Owndays Singapore Glasses Review

December 29, 2014

Okay, the long awaited review has finally came! Owndays Glasses! (Sunglasses for me!)

Okay before I go into my review, just gonna do a brief introduction about Owndays and let you all of you (my dear readers) know more the company itself!

They are actually one of the leading eyewear shops. In asia ; japan and singapore .

(Information quoted from owndays site)


'' Having succeeded in opening shops all over Japan, we are now expanding OWNDAYS as a leading eyewear shop to countries around Asia based on our philosophy of taking Japan's manufacturing culture overseas. ''
How I got to know about owndays ; 
few months ago in nex and many shopping malls I realized this ''owndays'' has been opened almost everywhere I go! Because I don't wear glasses, it didn't attract me that much. However whenever I pass by the shop this ''ready in 20 mins'' thing always caught my attention. I mean like, it's pretty fast. As my sister wear glasses, I know what is the usual time frame to collect glasses. Usually after confirming the frame and the degree, the shop people will ask her to collect only 3-4 days later. But 20 mins?! That's really quick. Which is what their company promises. Other than that it also has many different lenses like the PC glasses which I'm really interested to get but I'm just so lazy to head down.  The different type of lenses/frames/colours really help each and every customer to find their unique look. My sister also bought a pair of glasses from Owndays and I must say it's really pretty! There are actually more lenses like; high index aspheric lenses, UV protection lenses, water repellent & scratch resistant lenses which you may visit their website to find out more! 
Pricing; I guess good quality glasses comes at a hefty price. But from what I have seen (in both shop and online) the prices for their glasses, sunglasses are at affordable price. If you want better lenses of cos, you will have to pay more but if it's not some brand less spectacles or lousy lenses you're buying it's definitely worth every single cent.
Convenience; It's located almost island wide like hey even if you live in some ulu places there will be one Owndays that will be near to your house! Here are the list of locations! 
  • 313 Somerset (North-South Line)
  • Nex (North-East Line)
  • Plaza Singapura (North-East & North-South & Circle Line)
  • Bedok Mall (East-West Line)
  • One Raffles Place (North-South & East-West Line) 
  • Raffles City (North-South & East-West Line)
  • Bugis Plus (East-West & Downtown Line)
  • Clarke Quay Central (North-East Line)
And now my review on their glasses. 

The sunglasses that I got was model OESG3004 in BROWN DEMI colour (which also comes in black). Which is really nice! But all in all it works like normal black shades to me. So if you ask why is a pair of black shades important I would say it is just like your wardrobe essential for example; Black Cardigan, Black Flats, Black Top etc. Notice how each and every item I mentioned is black! Not only because I'm a really gothic person like I really like black but black goes well with almost everything! You see, LV Prada Chanel these famous brands have their bags in black as well and it's really common, or maybe popular. 

Why are shades important, well Singapore is a very hot country like most of the time is above 27 degrees and it's really sunny outside you definitely don't want those glaring sun-rays to damage your eyes? Like looking directly up at the sun is painful without sunglasses man!! And it also protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays. But for me it has MANY purposes. And trust me it can be one of the most ridiculous purposes you have ever heard. So here it goes! (Do take note these purposes are solely based on me myself and I you don't have to really believe it as a benefit of wearing shades, LOL

But first here are the actual reason(s) & purpose to wear sunglasses/shades ; cited from http://www.oprah.com/health/Reasons-to-Wear-Sunglasses-Health-Benefits-of-Sunglasses !

1. Skin Cancer

Up to 10 percent of all skin cancers are found on the eyelid.

2. Cataracts

The World Health Organization reports that, worldwide, approximately 900,000 people are blind because of cataracts—cloudiness in the lens of the eye—triggered by UV exposure.

3. Macular Degeneration

Over time UV light may play a role in damaging the macula lutea (an area of the eye with millions of light-sensing cells, which allow us to see fine details clearly), potentially leading to blurriness and vision loss.

4. Pterygium

This abnormal growth of tissue—also called surfer's eye—may progress slowly from either corner across the white part of the eye, possibly leading to inflammation or disturbance of vision.

5. Photokeratitis

Essentially a sunburn of the eye, it's temporary (healing within 48 hours) but can be painful, causing blurred vision, light sensitivity, and the sensation of having sand in your eye.

And here's a list of reasons/purposes why I wear them shades!

  1. Protect eye make-up! Yes, many times it's the foundation that will melt first (Due to the very hot weather in Singapore) then followed by the eye make-up which is horrible because your eye shadow pigments is everywhere and your eyeliner SMUDGES which is so ugly and terrifying people prolly thought you were beaten up or did not sleep due to the smudging! But with the shades you can just let your foundation melt and yet still look attractive with the eyes. Winks*
  2. Use it as a fashion statement/accessory. Sometimes when you are so sleepy and lazy to apply eye makeup you can just rock the shades with simply lipstick! And you can put on bolder colours like Red, Dark Berry since the focus will be on your lips then. And it simply makes you look more cool. 
  3. You can be like a taitai. So the meaning of ''taitai'' in my dictionary; ''A girl of any age who dresses well and wear sunglasses who has the traits of classy woman.''. Get that in mind! If you're walking around orchard wear put them on and eyes will be on you because you're too high class for them! 
  4. To take nice selfies/pictures. Like hey if your eyes are small I think you rather put on a pair of nice shades to cover up right?
  5. Acts like a hair band when you have fringe flying around. Which means pushing your glasses up lah, in that sense it makes you look like a taitai too!
Yup so those are my reasons, some ridiculous I know but at least these are original or orgiginal ideas. HAHA. And now time for the sunglasses review, based on it's design and all. 

 (The dot is the flash)
Design wise I would give it a 9.5/10! Because the colour is actually quite special and it has some leopard print thing going on there. And it's beautiful and more unique than a normal black coloured sunglasses,

The brown leopard print thing which I really liked!

And if you ask me if it's comfortable, too big or not I would say this is just right for me and I could wear it straight for like 3 hours without having to remove it. As my older sunglasses were really quite uncomfortable, due to it's shape and size. But for this pair of owndays sunglasses, I don't have to!

Pricing wise for this pair is at 68$! To me, it's affordable. I know there are some sunglasses which are below 10$ but I'm not really sure if the quality, frame will be as good as this one! Cos sometimes it doesn't even have the UV protection function. But there are also some brand less ones selling at about 30-50 dollars just because they have more patterns etc. There's also this saying in chinese; 一分钱一分货 which translates to ''One price One good'' . So it makes perfect sense to buy something that is not too ex but in good quality. But if I were you I would go for not only quality, but also branding. (I sound like I only like branded goods but hey you rather pay 1K for chanel than 1K for a bag that has gold studs on it right?????? ) Same logic.

And time for some selfies!! (Instagram worthy ok.) You can just do the mirror effect as well and put a large font, not necessary Owndays but maybe ''Swag'' ''Cool'' ''Selfie'' well idk. And add a filter maybe.

Any thing that I don't really like? Actually no, but thinking from a broke student's perspective, 68$ for a pair of glasses compared to stores like Cotton On, Rubi selling at maybe 10$ and below during sales with nice designs... I would prefer the cotton on one, but if you are looking for quality and assurance (towards the UV side) I suggest you buy the Owndays one if it is affordable to you.

And that's it! Currently they are having their PC glasses at only 60$ ONLY! You may visit their shop to find out more because if you use the computer a lot you definitely need those to protect your eyes even if you don't wear glasses. Till the next post! xoxo.

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