Manhunt Singapore 2017 Grand Finals

September 12, 2017

Finally, I have the luxury of time to write out my thoughts on the Manhunt Singapore 2017 Grand Finals after a two day event which happened for the entire day. 

From the Press Release date till the Pre-Judging, the day where the contestants have their final showdown has finally arrived. Never have I been so closely involved with a Male Pageant, hence I am very lucky to be given the opportunity to take a look at what happens behind the scenes - before the Grand Finals takes place. 

It is normal to arrive early to take pictures, enjoy pre-event activities BUT not 5-6 hours earlier! In fact, I know that all of the contestants have been practicing and rehearsing hard since the night before, all for that one purpose - which is to put up a fantastic show for all of us.

I reached around 2:30, and the boys were having their rehearsals in their own outfits (not full-dress yet) After a series of reminders and comments from their choreographers & in-charge, they went to change for a full-dress rehearsal, and mind you - they had more than 1 outfit!!

I got to speak to a few of them, got to say hi and I'm happy to see that many of them were very excited and looking forward to the Grand Finals. My main goal was to observe, and to take a sneak of the programme that's lined up. 

One thing that kinda shock-ed me was that, they actually rehearse EVERYTHING - meaning the way they stand, which part of the stage should they position themselves at, their speech, receiving of the awards and sashes... I have seen rehearsals before, but usually it's more of the performing part rather than the small details like where to stand/how to receive (to save time for hair/make-up/rest) 

So here pictures that I took during the rehearsals!

Managed to capture some nice individual shots.

During their last segment, managed to get a few poses! Hah. 

About 1.5 hours before the show started, the boys enjoying some Red Bull that has 25% less sugar (they are on super strict diets definitely during this period of time, hence less sugar is a better choice!)

Moving on to the Pre-Event, just the usual photo taking with my Queens and friends + myself.

Singaporeans are super kiasu that most of the supporters came super early just to make sure that they get a good seat. All or nothing I guess for your favourite contestant!

I needed some Red Bull as well, have energy to take photos and all alongside their Official Photographer, Richard C!

Mandatory Photo Wall Shot with my media pass!

One of my favourite Queens - CNA (Channel News Audrey)

I was sitting on the left hand side of the stage - good view however when it comes to snapping pictures it's pretty tricky.

Where the judges will be sitting. 

The panel of judges for this year's Manhunt includes:

Gu You Ming Asia's No.1 Male God 
Daniel Boey - God-Father of Singapore's Fashion
Samuel Seow - Managing Director of Samuel Seow Law Corporation
Julian Hee - Manhunt 2002 Winner
Ase Wang - Celebrity Actress & Beam Artiste
Gilbert Madhavan - General Manager of One Farrer Hotel & Spa
Amos Teo - Director of Hark Music 
Richard Sng - Director of Fabulous Group Pte Ltd
Kelvin Sng - Managing Director of Kelvin Sng Production
Angela Tay - Managing Director of ERM Pte Ltd
Vincent Ang - Director of Vintage Studio
Dr David Ng - Director of Dr D Aesthetics

Videos of their performances will be up on Manhunt Singapore's Facebook Page, I will attach the link once it's out! I recorded but I won't be compiling them as it will be over 1 hour as I feel that each performance deserves to be uploaded fully instead of me just cutting here and there. 


We had #5 - Ivan & #15 Jayden Teo to kick off the night with "It's My Life"

Followed by a Violin Solo Performance by #10 - Simon Shen where he played "A Burning Fire's Loneliness" - 火烧的寂寞 sang by Shin (信)Man, so much memories. It was a familiar tune to me but I couldn't remember what the title was. 

Liked this shot - better in B&W!

Then, we had our talented #19 - Hui Yuan who beatboxed and played the flute at the very same time!

So S1 - Syafiq actually came out with his very own rendition of Despacito where he summarized what happened in the competition, and the experiences in Manhunt. It was way too hilarious and I enjoyed it a lot! One of my favourite performances.

S1 - Syafiq in Action.

All the contestants then came decked in their Flesh Imp outfits, and had a dance performance.

Followed by a solo dance performance by #17 - Badruddin who was expressing himself through his dance moves to the poem "When I became a Man" Something interesting and unexpected, I would say. 

Before the boys all came out in their Waveline trunks! Red this time instead of the navy ones during Pre-Judging.

Interestingly enough, they were dancing to the tune of "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran. 

The difference from Rehearsals! After having his hair done. Anyway 13 is a fantastic number! 

After their performance, they each re-introduced themselves again. 

Gu You Ming was then interviewed on stage by the host, Wallace Ang. He has an uncanny resemblance as Huang Xiao Ming.. 

Time for Subsidiary Awards! 

As I was struggling to adjust the settings all I got was blur pictures, hence I decide not to post them, only had one "proper" one - gotta change my strategies for Man Hunt next year when it comes to photographing/video-ing the show.

Hence I do apologize, but the official photographers got it covered and the pictures are up on Facebook, so here are the winners that were crowned right after the Waveline Showcase.

In Picture - 
Mr Japan IPL #S6 Damien Koh

Other Subsidiary Winners Include:

Mr Fabulous - 
#13 Desmond Toh

Mr Vintage Studio - 
#3 - Sam Lee

Mr Vintage Studio (Senior) - 
#8 - Derrick Ong

(Give after Suit showcase) 

Mr Lab Series - 
#4 - Ryan Ho

Mr G Spa - 
#S1 - Syafiq Kamal

Mr Phytologist - 
#11 - Vincent Chua

Mr Phytologist (Senior) - 
#S8 - Derrick Ong

Mr Internet Popularity - 
#17 - Badruddin Ramle

Mr Internet Popularity (Senior) - 
#S5 - Berdley Choong

Mr Musicality - 
#18 - Danesh Laino

For this segment, the contestants are wearing suits from Beautiful Love Wedding, and man they look great in it (as you can see from our group photo!)

This is also one of my favourite segment as the LED Screen has a custom photo for each contestant! Which I believe that they chose 1 image themselves, while the rest were chosen by the organizer.

Here are a few of the pictures that captured the LED screen.

While most of them featured that one photo of their choice as their favourite shot/selfie of themselves looking muscular and all, our dear #10 Simon Shen has decide to do otherwise.

Close up!

At this point of time, after round 2 of the subsidiary awards were given out - it is time to unveil the Top 15! 10 of them will be hailing from the Juniors, while the remaining 5 spots will go to the Seniors.

Top 15 in no particular order:


#11 - Vincent Chua
#18 - Danesh Laino
#2 - Derrel Lee
#10 - Simon Shen
#4 - Ryan Ho
#15 - Jayden Teo
#12 - Phone Pyi Kyaw
#3 - Sam Lee
#16 - Hassanal Ruslan
#17 - Badruddin Ramle


#S8 - Derrick Ong
#S6 - Damien Koh
#S2 - Ryan Chen
#S1 - Syafiq Kamal
#S5 - Berdley Choong

And actually the 6 boys whom I predicted as winners/favs are on the Top 15! Extremely Happy for all of them!

Some Goofying around with my favourite queens before we proceed on to the Q&A, taken by their official photographer - Richard C.

The Top 15 posing!

Let's head on to Q&A - basically the contestants have to spin the wheel, if it's white - it will be the judges on the right whom will ask the questions, if it's red, the judges on the left (where I am sitting) will ask the question.

#11 - Vincent Chua

His Question: 

If you could become a woman for a day, would you?

His Answer: 
Yes, I would want to do it. Since young, I know that it is not easy for my Mum; who gave birth to me. I always want to experience how is it like carrying a child for 9 months and finally giving birth to the child. It is not an easy process and honestly speaking, I respect my Mum a lot and most importantly; I won't be able to be here today without my Mum. So I will definitely say yes.

#18 - Danesh Laino

His Question:

What is your definition of happiness?

His Answer: 
Happiness in all honesty is coming home to my two beautiful children and my wife. She always end work earlier than I do so she's always waiting at home for me to have dinner. To me, that has been the joy of my life.

#2 - Derrel Lee

His Question: 

What is the one thing you hope not to become after manhunt?

His Answer: 
In all honesty, it is not an easy question for me, because when we talk about the future, there is no fixed timeline nor a fixed journey to where we will go at the end. One thing that I definitely do not want to become is that I am someone who doesn't try his best in anything he do. If I ever get the opportunity - I will tell myself that I will do my best, be truthful to myself, be confident about it and learn from mistakes.

#10 - Simon Shen

His Question:

What are the three things you see in a woman, and why?

His Answer:
Tricky question because my girlfriend is here tonight.. First and foremost, the character - what she stands for and the values she has. For me, the most important thing is Family, because I was brought up in a very caring family, hence I am unable to live with someone who does not care for her family. If she is unable to take care of her family, how can she take care of mine as well? Another would be, her drive; to do what she wants. If she doesn't have the drive to do what she wants, then I will have to drag her along the journey. There will be tough times for me as well hence I would need her support as well. Lastly, another important factor in life - to be Charming, Funny, Sexy and Niao 一点 (Selfish a bit). Don't 撒娇 (act like a spoiled child). When I'm tired, she will then be able to perk me up. 

#4 - Ryan Ho

His Question:

What do you think is the most unique quality of yourself and why?

His Answer: 
Since young, I was bullied a lot in secondary school for my weight. So I would say the most unique quality that I have is that I never give up. In poly, I joined dragon boat and muay thai to keep myself in shape and I started working out 4-5 times a week. Now when I see my bullies, I can look at them in the eye and prove to them that I did my best and I bounced back from what they said about me. I am a better person now, hence that is a unique quality of me; I always bounce back.

#17 - Badruddin Ramle

His Question:

What would you do to cheer up a friend who is sad?

His Answer: 
I will talk to him/her and go to the root of cause. As any other problems, you need to know what is causing the sadness and you can always give different solution that can solve the main issue. After knowing the problem and the root of cause, try to cheer him/her up by entertaining... I can probably dance for him/her or to go to their favourite places. Main thing is to find out the root of cause, followed by the remedy and to cheer them up. 

#15 - Jayden Teo

His Question:

If you were to win manhunt and if you can do something for the greater good; what would you do?

His Answer: 
I would like to give the underprivileged a chance to break free from whatever that is holding them back. For myself, I come from a sheltered life and I never faced strong adversities as compared to those underprivileged kids, so I will definitely help kids whom are from the orphanage as well.

#12 - Phone Pyi Kyaw

His Question:

What do you think is the biggest challenge of young people today?

His Answer: 
Being somebody you are not. Nowadays, Social Media is all over the world. We are very well-connected hence when we see someone else that is not us, we get inspired by them, want to be like them or to be better than them. However, some people find ways to be someone whom they are not. So I would say that is the issue.

#3 - Sam Lee

His Question:

What are the qualities that a Man Hunt winner should possess?

His Answer: 
Quality of being able to be himself whenever he is, and not to over the top (arrogance). When one is famous, it will get addictive. One may not be able to see his own flaws and might knock himself down. This is when he should check on himself first as a winner/champion. It is to be able to inspire more people to be like him, when other people are at a higher level as compared to himself, that is when he can improve further - and not just be a stingy man who doesn't like to lift others up. 

#16 - Hassanal Ruslan

His Question:

How would Man Hunt help you with the career you're currently in right now?

His Answer:
I'm an accounting undergraduate. When my friends asked me why did I join, I told them that Man Hunt is an excellent opportunity for men like myself to expose ourselves. Thanks to Samuel and Beam, I recently represented Singapore in the Face of Asia 2017. I believe it was a good opportunity to gain confidence and to be on an international platform. I am thankful, hence I that is why I wanted to join Man Hunt.

Seniors Q&A!

#S8 - Derrick Ong

His Question:

Who do you think deserve to win Man Hunt?

His Answer:
When I first joined, I feel that many of us here or in fact all of us, have certain unique attributes. We are all different individuals from different walks of life and backgrounds so we definitely have certain attributes to be the winner. Otherwise BEAM Team wouldn't have chose us as the finalists. So to be honest, I somehow feel that I am not really on par as compared to the rest, but thanks to BEAM and sponsors for grooming us with their products and services (gym, hair cuts etc) that boosted my confidence. I believe that I have changed into a better person as it has enhanced my thoughts about being in Man Hunt and actually winning. To summarise, we have certain attributes to be the winner, so it is up to you the honourable judges to decide who do you think has the best attributes that you want.

#S6 - Damien Koh

His Question: 

Describe a perfect day for you.

His Answer:
One that is on a day spent with family right from the start. The first person you see would be your parents like your mother. They are the ones who care for you and lives with you. You do not realize the importance at times as when you are awake and you see your mum - it's like a trivial matter. I see her everyday so I don't really appreciate what she goes through on a daily basis. So a perfect day would be seeing my parents going through their usual routine. Seeing my mum preparing breakfast, my dad sitting down on the sofa in the house that he worked really hard to build for us. When you have this perfect day at home, you can really be unappreciative about it. However as we mature, we will realize how important our family means to us. To me, that is the perfect day - from morning till night; something simple and close to my heart that most people don't usually appreciate.

#S2 - Ryan Chen

His Question:

If you could change one thing about yourself, what is it and why?

 His Answer:
I guess the obvious answer is of course, I do have Narcolepsy and I would want to take that away. Even so I think, that itself has shaped me so much of who I am today. Given me so much of a reason, driven me to actually form myself to the person I am today. So I would say No. I do not want to change myself right now. I only want to keep getting myself better. 

#S5 - Berdley Choong

His Question:

You have died, and all your friends are at your funeral. How would they remember you?

His Answer:
I want to be remembered as someone who has taken a step out of his comfort zone, and someone who builds confidence to achieve something that everyone is afraid to go for. So if anyone out there; there's something you want to do it - do not be afraid! Go for it, and there will be a day you will achieve it.

#S1 - Syafiq Kamal

His Question:

Have you ever bullied anyone?

His Answer: 
When I was younger, I was actually being bullied myself in primary school. I felt that in secondary school, bullying others would be good. I actually didn't bully them but I messed around with my other friends. Right now, I feel that bullying has affected me when I was younger and I would not want to encourage that for anyone. If I were to be influential, I hope to go to schools and talk to educators on how bullying could affect children. I always believe in what my mum told me, always be kind to people, look out for one another and always be humble.

Then we had some questions on the Intense Transformation the 4 contestants had at Dr D Aesthetics

A speech from Samuel, thanking all the sponsors and contestants for this year's manhunt!

And now.... RESULTS!

Unfortunately had some blurry pics as well so I didn't manage to take individual pictures for each of the winners! So do enjoy the group photos/some individual ones. 

Manhunt Singapore 2017

Winner - #10 Simon Shen 

1st Runner Up - #11 Vincent Chua

2nd Runner Up - #12 Phone Pyi Kyaw

1st Runner Up #11 Vincent Chua getting Sashed by Asia's No.1 Male God - Gu You Ming!

#10 Simon Shen - Winner and his smile!

Manhunt Singapore 2017 (Seniors)

Winner - #S6 Damien Koh

1st Runner Up - #S1 Syafiq Kamal

2nd Runner Up - #S2 Ryan Chen

1st Runner Up - #S1 Syafiq Kamal!

Our Senior Manhunt Winner - #6 Damien Koh getting sashed by Sir Alex Liu!

A group photo of all the winners! 

Absolutely love this shot of Syafiq.

With the Male God!

A picture with the Winners of Manhunt.

Some selfies and shots with my friends and winners as well before I proceed to the wordy part of this post!

With Brenda, Director of Makeover Inc! 

Finally got to talk to Daniel Boey, such a humble man and I am so looking forward to more of his sharing!

With Samuel himself, thank you so much!

Our Beam Artiste Manager, Jaems!

Paul Foster, Beam Artiste.

With Angela, our ERM Managing Director!

Julian Hee, winner of Manhunt 2002!

A shot with Syafiq!! Will miss you and your Nasi Lemak Burger times! Love your song!! Your face always make us smile!

A shot with our sleeping hunk as called by Toggle - Ryan!! Congratulations! It's not easy to live off the medication that is suppose to "cure" you, but yay!!! 

With our talented, exotic Danesh! I am so proud of you and yay to your new single that will be out soon! Your transformation was AMAZING and you definitely inspired all of us! 30KGs is amazing! Thank you for speaking out on the "taboo topics" as deemed by society. Much Loves!

With our very tall Vincent! Congratulations! One of my top picks and favourites in Manhunt that eventually won the top 3! So proud of your achievement!

Nice shot with the winners alongside other guests! :) Taken by Richard! Posted on Toggle!

First and foremost I would like to thank Samuel for the opportunity to blog for Manhunt Singapore. It is something different and more importantly, from this year's Manhunt I got different insights from all the contestants as well.

Plus, getting to go behind-the-scenes, watching the contestants even before the Grand Finals. 

2 years. That's how long I have been blogging for Pageants. To be able to add Manhunt Singapore to my Blog, it's more than just happiness.

I also love the fact that Beam Team gave each and every single contestant a "spotlight", the changing of the profile picture to each individual contestant each day, their videos, photoshoots & questions. I really enjoyed the posts on the Facebook page as there's many interaction between the supporters and the contestants!

Even if I were to be someone who haven't met the contestants at all, I will still get to know them.

In fact, I would like to encourage more guys to take part in Manhunt, you may think that you require a hot body, abs, stand at 6ft tall and good looks to join - the answer is NO! 

That is what most stereotypes think, but I saw 28 men of different physiques, age and looks who came forward. As young as 19, as senior as 52 (yet he looks way younger!) Abs or no abs, all of them are real men. They dare to fight for their dreams and speak up for the causes that they believe in.

To all the contestants:

Although I didn't meet you all during the Press Conference, but getting to know all of you in the Pre-Judging is still amazing! 

Even though I didn't get to speak to all of you, I am still observing you! And like what Derrick says, each of you have a unique attribute and that is why you are in Manhunt. 

It is not simple for all of you to commit that 6 months as you have other roles as well - student/working adult/army regular and as a son/father/grandfather of your family. 

Thank you for taking the step out of your comfort zone to share your stories! 

This year's theme is Changing Lives, and I think I have witnessed a huge change in all contestants as well, the way they speak, the way they talk and I enjoy seeing all of them working around with their sponsors' products on Instagram with the hashtags. Not easy!

The rehearsals and nights you spent practicing on that dance, that speech, the Q&A, it is all worth it for that fantastic show you all worked extremely hard to showcase to everyone. 

Through Manhunt, I also got to see the strong bond, friendship and love shared among every contestant as well. Being helpful to one another with the dance steps, for example. 

I might not have spoken to you individually, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Your drive & passion in this competition is the reason why till today I am still writing about pageants and I look forward to the next edition of Manhunt! 

I wish all of you the best of luck in your future endeavours! 
Until we cross paths again x


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