Memories made Alive - Ubersnap Review

July 04, 2017

So few months back as I was doing a research on Photo-booths in Singapore, I came across Ubersnap where they specialise in creating GIF Photos - Animated Prints! 

I was really excited, I mean after all as an Events Planner I need to bring in new stuffs to my clients! And I thought GIF Photos were really fantastic, they move and they were made alive.

So lucky me then had an opportunity to collaborate with Ubersnap, in courtesy of BeautyBlogSG where they offered a one time complimentary session for me!

Unfortunately, my birthday was over & I didn't had any D&Ds/Events that would require the GIF Booth asap, so I decided to give it to my Best Friend, Victoria - who was celebrating her 21st birthday. Her birthday venue had a HUGE courtyard so it was perfect!

Prior to event day, my main Point of Contact, Boon Chin - who is the Co-founder of Ubersnap was extremely courteous and helpful for my questions.

And the artwork they provided was accurate to brief, well designed as well in a short period of time. And he gave me the necessary details so that both sides can be rest assured that no hiccups will happen. 

Planning part, checked!

Event day, the team reached earlier and did the set-up on time! 

All of them were extremely friendly & helpful, which I really appreciated because some companies just leave their machines there and there's only one coordinator to help about.. sometimes it just gets too overcrowded and things don't go smooth.

And I felt bad because there were many mosquitos & also it was hot :( But even so, the team worked extremely well under the conditions provided, no complains or sulky faces.

Set up

Ring Light, for clear and bright GIFs!

Props! Gosh, their props quality were AMAZING. It's not made from kapaline board but some heavy material which is really good, durable and the colour were fantastic.

The backdrop Victoria chose was this sakura background, there are other designs available too, extremely versatile and they provide a wide array of designs suitable for any kind of theme!

Our birthday princess entering her email so that she'll receive a soft copy after the event.

Friendly crew guiding her on how to pose!

The couple and their first shot!

Some GIFs had extremely big group of people taking it and their printing speed was amazing! Less than 20 seconds for 1 GIF Photo. 

Some soft copies to show :) 

Live Feed :) So that you can keep up with the poses! This is good to show during corporate events or launches where consumers can get to see what's going on and get enticed to join in. 


All in all, the service was great and Boon Chin + team displayed professionalism through out, despite being a collaboration; they kindly offered 2 hours of service (at first I thought 1 because standard timing in most events)

GIF Photos might be very new still, and compared to our traditional instant prints there's still some cons like pricing factor.. but here's the thing

Go big or go home.

Imagine.. when having a launch or D&Ds of small capacity, you want your guests to remember what they experienced. A GIF photo is perfect because it is of a perfect size - compared to the regular 4R. It is made alive when you move it.. instantly you remember that very moment you had lots of fun at!

In fact, if you're gonna introduce it for events, you get the bragging rights. 

Just like how snapchat's rewind function eventually inspired Instagram to have the "boomerang" function where everybody loves it more than still pictures already.. I think Ubersnap has made history by being the FIRST ever company to create GIF Photo in the entire world, although there are imitations out there claiming that they are the first in SG blah blah.. give credit to where it's due.

Close to 10 years ago I believe, 7-11 had this Holographic Magnets that were given away if you make a purchase of a certain amount. What drew me wasn't the kitty designs, but the fact that the magnets could move!

Unfortunately I do not have mine anymore :( But it was really an eye opener for me back then. And I wondered if photos could do the same.


And now it's made into reality already! 

Holographic printing compared to the regular coloured printing ain't cheap, so whatever you pay = quality :) 

The fact that the crew were so meticulous on the cutting portion and even taking effort to iron the backdrop due to some creases (very normal situation for all backdrops;even rolling ones), I am very impressed by their service.

Moreover, the venue was a little inaccessible due to the slopes and stairs but they didn't had any complains and still brought up everything promptly.

It's an excellent, futuristic idea + great service + great crew, what more can I ask for?

Plus, one thing that I loved the most is their efficiency. All the GIFs were uploaded immediately, and all the Instagram fanatics could upload to show off. Or even share it on Facebook!

Hence, if you're looking for a marketing tool to allow people to remember your branding, why not do it with Ubersnap's GIF Photos? Or even to create a memorable event, whether is it a D&D, launch or Wedding!

Trust me on this one, you will never see it happening in your circle on such a futuristic machine, so if you're lucky to read this post; ACT ON IT. 

Ubersnap not only provides GIF Photo Booth, but also instant prints! Hence if you're a budget barbie yet you are sooooo impressed by their professionalism and service just like I do, talk to them and find out more!

Oh and, the guests were all so impressed during Vic's 21st that there's such a thing?! YESSS! If you're planning to have your 21st birthday, ENGAGE THEM! Or any parties, regardless of age!

You can reach them at their email, or simply what's app (JUST DO IT!) @ 90128537. Ask them for a quote, and they will respond you in a friendly manner :) 

No la, you mention me also don't have discount one but most importantly you get to read on my honest sentiments about it.

Say so much all so positive, no downside one meh?

Well, there is! Which is if it's a large capacity D&D, like 3K pax, it will be hard to deliver promptly because of the following factors:

1: People are usually impatient, they wanna receive it instantaneously. For GIF Photos, under 20 secs, instant prints, under 10 secs. However if you compare on the WOW factor; the answer is obvious.

2: Bigger D&Ds/events would require more booths which might be pretty costly or blowing the marketing/event budget.


Like I said, their professionalism and efficiency is fantastic so.. if the guests are patient, they will definitely deliver. Posing is a 1 or 2 second thing but printing takes time. So I read one of their reviews by a paying customer who mentioned that the response was overwhelming and the team had to stay back to print (because 9 people in one GIF = 9 copies) so yups. 

There's pros and cons to every thing, so I hope from this post you can learn how to counter some of the objections/arguments from the client/proposed party.

And like I always insist, yes I am willing to accept sponsorship but on the other hand is that I have the full right to write whatever I want. I have received emails asking me to not mention that it's free service, paid review blah blah... I'm sorry but we do not have common ethics, and my readers deserve nothing but the truth. And that is why two of my reviews are ranked #1 on google when the keywords are typed on the search engine.

So do share with me too if you have/going to engage them! 

Their website, in case you didn't click on the hyperlinks above:

And that's it! I made a Youtube Video for them, do check it out on the process and some GIFs.

Till the next time! 



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  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic patry! I hired Ubersnap during my wedding party, and all of my guests loved the gif booth experience

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