O's Results &Thoughts

January 17, 2016

After months and days, I finally received my O Level results on 11th January 2016, which was on Monday.

Before that, I have been feeling really worried, having fear.. luckily the sermon at church made me felt a lot better as what the Pastor touched on was related to what I was feeling. 

That day I was supposed to be at my stay cation, but apparently because the press release was late I couldn't confirm in time and the room I wanted was booked :/ 

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise instead as I could go to church and listen that sermon and feel better afterwards. Thank you to the church for praying for us O's candidates too. 


It has been a long journey ever since I found my dream course after attending the AEM in September 2014, going for my DPA Interview, getting my dream course via DPA and taking Os. 

I made the decision to drop combined science which was a huge risk that none of the students took in Yuying. 

I left the school early on 29th September to self study on my own without the teacher's guidance. 

Which many disagreed. 

I still did. 

And I'm glad. 

Results day, I still had more fear than faith as moments before I got my results, I know of someone who got his DPA revoked for the same course I'm in because he failed his maths. 

And I had witness it as well. 

I was worried. Extremely worried. 

When my teacher called my name, I went forward and I sat down and said "don't tell me anything" 

I told them that I had thoughts of dropping out since I guess my maths wouldn't have made it..

But then my teacher said, "that's your friend what"

Upon receiving my results. I cried. I shouted. It was tears and screams of joy.

It wasn't  A s that made me cried, but a "D7" for maths and "B3" for english that made me cry.

I met the minimum requirements to enter Mass Communications in Ngee Ann Polytechnic! 

Having failing maths for 4 years and only passing ONCE in streamings.. not seeing F9 makes me really happy.

I went to hug Mdm Absa and Mdm De, two of the teachers who really assured me a lot when I was feeling down the most after prelims results. 

I'm glad that I shared my joy with them.

At the same time I wished that moment last but I know that there were people who felt worse than me. 

After so many days of hard work, it finally paid off and I reaped what I sowed. 

All this wouldn't be possible if I didn't had teachers to advice me and the friends who helped me. 

I would like to thank the following people in this post. 

Mrs Zainab (ex counselor of Yuying)

Mrs Zainab, thank you for all the sessions you had with me. Ever since secondary 2 after Ms Ong left, you took over my case and you never failed to be a great listener of mine (and me a great one of yours too!) and you always knew when I was sad or happy just from the way I talked. I know that with you, I will always be able to share things that happened which I am not comfortable to talk to my teachers about and that you will always be there especially during PE lessons :P One of which, I am very thankful for was when I broke down during chemistry lesson, I called you and you picked up and said I could come down even if you had someone there. You were the one who advised me to call them, who really knew how I felt and that's how I got a step closer to my dream. When nobody agreed with me in school, you were the only one who understood where I was coming from. 

Thank you, Mrs Zainab. :) I managed to hug you and share my joy with you when I got "A1" for my Chinese Os in 2015 and it's a pity that you have left Yuying already (the year I graduated sadly) but I just want you to know that you're one of the first whom I wanted to share my joy with upon receiving my results. 

Mr Alex Tan

Mr Tan, thank you for taking time to teach me the basics of mathamatics which I have failed to master since sec 3 during your breaks (which were my free periods from dropping science). You were one of the most patient math teacher and you explained everything till I understood. Although in the end I still failed my maths, it was a "good fail" as I improved a lot. 

Mr Kenneth Koh

One of the most hardworking humanities teacher I have ever met, and you remind me of Mr Lim a lot (one of my fav History teacher who left yyss in 2012 :( ) you encouraged the class a lot, and actually gave us handwritten cards which motivated me a lot. The notes that you compiled really helped me and I enjoyed your lessons as well. Thank you for taking the time to have consultation with me and really go through things that I'm not good with and even taking time to mark the extra practices I have done. Thanks for supporting me onto going into Mass Communications and believing in me. 

Miss Jasmine Lee

My FT for 2 years, English teacher as well. I remembered those days when I was in hospital you visited me every single time without fail with flowers or balloon. I am really thankful to have you as my FT who really spends time understanding my situation and offering me good advice towards the O Levels. Taking time to mark my extra situational writing and essays, spending 2 hours to just discuss with me on how to spend my self study period wisely. I am glad that in the end I didn't disappoint you at all with my results. Still one of the kindest teacher who promotes kindness week every year without fail, I'll remember you Miss Lee!

Mdm Absa

Queen Absa! My F&N teacher since sec 1 who really gets me interested in the subject and teaches me how to make delicious food. I'm happy that I was in your group all this while :D Thanks for everything. You knew something was wrong every time and always talked to me without fail. Like when I failed English in Prelims etc. You were one of those teachers who never stopped believing in me and knew that I could go far. Thank you for teaching me my favourite subject all this while and free breakfast of Bonjour bread :p even during Os. I will always remember you queen. :D 

Mdm De

My Higher Chinese Teacher since sec 1 whom always loved me upon knowing that I want to go CO. I knew that I disappointed you at times when I didn't attend practices and such when you wanted me to be the chair person since Sec 1 but I believed that I wasn't meant for it. You allowed me to switch sections when I didn't felt right and on many occasions, giving me leeway. Always aware of what I have contributed and all, One of the teacher who appreciated my compositions a lot as well. Being in HCL class was really fun. Always knew when I was okay and not, and offering me great advice. One of the teachers who believed in me a lot who know that I can go far, very far. Believed in my potential and offering me roles to perform. Emcee for CNY, and even the emcee for Chinese Orchestra, standing at the Singapore Conference Hall, speaking to all the judges and students. 

谢谢您 德老师。
Mrs Chew 

My science teacher and ex FT who was one of the teachers who understood why I wanted to drop my combined science. All along I'm thankful that I managed to learn physics from you and doing well in sec 3. It was a pity that I had to gave up in the end but I'm glad that you supported my decision and helped me along the way. Without your understanding and help, it may be hard to let the HOD to accept my decision.. I'm glad that I didn't fail you. Thank you Mrs Chew!

Natalie (ng) 

The savior that God sent me. I still remembered that I met you that day on the bus stop and realized that hey, Natalie is the one who can help me in maths! My senior in mass comm now, and my cell group leader I'm really thankful for you in my life. You taught me maths that I didn't understood, went through TYS questions and ENSURED that I knew how to do.. Praying for me in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep, praying for me before my papers when I had fear. Praying for me before I receive my results. I'm so glad I'll be able to see you in the SAME BUILDING in NP now!! Thank you so much Natalie, without you I wouldn't have improved on my maths, let alone achieving a D7. 

Apart from the Thank-you s 

I have a message to all those who think that they didn't do well for Os too. 

Some of you may think that it's a shame to attend ITE or even go to RP or so, I hope that this mindset of yours will be GONE. It's a society stigma that majority has. Some people just take longer to reach their dreams, but it doesn't mean that you won't. You will, in fact become an inspiration to people as well. 

I do not want any of you to regret and to say that "I should have worked hard etc" .. DON'T. 

It's over, just move on. Focus on what's coming up. Never ever look back. Since it was a huge lesson learnt, never make the same mistakes again. Learn how to prioritize tasks. 

You may feel that it's unfair that it's happening on you but then, no one's life is smooth sailing. There's obstacles, failures. But that makes you grow. Learn. That you'll become better each time you fail. 

I urge you to start afresh in a new school. Believe in yourself that you will reach your desire course. 

Don't let that results define who you are, instead use it as a push to push you to your limits. That your GPA will be perfect and you'll go to the Poly course you want to. 

The school you attend doesn't determine who you are nor what your future is as long as you're the one taking control of your life. 

Some of you may not end up in your dream course, but always believe that "Everything Happens For A Reason" and that in time to come, you'll realize that "Hey! I actually like what I'm learning now" 

I wish everyone all the best, and remember; Never Give Up. 

Thank you everyone who has been part of my journey for O level's. 

I will be finally embarking on a new journey after 4 years to where I want to be the most, Ngee Ann Poly Mass Communications. [full-width]

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  1. Thank you for posting this, I've been waiting since the end of Os for my results. I got into my dream course through EAE as well... I struggled with math too (not passed once in 4 years, even prelims I failed, after prelims I did not sleep and got into depression but I think I passed this final time). Very reassuring read - thank you so much.

    1. Hey dear, I just saw your comment. You are welcome and God bless. :)

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