Mrs Singapore World 2017/18 (Talent Competition)

November 27, 2017

And.. it's the final pageant that I get to blog about in the year of 2017!

This year, there's a total of 18 Finalists who were hand picked from a pool of contestants whom auditioned earlier this year. They will be vying for the Mrs Singapore World 2017/18 title where the winner will then represent Singapore to compete in the Annual Mrs World Pageant.

And prior to this Talent Competition, the contestants had their Cooking Competition as well! 

The Grand Finals will be happening this coming Sunday - 3rd of December at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), Central Compass Ballroom at 7PM. If you're keen to support these ladies, do call 64811566 to find out more information on the tickets! 

I must say that this year's Talent Competition really sets the bar - as there were many "firsts" and of cos, I do have my favourites and my usual predictions for the winner! 

In fact, one of the contestant was a nurse who took care of me back then when I was in the hospital 7 years ago! Fate really brought us back together again and she looks so beautiful!

I will be adding the link of the Facebook Popularity Contest photo on each of the contestant's photo in this post, hence do "like" their pictures to show some support!

Introducing the (very excited) judges for our Talent Competition:

- Mrs Singapore World 2015/16 - Meena Bennett
- Classic Mrs Singapore Globe 2014 - Sumini Sakri 
- Man Hunt Singapore 2015 - Faud 
- Mrs Earth Intl 2017 - Anu Alex

Spotted these and I felt so excited as I never saw the Guzheng being played for talent segment before!

She's the nurse whom I was talking about!! Isn't she beautiful! 

Contestant #1 - Medeleine Tou

She sang Reflection, as no one is perfect and every woman should reflect on herself as well!

Contestant #2 - Sheena Vaswani

She sang her own rendition of I believe I can fly, and a mini skit/dance with her hubby too!

Look at the way her hubby looks at her! In fact we were saying that he is a potential Man Hunt Finalist!

Loved her outfit!

Contestant #3 - Angela Phua

She sang a mandarin song - 我无所谓 (I do not mind)

Contestant #4 - Rachel Pang

Danced to the soundtrack of 50 Shades - Earned It! She shared that, even if women start aging, they can still be sexy too!

Contestant #5 - Hui Zhen

Hui Zhen and her daughter played "See you again" on their Guzheng - she had 3 months of daily practices in order to play the piece! Kudos to her as she did not have any music background.

Contestant #6 - Aarren Dieok

She sang and played the guitar to Lady Gaga's "A Million Reasons", she chose this song as she cares for the underprivileged children all over the world.

Contestant #7 - Joey Ong

She picked up this dance a month ago, as her daughter loves fans and dance.

Contestant #8 - Jasmine Lim

One of my favourite performances of the day - she danced to the tune of "Fight Song" as she believes that everyone has something that they are fighting for, hence they should persevere and never give up!

Contestant #9 - Umagaithri

She's a fan of belly dance, however due to the shortage of time to learn, she fused Belly Dancing and Bollyhood Dancing together!

Contestant #10 - Dwi Lestari

She has always wanted to try out something flashy like a carnival dance, as it has always been inside her hence she decided to just do it! Loved her outfit.

Contestant #11 - Evelyn Tan

She sang "美丽的笨女人" (Beautiful, dumb woman) as she believes that doesn't mean that you're pretty means you're a bimbo too!

Contestant #12 - Yanni 

She dedicates this Indonesian song to her Grandmother. 

Contestant #13 - Angela Seah 

She danced to the tune of "夜上海" (Night in Shanghai) as she wants to re-connect back to the past of being a Chinese Singaporean.

Contestant #14 - Grace Loe

One of my favourite performances as well! The crowd went crazy for her vocals! The song she sang was all about her, being in her 40s.

Contestant #15 - Kirti Bhatnagar

An interesting dance to her favourite festival song!

Contestant #16 - Dorcas Tan

Dorcas composed the song, “我的宝贝” (My Darling) for her daughters. Back then she was a soprano at her choir, however after her pregnancy; she became an alto. Truly enjoyed her performance!

Contestant #17 - Eunice Chew

She sang "Eternal Flame" to reminisce on the courting days with her hubby - where their marriage has lasted for more than 2 decades already! The song also stands for their marriage too, like an eternal flame.

Contestant #18 - Maya Nonis

She took only 3 weeks to learn the entire Latin Dance!


Here are your Talent Competition Finalists who will be performing during the Grand Finals!

Usually, there's only 3 finalists, however due to a strong competition - the judges picked 4 instead!

(In no particular order)

#5 - Hui Zhen
#11 - Evelyn Tan
#14 - Grace Loe

Congratulations, ladies! I can't wait to watch your performances once again during the grand finals!

Watch their performances at the video below:

As usual - I was busy observing the ladies, and I must say - this year's Mrs Singapore World batch is full of talents and most of them knew their purpose of joining.

And I love their makeover shots too, which were all taken by The Makeover Inc!

All in all, just want to say that all you ladies are amazing to be able to stand on this stage to compete and to share with everyone about your stories, I know it's gonna be nerve-wrecking and nervous - but it will be worth it!

I am soooo excited for the Grand Finals this coming Sunday, and I can't wait to see who will be crowned as Mrs Singapore World 2017/18!

As usual.. gonna have a few top picks/predictions:

#5 - Hui Zhen
#6 - Aarren
#8 - Jasmine
#10 - Dwi
#16 - Dorcas

And one of my fav is of cos #1 - Medeleine!

All the best to all my beautiful 18 finalists - may the best woman win this Sunday!


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