the things they only knew and realized in their 30s. 

People who truly cared for me.

People who looked out for me all the time

People who supported me in things that I do.

People who gave me opportunities to shine in what I was good at.


This year, I also "stopped" hosting for certain events at a certain rate that I couldn't accept deep inside - I refused to believe in paying my "dues", neither should I feel so un-worthy because I'm the one who said yes.

"Your value will never be more evident to an inappreciative person than through your absence. Perhaps when you're gone, they'll realize your importance.. if they don't, someone else out there will."

I stuck that in my head, rejected gigs that would have meant "good money" to myself, and true enough - the quality of gigs I got afterwards were 3.5 times of what I received initially. 

Heart - was - broken - sunk down, this month. Thanks to my Da Jie who really took time to explain things to me, and my pretty mama who shared with me on the art of balancing - knowing when to "high" and "drop". 

I think while there are still some "negativity" going on, what happened subsequently really helped to shaped me as a person this year. The positivity was in fact larger than the negativity! :)

Mainly because of the people I knew this year, despite a shorter friendship - but our energy levels simply matches and boom! Sparks flew! 

I attracted what I believed.

Lucky year too, winning so many lucky draw and my gym membership! 

I did a pretty ok job with balancing Dark & Bright Rachel too!

This year, I also covered all the pageants that I loved - from Mrs Singapore to Mrs Singapore World to Ms Singapore and Man Hunt! I got to know and forged deep friendships with some of the contestants! 

2017 has allowed me to learn even more lessons, and for me to set bigger yet realistic goals in 2018. 

If there's a quote that I would like to use to sum up: 

You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.

2016 & 2017 were my year to grow, but guess what - 2018 I have two goals.

#2018betterme & 2018 My Year to Grow! 

As usual, my 2018 goals will be in the next post.

Gonna spend the last few hours of 2017 sending my regards to all of my wonderful friends who made my year a special one. 

Thank you all for the love, and still being here.

Enjoy the count down with your loved ones while I stand by with my camera (gotta find it ooops) and capture the hourly tax (oh I meant FIRE WORKS) burning!!

Enjoy your New Year's Eve!

x, R.J


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