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December 28, 2016

Finally, I am back. 

It's been 6 months since I last wrote on this blog.

Busy? MIA? 

Actually I'm just trying to figure out - "What do I really want to achieve from this blog/site that I own". 

Fame? Sponsorships? Free stuffs?


When I first started out in 2009, blogging was merely a way to keep up with our gossip girls group (blogskins, cbox, endless linkings and mixpods) 

I remembered, my very first email created to use Blogger was (which btw, I deleted already) and my blog was called "Rachel's Daily Life".

My sister helped me to set up, and back then her blog was really nice too! Her generation did it better than ours (as in, girls in schools having blogs to share stuffs).

I realized content that I was posting; some weren't true, some were just boring stuffs.... Even if my life can be different and all; there was clearly not much of a purpose to blog there. 

Well, mainly there to spam each other's C-Box. Back then I didn't even knew that views could be tracked, the last thing I remembered was that yes people do read that blog; maybe about 3-5k of audience since it was just a thing among my girls and I

Then, as I moved on to secondary school - I made my worse mistake by creating a new blog that acted like a personal diary.

I was sharing content that was way too personal, thinking nobody would read when back then some of my classmates actually took the content as part of their conversation topics (but no lah I don't blame you guys, we were all childish kids).

It took a while, and finally in 2014 I started out the blog of

Not easy at all; like I mentioned, many things changed - blogs aren't just our diary anymore. It became an advertising platform as well. When I started to know about XX and some other "Bloggers".

Thinking back, I didn't look good or whatsoever. Neither was I some object or viral figure on any social media platforms. How to be a "blogger"?

I have to admit, after joining this ''online sensation" kind of competition, I realized I didn't fit in this whole idea of "bloggers - free food - fashion - OOTD - reviews" blah blah kind of thing. 

It's like I was trying too hard just to be like them even though I know I can't. 

Moving on, I started off with my first ever review (which by the way, wasn't sponsored at ALL) for Owndays Sunglasses. And BAM. That went pretty viral within a day. It first garnered over 500 UNIQUE views and many came from Japan; then I realized why - Owndays Facebook shared it and even one of their staff from Japan's HQ shared it on his facebook.

See the power of one share can bring? 

Till date, I have a total of 10962 unique views and counting for this very post.

But the thing is, it has been giving me so much views on this blog even as I was inactive for some period of time, stats always showed that my readers are generally here for that review.

I thought to myself; Why?

"One share only ma... what can it do?"

1) I wasn't any "blogger/influencer" big shot.

Hence it was generally perceived as more reliable.

2) Everything was basically MY OPINION and not a PAID OPINION.

Content was pretty balanced, information and my own opinions about the sunglasses.

Note: I am not trying to say that a sponsored post isn't reliable, but back then people weren't transparent about it. 

Like some renowned salon that has many bloggers back then raving about it for its multiple coloured ombre dyes which took Singapore by storm - yet only to be another disaster when real reviews can be found on fashion undercover (if I'm not wrong) whereby stories of hair getting "fried" at the salon unfolds with the bill soaring up to $500+ (because it's ombre ma and your quoted Blogger Name discount is actually what brought you there). 

You see.. 

1) Their service might be good - but it's only for their so called influencers and bloggers whom they provide services in exchange for an Instagram post or feature on their blogs. 

2) Yet when it comes to you - a consumer; things just don't go as well. You might be paying for a junior stylist. They might be served by the salon's director stylist.

you never know. 

"Give you discount still complain?" 

Why not. Since the bloggers can share their opinions (without even mentioning it's sponsored) - why can't a consumer complain when it's simply double standards.

Until today, especially after learning POM with my beloved Ching Chong Lecturer, I still stand by my belief that:

"Consumers are your best advertisers if needed, they pay for your products and services - even if they aren't big media personalities online - WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing) is what they are best at. Good or bad, one word of mouth can allow the entire office or organization to know about YOU." 

Even as an emcee, I tell my audience this..

Why provide the best for someone who doesn't use your services AT ALL (Until you hired him/her as your official celebrity/blogger-influencer to endorse for your brand) while paying them still. 

Treat your consumers right and they will be even more loyal.

The term "Brand Loyalty" is basically experiencing a slow death in the market.

With the rise of so many new markets and platforms, majority of the people would opt for a cheaper option (due to economy this year as well) or go for one time trials to benefit themselves. Is it wrong? Nah, even I do that as well. 

That's because I don't see a reason to stay committed when I have supported for the longest time.. just treated like a regular stranger and not someone of value. 

For me, I am willing to pay for a service/product even though I know that the cost is low, but the value is great. And what comes along with it - service, attitude etc.

That pricing we see, does not only contribute to the product's cost ONLY, but their electricity bills, staffs' salary, own revenue as well as rental... What others usually see is the big picture. 

It is not wrong to get celebrities to endorse for your brand, but well - balance it and treat your consumers right too. 

This is also why till today, I only advertise/write about brands that I believe in. Same goes for hosting; never ask me to promote your beauty packages that will only end up as a pressurizing time for the consumer cooped in a room forced to purchase more. I do not believe in in-ethical practices in order to generate sales.

Although brands do approach me too, I personally do reach out to some and let them know that I would like to feature them. If I get a discount the next time, good for me. If I can get a discount for my readers; good for all of you. However the difference is that I am not getting paid in a lump sum of money to "advertise". 

What is 10% discount like? It's more of a three way thing where all of us do benefit from it: content & savings. 

To be honest why my blog was named as my name back then it's because many were doing the same: easy to remember, you are your own brand, sounds good with a .com domain..

But I realized it isn't what I wanted.

Probably Wednesday from Addams Family (Adult Series) gave me the inspiration for my brand's name - Thirteentuesday. (You can find out more about my brand subsequently at "About" page) 

It was that unique me. 

I don't want to be an influencer/blogger nor to be labelled as that. 

I just want to be seen as someone who can achieve her goals who's also self opinionated to write down her thoughts and bring content to people. 

So it brings back to the question I always asked myself.

What content do I want to bring to all of you?

I consider myself as a general blog writer, and I always wanted to touch on topics like national issues, sports and feature writing for brands with occasional life stories/obstacles I face which might be inspirational for all.

In addition, this website would also serve as a digital portfolio for my works & emcee profile as well. (that is why I have my menu tabs for easier navigation - although not ready yet)

Thus.. this isn't just a regular blog. It's my personal website - Thirteentuesday

I might be exploring into sales as well in the next 5 years (I always wanted to design planners) so yeah, a female entrepreneur might be on her way!

All in all, I just want to thank all those who have stood by since day 1 this site was set up, so many changes; but you're still here.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and my 2016 yearly goodbye post will be up on 31st December as usual.

Till then. [full-width]

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