Mrs Singapore World 2017/18 Grand Finals

December 05, 2017

This is it.

The Grand Finals of Mrs Singapore World 2017/18!  

Marking it's 19th year, Mrs Singapore World has since crowned 18 beautiful ladies and tonight - one lady will win the top prize and will represent Singapore in the Mrs World Pageant.

This year, the Guest of Honour is none other than our MP for Macpherson SMC, Ms Tin Pei Ling who is also the youngest MP in the parliament!

On top of that, Mrs Singapore World emphasizes on Beauty with a Heart and this year the adopted charity for the pageant is Rare Disorders Society Singapore (RDSS)

Some photos during Pre-Event taken;

OOTD - Plum Jumpsuit from Fashion Nova!

With my fav Sinah & Racheal, we are all wearing shoes from Riccino!

Time passes so fast that it's the day where all 18 beautiful ladies will be on stage for their moment as a proud Woman, Mother and Queen!

So let's walk through the entire show of the Grand Finals now.

We had our Emcee Opening by Guan & Karin after a series of videos of the various sponsors were played!

 First Segment - 

We had the Opening Catwalk by the ladies who were all dressed in Victorian Medieval Gowns while being "Masked" - that's right! This year's theme for the Grand Finals is Masquerade! 

Simply stunning! They then did their introduction in the most cheeky manner ever - in which I will share some of the most memorable ones!

#8 - Jasmine in her gown!

Masquerade... Masquerade!

#1 - Medeleine looking great!

#2 - Sheena and her beautiful smile!

#16 - Dorcas actually shared; 
I am involved in Human Trafficking as I run a Head Hunting Company! Amazing, kinda cheeky yet memorable.

We then had our Organizing Chairperson, Meena Bennett who is also Mrs Singapore World 2015/16 (the first ever pageant that I blogged for!) 

Followed by our National Director for Mrs Singapore World - Ms Angela Tay!

First course was served - amazing dinner by RWS Singapore. 

While enjoying dinner, we were entertained by our Top 4 finalists for the Talent Contest. In case you missed that out, read here!

First, we had #5 - Hui Zhen who played the Guzheng with her daughter. I loved this shot of her!

Then we had #8 - Jasmine who showed us her amazing dance moves! I LOVED THIS SHOT.

Then we had #11 - Evelyn who sang 美丽的笨女人 - Beautiful, Dumb Woman.

And last but not least, our Power-House vocalist - #14 - Grace Loe who sang us a Whitney Houston classic.

Then, we proceeded to the Swim Wear Segment! 

These beautiful Swim Wear are from AIMER - the Official Swim Wear Sponsor of the pageant, along with the High Heels from Riccino Shoes - Official Pageant shoes of the pageant.

After the Swim Wear Segment, we had our very first round of Subsidiary Awards!

Presented by Mrs Singapore World 2010, Kenny Santika!

Mrs Radiance - #12 Yanni Huang 

Mrs Eloquence - #10 Dwi Lestari

Mrs Personality - #6 Aarren Dieok 

Mrs Inspiration - #9 Umaigaithri

Presented by Mrs Singapore World 2012, Kim Marie Martin!

Optimist Award - #15 Kirti Bhatnagar 

Most Improved Award - #3 Angela Phua

Mrs Confidence - #14 Grace Loe 

Grace has lost a total of 9 Kilograms after joining Mrs Singapore World 2017/18!

Mrs Congeniality - #1 Medeleine Tou

I was screaming and I knew she would win this!!!!

Presented by Janesis Fitness

Mrs Body Fit - #5 Hui Zhen

One week before the Talent Contest was being held at Big Box Singapore, a Cook-Off was held - brought to us by Akira & Quan Fa Organic Farm. Saw a total of 3 winners who were awarded/crowned below!

Missed a shot of her - 
#7 Joey Ong - 2nd Runner Up of Star Chef

Star Chef - 1st Runner Up - #5 Hui Zhen

Star Chef 2017 - #8 Jasmine Lim

Then, we had our Sponsors Appreciation Award. This event was made possible with the help of all these beautiful sponsors as well!

Captured some beautiful moments - here's the full list of sponsors:

Official Make Up: The School of Make Up
Official Nutrition Sponsor: Nutrition Depot Singapore
Official Hair Studio: Bespoke Hair Studio
Official Fashion Accessories: HELEN
Official Swim Wear: Aimer
Official Venue for Talent/Cook-Off: Big Box & My Little Giant
Official Appliance: AKIRA
Official Music Academy: LWS School of Music
Official Organic Farm: Quan Fa Organic Farm
Official Eyewear: Vision Lab
Official Make Up: Belle Cosmetic Singapore
Official Gowns: Beautiful Love Wedding
Official Fitness: JANESIS Fitness 
Official Beauty Centre: Lady Fair
Official Skincare: Skin Ceuticals
Official Dental Care: TLC Dental Care
Official Aesthetics: Beauty Recipe
Official Cosmetic Lens: Maxim (AOS Pte Ltd)
Official Wine: ewineasia

In Picture:

Official Pageant Shoes - Riccino Shoes

Director of Riccino, Ms Sinah posing with National Director of Mrs Singapore World, Ms Angela Tay and Guest of Honour, MP Tin Pei Ling

Official Sponsor & Judge: Samuel Seow

Saw those lovely pictures on Facebook of the contestants that were taken at Warren Golf & Country Club (Swim Wear) and the Studio (for the gowns)? They were all taken and makeup/hair was done by none other than the 

Official Outdoor & Studio Photography: The Makeover Inc!

Beautiful Director Ms Brenda Goh posing with Ms Angela Tay & the GOH.

One of my favourite segment is up next! 

Evening Gown Segment where all the contestants will walk out with their Hubbies/Son/Sibling in their beautiful gowns; brought to you by Beautiful Love Wedding.

Loved these shots of #1 Medeleine!

#8 Jasmine Lim & her hubby! He looked super familiar!

#12 Yanni with her hubby!

#10 Dwi with her hubby! Blue is the colour!

Later, we moved on to the next round of Subsidiary Awards.

Presented by Director of Riccino Shoes

Mrs Elegance - #13 Angela Seah

Mrs Beautiful Skin - #7 Joey Ong

Mrs Lady Fair - #2 Sheena

Presented by Dr Enrica Sham of TLC Dental -

Mrs Beautiful Smile - #4 Rachel Pang

Presented by Ms Brenda Goh, the Director of The Makeover Inc

Mrs Photogenic - #4 Rachel Pang

Presented by Betty Yu - 

Mother of the Year 2017 - #1 Medeleine 

Presented by the Managing Director of SSLC, Samuel Seow himself - 

Most Supportive Husband - #11's 
(Evelyn's Hubby) - Cedric Soh!

Facebook Popularity Award - #7 Joey Ong

Presented by Jay Lim, Principal of LWS School of Music

Best in Talent - #14 Grace Loe

Then, a series of Subsidiary Awards (Beauty with a Heart Project) were given - for the efforts of raising funds for the Official Adopted Charity - Rare Disorders Society Singapore (RDSS)

First contestant to be awarded was #2 Sheena Vaswani.

Sheena went the extra mile by starting a campaign on GiveAsia and she raised a total of $2210 for RDSS which will be donated to the families subsequently!  

Beauty with a Heart 2017 - #2 Sheena Vaswani

This year, instead of one, 2 Goodwill Ambassadors were crowned as they both had the most amount of ad pages bought (funds were donated to RDSS) 

Goodwill Ambassador - #7 Joey Ong

Goodwill Ambassador 2017 - #4 Rachel Pang

Then, the Charity Queen was awarded to the finalist who raised the most amount of money through the amount of tables bought during the Grand Finals.

Charity Queen 2017 - #16 Dorcas Tan

And finally, the Community Ambassador was awarded to the finalist who raised the most amount of money through the Tables & Ad Pages.

Community Ambassador 2017 - #11 Evelyn Tan

She also presented the cheque to RDSS.

Some goofying around with all my favourite Queens!

With Mrs Singapore 2016/17 Runner Up - Celine!

With our ever witty and humorous choreographer, Rafal & my favourite Mrs Singapore Universe - Racheal!!!! Eh, the power of Rs!

The exciting moment came, and the Top 8 Finalists were announced - followed by their Q&A!

(In no particular order)

#7 Joey Ong
#8 Jasmine Lim
#4 Rachel Pang
#10 Dwi Lestari
#2 Sheena Vaswani
#5 Hui Zhen
#11 Evelyn Tan
#16 Dorcas Tan

The ladies then proceeded with their Q&A where they had to share about the platform that they support, as well as their answer to their chosen question.

#7 Joey Ong

Her Platform:

Cancer Society, she wants to organize events to raise awareness. "No one needs to fight cancer alone, I will be there for you!"

Her Question: 
What bothers you most about the happenings in our Country and why?

Her Answer: 

I feel that Singapore is a great country and it is developing well. My only concern would be the education opportunities being offered at our local universities. Based from my experience, a friend of mine who became a doctor (who had a diploma then from a polytechnic, but could only pursue a medical course in overseas) Hence I feel that there should be a slight change in the eligibility for certain courses. 

#8 Jasmine Lim

Her Platform:

I believe it is my time to bring hope, to raise awareness and to gather more volunteers to join me and help the underprivileged children. Daughters of tomorrow is to empower these underprivileged children. Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much more.

Her Question:

As a modern woman in the 21st Century, which of the 4 would you choose out of Beauty, Wealth, Love and Education? Explain why.

Her Answer:

I will choose love. Love can be in a form of passion. When you have passion in your career, you will have the spirit of essence and you won't feel that working is a chore. When you have passion and you're pursuing your education, you will find it an easy task as you have that love. You can have all the wealth in the world and when you have no love, there will be no joy. If you have the knowledge of education but you have no love, you will not know how to give back. I choose love, because love never fails. 

#4 Rachel Pang

 Her Platform:

My platform goes out to the underprivileged orphans. As a mum, it breaks my heart to see these orphans growing up without a happy childhood. I will be setting up an outreach program which will reach out to the Non-Government Aided Orphanages in the region. As Mrs Singapore World, I will use the power of Social Media, and my influence to reach out to married women out there to stand forward as volunteers and also calling for donations on daily necessities and educational materials for the orphanage.

Her Question:

If you were to win Mrs Singapore World tonight, how will this make a difference to your future and explain why?

Her Answer: 

If I were to win, I will become an influencer who can be a voice and influence married women out there. As I myself have already stepped out and stood tall on this stage to show everyone that I can do it as a Mother, a Boss, a Wife and as a friend. So life would be very different and exciting if I were to be crowned. Hopefully, I wil be able to use that voice to do more great and give back to the community. 

#10 Dwi Lestari

Her Platform:

My Platform would be the Darul Ihsan Orphanage where they have 2 centres for the boys and girls respectively. I believe that children who come from all ages, backgrounds and countries deserve the best childhood ever as every child is the future of tomorrow.

Her Question: 

If one of your friend is experiencing marriage failure, what kind of advice would you give them in order for them to reconcile?

Her Answer:

The advice I will give to all married couples would be - Compromise. The one one and only thing why I feel that every marriage should exist is because of compromising. There's always ups and downs, nothing is ever perfect but if we manage to resolve any kind of issues within ourselves and show good example towards our kids. I believe that compromise is always the answer to any kind of problem.

#2 Sheena Vaswani

Her Platform:

I believe every woman is beautiful and when given the opportunity to shine, she can make a difference not only in her life but the life of the family and the society she lives in. With that, I would like to represent AIDHA as Mrs Singapore World 2017/18. An organization that empower women of lower income as well as foreign domestic workers through education. It is good to support women and show them to be loved, but it is more remarkable to teach them how to love themselves and how to make an impact together.

Her Question:

How do you balance between your career, marriage, family and social life?

Her Answer:

Being a married woman in the 21st century, women are not only nurturers to take care of our unit but we are also equal providers to support our husbands in providing for our family expenses. So with that, we play many different roles of being a loving mother, a devoted wife and an independent career woman. The balance I would like to strike between all these areas is to understand that I can do everything but I can't do everything, everyday. It starts with Prioritising. And of cos, balancing starts at home. Balancing the Marriage, the Family, the Social Life then the Career. Career and Social Network are changing with time to evolve, but Family and your Marriage is never changing so they take priority.

#5 - Hui Zhen

Her Platform:

My Platform is to help the beneficiaries of the Cancer Foundation. As a mother of 5, it is very heartbreaking to see children being diagnosed with cancer at a young age with no exact cause. I hope to this the title to influence people on a much larger scale, to contribute not only on the financial aspect but also on time; on a weekly basis to befriend these cancer patients.

Her Question:

One day, when you wake up, you find that your body has been swapped. Who's body would you want to swap with and why?

Her Answer: 

My Father or Father In Law. Being born a woman in this lifetime, it would be interesting to have a body of a man and to be able to look at things from a man's perspective as well as to understand their process of thoughts. Why them, as they both play an important role in my life so I would like to be in their shoes to see how they would actually juggle with providing for the family as well as to show love for the family members at home. 

#11 - Evelyn Tan 

Her Platform:

To save children internationally. I lost my elder brother when I was 12, leaving a pair of young children leaving with us. Now that I'm a mother of 2, I cannot imagine children who grew up without parents & parents who lost their children. As Mrs Singapore World, I would like to raise public awareness and gather more mothers to come together and organize meaningful and interesting events, mission trips to provide emotional and educational support. I believe that women may be weak, but mothers are strong.

Her Question:

As a modern day married woman in the 21st Century, what is your biggest challenge and why?

Her Answer:

We are juggling between our career, marriage, family as well as our social life. I think that my biggest challenge is this. In fact we all face the same challenge as we can see that from young, till the day we step into society, we are our dearest daughters to our parents. After we work, our bosses set their expectations. After we get married, we become Wives of hubbies who we want to make them proud too and after that, we are Mothers and we need to take care of our children. Hence, I believe that this is the challenge in terms of juggling between these different aspects.

#16 Dorcas Tan

Her Platform:

My heart goes out to the children in Cambodia. As such, part of our company's profits goes into supporting them for free education and food. If I were to be crowned, I will use this opportunity to rally more support for this meaningful cause.

Her Question:

What are the best morals and values a parent can share with children and why?

Her Answer: 

This is going out to my 3 girls especially. Kindness. If you're kind, you will be able to treat each other really well and arguments will stop. I will teach them integrity; to say what they mean and mean what they say. Through that, they will be able to build a meaningful and trustworthy relationship. Respect, to show respect for the elders. You need to learn how to respect the elders before others respect you.

And.. that's it with the Q&A!

Before I unveil - the winners, some exciting info to share for all of our mummies & daddies who has their princesses and prince at home whom they think they have what it takes to be the next Little Miss Cinderella and Little Manhunt!

Info here -

Auditions will be held on the 6th of January 2018, from 1PM to 3PM. 

If your child is aged between 4-12 years old, congratulations! He/she is eligible!

The moment is here and 5 ladies will be crowned!

Forth Runner Up - #11 Evelyn Tan

3rd Runner Up - #4 Rachel Pang

2nd Runner Up - #2 Sheena Vaswani

1st Runner Up: #16 Dorcas Tan


#8 - Jasmine Lim!

Pure happiness!

Picture of all the newly crowned queens!

Loving her expression! 

Also a happy shot of my Missy and the two beautiful queens!

And myself with the beautiful Queens! Taken by Herbert Julian of JWalking Photography!

Can't believe, that's the end of Mrs Singapore World 2017/18. 

It has been a pleasure watching all the 18 beautiful ladies, transforming to the best version of themselves.

Although I didn't manage to speak to every single one of you, I saw many things through your actions.

I congratulate every single one of you, for you have made it to the Grand Finals and you're a winner yourself! 

It was heartwarming to watch all of your family members and friends shouting and screaming in Joy to support you on stage.

These women on stage, they not only walk the walk - but they walk the talk as Mothers, Wives, Daughters and Bosses. 

Every single one of you shined on stage.

To the newly crowned queens, enjoy your reign & keep doing good no matter what happens.

And of cos, I would like to congratulate the Organizing Committee of Mrs Singapore World for completing yet another breath-taking Pageant.

As an Events Planner myself, to see the amount of effort on the tech & light just for the ladies, I'm more than impressed. To have the LED Panels catered just for the ladies' beautiful pictures, and letting everyone of them shining in their beautiful gowns!

Although it's the last pageant of the year of 2017, I truly enjoyed watching and getting to know all of you ladies for you shared, inspired me throughout your pageant journey.

It's been a blast, and a huge blessing for me to know so many of you through these pageants. 

Forging friendships beyond the coronation night.

Thank you so much for all the support & messages too - I truly appreciate it!

May we cross paths again, till the very next pageant x


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