Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 Grand Finals

August 29, 2017

And it's time to unveil, #whoismisssingapore 

Last Friday, I was very honoured to be invited once again as a guest blogger for Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017! Although I didn't get to interact much with the contestants before the grand finals, I was keeping up with their activities and I had my favourites/predictions.

The theme for this year is "A hint of Red" - held at Concorde Hotel. The adopted charity for this year is Red Cross Singapore, so we are all going red for a good cause!

LED Screen for the night. This shot was taken during their photoshoot at The Taaras!

The usual Media table for me!

Beautiful crowns & sashes for the winners.

Before the show started, I got to meet two of the early birds of Manhunt Singapore 2017 (In case you haven't read my blog post - click here) Say Hi to Berdley and Louis from the Senior Category!

 Emcee Paul Foster & Caryn Cheng then started off the show with an introduction, followed by an amazing opening dance by the ladies. 

Some shots only, watch their performance here on my Youtube Video!

The Opening Dance Segment is brought to us by Conquest Sports (their Apparel) and Janesis Fitness (the Dance Choreography)

Finishing pose!


Then, we had an opening speech by the Organizing Chairperson - Ms Jojo Tan who was the reigning Ms Singapore Global Tourism back then in 2015 & 2nd Runner Up in Ms Tourism Queen Intl 2015.

After the speech, we moved on to the final battle of the Talent Showcase. Which was that fateful day that sparked off lots of flak, hate and comments towards the ladies - but then, these ladies are so talented that it was so hard to decide who should be crowned as "Best in Talent". Watch snippets of their performances here.

Finalist 1 - #4 Christina Cai who performed a dance item!

Finalist 2 - #8 Amanda Li who performed a dance item as well.

Finalist 3 - #13 Honey Tian who sang her rendition of "My Heart will go on".

Finalist 4 - #16 Queenie Sia, who performed a dance item as well. I really liked how the LED screen matched her Egyptian themed outfit & music. 

Other than acknowledging the hard work of all the girls, the organizer - it is time to give thanks to all the sponsors who played a part in this event! 

We have our beautiful managing director of ERM who wore a pink gown from Beautiful Love Wedding to give out the token of appreciation to all judges. 

   Official Cosmetic Lens - Maxim 

Official Fitness Partner - Janesis Fitness 

Official Sportswear - Conquest Sports

Official Swimwear - Inner Desire

Official Shoes & Bags - D&C (Design & Comfort) 
Click to watch the mini video I did for a bag that I received from them; courtesy of ERM :) 

Official Gown - Beautiful Love Wedding

Official Nail Salon - At the Nail Bar

Official Make-Up Academy - The School of Makeup

Official Dental - TLC Dental Care 

Official Resort - The Taaras 

Official Restaurant - Rong Heng Seafood

Official Hair Salon - Jeric Salon

Official Studio & Outdoor Photography - The Makeover Inc (Stay tuned to my blogpost on them!)

Official Bento - Collin's 

Official Judge - Adeline Yap

Official Judge - Samuel Seow

Here are the other sponsors who didn't attend the grand finals.

Official Entertainment Club: Neverland 
Official Skincare: Bevy C.
Official Coffee: Robert Timms
Official Chocolate: Anjali Chocolat 
Official Wine: Wine Bonanza
Official Casual Wear: Treslovechic
Official Mall: One KM
Official Insurance Partner: HL Assurance
Official Make Up Palette: Inglot
Official Acne Care: Hiruscar (Click to watch the video I made!)
Official Floats: Floaty Floats
Official Florist: Katong Flower Shop
Official Sunglasses: Frames & Lenses
Official Haircare: Lux

Then, we moved on to the Swimwear Showcase brought to us by Inner Desire and D&C
Click here to watch snippets of the Showcase.

After the Swimwear Showcase, the first round of Subsidiary Awards were then presented. Here are your winners!

Personality Award - #1 Katherine See

Eloquence Award - #19 Katelyn Teh

Miss Congeniality 2017 - #8 Amanda Li

Facebook Popularity Award 2017 - #18 Jessy Lee

Miss Body Beautiful 2017 - #16 Queenie Sia

Miss Body Fit - #18 Jessy Lee

And now.... an appearance made by our Manhunt 2017 contestants! If you haven't watch their pre-judging - click here!

Our junior boys introducing themselves first!

The very famous "chiropractor" that most of the Queens were shouting for!

A fellow member of my networking region so here's some extra visibility for you! LOL.

And our Nasi Lemak burger boy from the Senior Category!

One of the early bird, Berdley!

And one of my predicted winners - Damien!

What a hot moment for all. Screams were filling up the entire ballroom. Want to catch more of them? Here's how - purchase the tickets to their grand finals here. See you there!

In Mrs Singapore, I always loved the evening gown showcase as the ladies will walk out with their hubby, however in this case the ladies will walk up 2 by 2.

The evening gown showcase is proudly bought to you by Beautiful Love Wedding.

#1 - Katelyn Tey 

#2 - Jade Lee

#3 - Amelina

#4 - Christina Cai

Took more shots of Christina as this is the first time I saw a beautiful gown like this that has a matching choker instead of the usual Diamonds and Rubies. In love with this design!

#5 - Melissa Ong & #6 - Veronica Wu

#6 - Veronica Wu 

#7 - Kate Lim

#8 - Amanda Li 

#10 - Crystal Lim & #11 - Elva Xiao

Remember our dear girl who wore her spectacles? Here is her transformation.

In this world, there is no ugly woman, only lazy ones. I met Elva during Man Hunt's Pre Judging and I was happy to see that she changed her hairstyle and wore her contacts - she knows how to dress up too to bring out her figure. Elva is also blessed with long legs, having one of the perfect height to carry off this beautiful blue gown which reminds me of Pia's gown in Miss Universe. Much love to her after all the not so nice comments. She's a brave woman!

#12 - Tricia Koh

I emphasized on the back of Tricia as that was the focal point of the gown. Tricia is also blessed with the perfect height to showcase the design of the gown.  

Simple, yet elegant. 

#12 - Tricia Koh & #13 - Honey Tian

#13 - Honey Tian

Honey looks like an angel in this gown, as she is fair - wearing white brings out not only her figure, but the embellishments on her white gown.

#14 - Shannon Goh

Shannon looks stunning in this dark turquoise gown! Loved her hairdo & make-up. Definitely carried the entire look.

#15 - Jeanette Kang

#16 - Queenie Sia & #17 - Tammy Arumugam 

One of my favourite pair - as the LED Screen & music matched perfectly to the colour of their gowns.

#17 - Tammy Arumugam

#18 - Jessy Lee 

Pretty in Pink!

Unfortunately, for #19 - Katherine See she didn't walk over to the left hand side of the stage so I didn't get to capture any of her in the gown. 

A close up! 

The second round of Subsidiary Awards were then presented to the ladies. Mostly by sponsors and the top 3 subsidiary awards that were incorporated with the Beauty with a Heart charity project.

Miss Photogenic - #16 Queenie Sia

Miss D&C Beautiful - #16 Queenie Sia

Miss Nail Couture - #4 Christina Cai

Miss Beautiful Smile - #2 Jade Lee

Miss Taaras - #16 Queenie Sia

Rong Heng Ambassador - #16 Queenie Sia

Best in Talent - #16 Queenie Sia

Beauty with a Heart 2017 - #1 Katelyn Tey

Goodwill Ambassador 2017 - #8 Amanda Li 

Charity Queen 2017 - #12 Tricia Koh

The 18 contestants were then shortlisted to the final 8, who will then proceed on to the Q&A.

Here are your Top 8 - in no particular order.

#12 - Tricia Koh
#1 - Katelyn Tey
#8 - Amanda Li
#10 - Crystal Lim
#6 - Veronica Wu
#16 - Queenie Sia
#7 - Kate Lim
#4 - Christina Cai

This is it. Q&A! 

The Q&A went in the order of the announcement of the Top 8. 

The ladies will have to pick 1 question from the box, share their Charity Platform and lastly - answering the question they picked.

#12 - Tricia Koh 

Her Charity Platform: "To support the Singapore Children Society as I strive to be a role model for the children in broken homes as I came from one myself. I will raise awareness through building more supporters in Social Media to get more resources to fund for various campaigns Singapore Children Society organizes."

Her Question: 

As Miss Singapore, you will be representing our country worldwide, how would you like the global community to view Singapore?

Her Answer: "In Singapore, although we are a little red dot; we have big things to offer. A variety of food, diversity of food. Even our hawker and restaurant have michelin stars in Singapore. This is something we are really unique about in Singapore and I am very proud to share with the rest of the world."

#1 - Katelyn Tey

Her Platform: My platform happens to be as Tricia - Singapore Children Society. I want to use my social media to spread awareness and to get more people to know more about them, what they need and what kind of help do they need from us.

Her Question:

Advocates for Women's rights has been leading a conversation this year. Which specific issue regarding Women's rights is the most important to you?

Her Answer: To me, the most specific issue that is the most important to me is Technology Gender Gap, I feel that most women who study IT and Engineering can't get a job they want because of people who think that they do not have the ability to be do technical work. So I feel that technology gender gap is very important and we should support more in it. 

#8 - Amanda Li

Her Platform: Helping the old folks, as many of them are abandoned, I want to help them to receive some money.

Her Question: 

What is the greatest obstacle in this beauty pageant? Why and how did you overcome them.

Her Answer: Having confidence. Having self-confidence is important in a pageant, it is not just about being beautiful. 

#10 - Crystal Lim

Her Platform: To support low income families. To create a support group to create more job opportunities for them and to distribute food to the needy. 

Her Question: 
Which influential person do you want to meet, what do you want to learn from him/her?

Her Answer: Emma Watson. As she is wise, kind, smart, humble and strong. I want to cultivate her strengths, her character and adapt her thinking. I truly admire her - she brings people together and how she inspire people to be of justice, as an icon of love and equality. 

#6 - Veronica Wu

Her Platform: "To help SPCA, I am an animal lover, I am sad to see so many abandoned animals. I want people to think if they can take good care of their pets before they bring it home."

Her Question:
If you were to be isolated to an island, and given a chance to bring 3 things, what would it be?

Her Answer: A lighter, knife and lots of water.

#16 - Queenie Sia 

Her Platform: To work with Bullyfree. To raise awareness for people who are being bullied because I was once in their position, by doing that I will like to bring volunteers together and bring joy to them by helping, supporting and motivating them. To be there for them, whenever they need someone/being alone.

Her Question:

If you were given a chance to live your life all over again - which part of your life would you like to change?

Her Answer: To be more fearless and confident, when I am younger, I was very afraid of things and never confident. I will always hide behind, not showing my true self. Now here I am standing here, showing my true self to you guys. 

#7 - Kate Lim

Her Platform: Red cross singapore, as a pharmacist in a hospital I always dispense medication to patients whom are old. I feel that there's more we can do for society and what I can do for the society. To help to donate items like blood, recycled items or money. I hope we can also spend more time with them.

Her Question:
What is the biggest challenge to young people today?

Her Answer: In my honest opinion, it is to stay focused on one thing. For example, the older generation would stay in their jobs for many years, whereas the people now would change jobs fast. And relationship as well, they are more distracted on other things. 

#4 - Christina Cai

Her Platform: It is to raise awareness and fund the underprivileged kids at Viriya Community Services. Seeing many of my friends giving up on their dreams, the more I have the passion to to nurture kids with new skills and to develop their dreams when they are older. Being Miss Singapore 2017, I would like to tap on my artistic knowledge to help them at least once or twice a week for more trainings to unleash the best of their potential. 

Her Question:

Social media allows us to share every aspect of our lives, but it also causes us to be hyper aware of how we measure up to others. Do you believe that social media is ultimately a positive or negative platform? Why?

Her Answer: I believe as of today, social media is definitely a negative platform. Despite how social media support global social interaction, and allows everyone to share all aspects of their lives, but I have been seeing an increasing number of unhealthy behaviour that will affect and harm the users of social media. Due to how free the platform is, there is no extra restrictions as to what we can put up. Most young people today are founded with the idea of fitting in, being trendy and being popular that they cannot see whats healthy and what not to follow, because of this I don’t feel that is healthy/positive on Social Media but I believe by being a responsible social media user, we can spread this to become a positive platform. 

And now.. we have come to the end of the Q&A and here's the coronation!


Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 2nd Runner Up 

#1 - Katelyn Tey

Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 1st Runner Up

#16 - Queenie Sia

And our 4 main title holders.


Miss Grand Singapore 2017

#10 - Crystal Lim

Miss Grand Singapore is the recent title that has been acquired by ERM, hence - Crystal is the inaugural Miss Grand Singapore! 

I loved the answer of Crystal during the Q&A, it was sharp and sweet. And not to mention her ever supportive family who filled the ballroom with screams and their adorable Kapaline board of their Nasi Lemak logo.

Miss Singapore Global Beauty Queen 2017

#8 - Amanda Li

Miss Singapore Chinatown 2017

#4 - Christina Cai


Miss Singapore Global Tourism Queen 2017

#12 - Tricia Koh

Group Photo of Sir Alex Liu with the winners.

Ms Angela Tay joining on stage!

Sponsors/Judges taking photos with the girls

Their beautiful smiles!

And myself - along with the ladies!

And so, with a blink of an eye, Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant is officially over!

With the many drama that led to all the discussion behind Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant, I think this year really started and ended with a huge bang. 

Although I never got to talk to the girls much, from my observations I could tell what most of them had in mind.

This might be my last time saying this, but from the bottom of my heart - you girls are amazing.

Whether you joined, for the purpose of stepping out of your comfort zone to learn, or to join with the purpose to win a title home; you did amazingly great. 

Maybe some of you might feel that you do not fit in the usual beauty standards and that the comments were indeed true, that you shouldn't even be on stage as a contestant - but who cares

Beauty is subjectiveand we cannot force people who conform to the "beauty standard" to step out and represent; likewise we cannot stop those who aren't of a certain "beauty standard" to stop what they believe in doing.

If you manage to walk away with a subsidiary title, congratulations! If you didn't, don't worry because you are already a winner. 

The moment you are introduced as the finalist - you are a winner. You girls were picked out from a bunch of ladies who signed up, wanting and yearning to be on that stage.

Through this - I also realized how hard it was to be on stage and to look good 100% of the time, with more than 10 cameras around - snapping away; it's good that how all the ladies looked great at all times, smiling with their brightest smiles. 

There are many aspects when it comes to winning, it boils down to the participation to the entire event; visitation to sponsors and of cause their attendance, punctuality. Hence, the final Q&A isn't the only determining factor.

Thank you ladies for sharing your stories, and to be part of this Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2017 journey. 

It has been a pleasure watching and knowing all of you. 

I wish you all the best in all of your future endeavours & to the newly crowned queens; the journey has just begun. Enjoy your reign, and do your best to represent Singapore on a worldwide stage.

And with that, here's to even more years of Miss Singapore! Stay tuned for my Man Hunt Singapore Grand Finals blog post in 2 weeks time! 

Thanks for reading, xx - RJ. 


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