Mrs Singapore & Classic Singapore 2017 Press Conference

April 19, 2017

Here comes the awaited blog post on the Mrs Singapore & Classic Singapore 2017 Press Conference :)

Last Saturday I was invited to attend the press conference, however due to some unforeseen circumstances I did miss the earlier part whereby the committee would give a speech regarding the pageant, however & thankfully, there's a press release in which I can share with all of you some information regarding this year's Mrs Singapore & Classic Singapore as well.

Marking it's 19th year already; 27 finalists will be competing in the annual Mrs Singapore & Classic Singapore which will be held at Orchid Country Club on the 6th of May. There will be 3 winners per category (Mrs & Classic Mrs - different age groups) who will then stand a chance to represent Singapore in well-respected International Pageants like Mrs Universe, Mrs Globe & Mrs Planet.

This year, they are focusing on the importance of looking back (retro, mambo era etc.) and re-appreciating the women in our lives. 

Lucky me, I didn't missed out on the Self-Introduction part, and I managed to hear from all contestants (however, I didn't focus on taking pictures of all contestant this time round :)) 

I also spotted a few favourites, as well as potential winners of this year's Mrs Singapore & Classic Singapore.

She's the first of the Classic Category. There are 11 contestants in total for this category.

Some of my memorable contestants would be; 

No. 9 - Racheal Olivero: She spoke with poise, fluency, elegance and she has a fantastic smile.

No. 11 - Nishana: Who said "Girls Compete, Women Empower" 

No. 12 - Jennifer Chng: Speaks well.

No. 22 - Heidi Huang: Spoke with confidence.

No. 27 - Lilian: "6 sons & 10 Grandsons, 65 years old this year"

I didn't get to interact much with the contestants this year as they were all busy with their activities, however I got to observe them up close which helped me to form an impression on them other than their self-introduction. 

After their Self-Introduction, the Easter Egg Painting Competition was up next. 

To make the event more meaningful, this year; ERM World has invited 20 families from their adopted charity, RDSS (Rare Disorders Society Singapore)

RDSS is a charity initiated by parents of children with LSD (Lysosomal Storage Disorder). Established in 2011, it aims to create awareness on various life threatening rare diseases. 

And for this segment, the finalists will be partnering the children to paint an easter egg to celebrate the easter weekend as well.

Throughout this activity, I got to witness the motherly side of all finalists, and took great photographs as well.

I also got to chat with some of the parents, and got to know more about their children's condition and the organization itself.

No.9 - Racheal's beautiful smile.

She reminds me of Diana who won the Mrs Photogenic title as well as the 1st Runner Up of Mrs Singapore World 2015/16.

No.22 - Heidi whom was very warm and friendly towards Jieming (Boy in yellow) and his sister.

She even took the initiative to find out more about him from his parents as well.

As I got to chat with Jieming's parents, I got to find out that he has Hemophilia in which his blood cannot clot properly due to missing clotting factor. 

Hemophilia is a very rare disorder. Very few people have it. There are about 20,000 people in the United States with hemophilia. One out of every 5,000 boys born has hemophilia. This makes it about as rare as triplets (three babies in one birth).

I went to photoshop this photo because there was a man who photo-bombed!

But I loved this moment of No.12 Jennifer and the child :)

No.2 Cheryl Lee who was constantly caring for her daughter as well.

I am supporting her to advocate on Public Breast Feeding without cover as well.

With their completed Egg :)

The judges!

Then, the finalists had to go on stage with the children to talk about the story behind the egg they just painted.

Easter Bunny egg!

This little girl wanted to give her boyfriend the egg! She was really adorable!

And then we had Heidi! She made a very touching speech - to call for support and love for the children who suffers from any sort of disabilities.

You can watch a snippet of her speech on my Youtube Video :)

No.9 Racheal actually brought diamonds "blings" along and so the egg had a little bit of the bling factor.

A group photo!

Grand winner :)

All the children received a goodie bag while the top 3 won toys r us vouchers as well :)

Click on this link to watch the video!

Then, we moved on to the Talent Segment where the ladies showcased some of their best hidden talents.

Gonna just share a few photos in which I thought had the most interesting concept/outfit!

She played the Hulusi!

She had her LED shoes and glow in the dark gloves on! "Meena Jackson"

She's a staff nurse and her husband helped her to choreographed the dance. Her music was great too! Bollywood song with a touch of MJ's OW!

Racheal had the most interesting concept/idea that she thought of after relating it to the theme of the retro era, and Marilyn Monroe was created from glue - and SPLASH! All the golden glitter and this final piece was produced.

Priscilia with her outfit! She took 2 months to learn the dance, great effort made :)

You might want to watch the video first! Had snippets of every finalist's performance :)



And! Presenting your top 3!
(In no particular order)

Meena, Heidi & Visha! They will be performing at the Grand Finals of Mrs Singapore & Classic Singapore at OCC on the 6th of May!

I am so excited to see who will be crowned as the winner!

With the Judges!

All the contestants!

And that's it! 

My top picks for this year's Mrs Singapore are:

No.9 Rachel 
No.12 Jennifer
No.16 Judith

Mrs Classic Singapore:

No.19 Priscilia 
No.22 Heidi Huang
No.24 Jessica

Wish all finalists good luck and may the best Woman emerge as the Grand Winner!


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