2015 for me

December 30, 2015

In a blink of an eye, a year is gonna pass and a new year is gonna come. Last year this day I anticipated 2015 a lot more for I thought it will be a year that I can really do things right after a very eventful year in 2014 - with all the lessons.

Earlier this year, I told myself that I would like the year to pass faster, and indeed it did. Slowly, I became a student who was about to graduate, and the day for prom came. Even the DPA I was looking forward so much back then in 2014 came. And soon, O Levels and all. Leaving my CCA, after 4 years... Cutting my hair for the very first time after 5 years.. 

Being 16 was fun. I thought. 

2015 was memorable in all ways, and I had some of the worse encounters ever - which may be a blessing in life. Losing some people from my life whom I thought would be the one that will always stay close to me, yet because of distance, relationships, everything was gone. 

Some people say, if you are friends with someone for more than 7 years, the friendship would last forever. 

I honestly doubt so. There are some people you may know for years, for a decade even. But the moment things go wrong, it can never go right again. 

There are some people you know for months, yet they treat you better than your friend for a decade. 

So I thought to myself, "She may be that one person who is that person I knew for years that will end up leaving for someone else she barely knew as long as I" 

Earlier this year, I witnessed a drastic change in someone whom I thought that would be my Best Friend Forever. Someone whom I merely looked through the register list on the 22nd of December 2012 and pointed that "She'll be my best friend", someone whom I pretended to not know her by bumping her on the bus and saying "are you from my class?" 

Someone I always trusted and grew close with in secondary school who is there for me at all times. Someone who brought me to many places and had many ''firsts'' with. Eating Mala Hot Pot, going to that new mall all the way in the west side. 

What happened? 

Not attending lessons, skipping exams because your abusive boyfriend stopped you from going, taking away your phone not allowing you to talk to me. And yet you're staying with him still? 

Why continue to stay when he took a knife and almost killed you. You were selfish to not think about my feelings your mom's feelings and you continued to stay. My words of advices soon turned to nothing but simply not wanting to care - when I still did. 

Why sacrifice your studies your future when he will not be someone who's relevant 10 years down the road? 

I realize I couldn't accept anymore. I couldn't stand anymore, and I finally left. 

I am not a blind supporter like your friends outside. I stand for what I believe. And that is, for a guy who does not think of his consequences who fights others because of minor reasons, who pretends to COMMIT SUICIDE so he can win someone back when he attempted to cheat - and suicide is NOT funny because there are people who really did so, and you? Pretending because you want to hold onto something that wants to leave you - in a way you threaten her with your life. 


You ignored your school friends, took their care for granted. 

When they said things about you, I still tried to explain but I realised it was all in vain. 

Perhaps you were meant to forsake this friendship for someone so unworthy to learn a lesson. 

In life there are some people who will obviously choose the road to destruction. 

"I told you a thousand times, did you listen?" 

So I learned. That you, need to be destroyed in a way to feel the heat of the fire to know that it's hot. It's overwhelming. 

As your BFF, which may be a past tense now. I really feel hurt. To see you like this. But I know, that you going through this will let you learn the biggest lesson of your life. 

"You don't have to care then" - This time, I won't. I am no longer gonna care because I realised you don't need it at all. 

This friendship wasn't a mistake, we were both blessings & lessons in each other life. 

Every cloud has a silver lining. But I'm glad after all these happened, I knew who were the people who will always be there, and understanding towards each other. 

This too shall pass. 

Let's move on to some of the great pictures taken this year. And the usual thank you-s

Birthday cake from vic :) 

Balloon from Nikem & Fabro

Cake from vic

 That once in a life time sweet 16

 By Huiming! 

 Most lovely MUA I ever met! 

Selfie while setting off to SYF Venue :) Make up done by myself that day!

2013 on the left and 2015 on the right! Lost weight yay!

With Mdm De and Xiangning! 

Selfies with Fabz!

Loved the braid that the hairstylist from Sunsilk did but idk how ..

Random pizza hut selfie

 OOTD For Youtube Fanfest in NOC Tee

Infinity pool

Banana Pancakes!

Finally met the ming thing from Msia!

Some selfie that I never posted.. taken with my iphone 4s :( 

Finally met Don Richmond and Xiaxue in real life! Xiaxue commented that she loved my confidence, I'll always rmb what she say :)

Won an airfryer!

Short hair after 5 years!

Still looking horrible but this is some kind of squad goals (having the same shirt + winning it all) 

Random shot at Peiyin's house. I need an emoji pillow!

Short hair!

Last hair flick!

I bought the entire set but it didn't suit me after I cut my hair :( 

 My two lovely friends visiting me during comex 2015.

After watching "Our Times'' after our SS Paper//Bio paper :D 

Jan 2015 selfies! :D 

Amk hub shots!

Prom Night 2015!

Ate Hai Di Lao after prom because the food at HI sucks and I didn't had more than 8 mouthfuls of food

 Christmas cups!

 Becoming a red head

Event selfies for December, never ending selfies...

With my fav dreamgirl also, Reirei!

WWE Friends 

And now I would like to thank certain people who mean a lot to me in life. :) Apart from my family members.

  • Victoria; Dear friend that I met through a reality competition where my sixth sense were accurate and I made the initiative to know you after watching your YouTube video.. Thank you so much for being in my life this year! It was great knowing you and I feel so grateful and lucky to have someone like you who share the same thoughts as me about the current media industry and how some people actions are. Thanks for taking time to witness my life changing moment where I cut my hair after 5 years, taking all the 500+ photographs. Also advising me on certain blog posts when I don't feel okay to publish it. All the best for everything dear! 

  •  Shenelle aka Fabro; Dear Fabro thank you so much for not leaving me in lurch at any time of my life. So many months have passed and I'm glad that you're still here, our friendship still strong. Thanks for being my listening ear towards all my rants and taking all the photos and such. Encouraging me for Os as well. Going for many dinners & talking non-stop about this life. I really hope to see you in NP next year. :) Love you.

  • Peiyin; Dear Peiyin, my 12 year BFF. Although distance did make us drift a little but I'm glad whenever we meet we always have something  to talk about and deep inside we know that we are indeed BFFs. We may not communicate a lot these days compared to before but I'm sure we all know what's happening. Thank you for being part of my life and still eating the dishes I cook! Hope that you'll come NP too, you may be moving but I am sure we'll still meet regularly! 

  • Huilin; Dear Huilin, thank you for being my listening ear for all the bull crap incidents between me and *coughs* I know it's annoying to hear the same thing over and over again! Thanks for being there always to hear whatever I have to say and offering good opinions as well and views. I am sure you'll be in NP next year so jiayou and we can own a CCA together?! 

  • Blink Events; Thank you everyone, for welcoming me into the Blink Events family as a official staff though I am not a full time yet. The endless opportunities I have and things to learn as well. Thanks for all the meals too. To my boss Richel thanks for being so nice to me and always teaching me something.. paying for my mistake. To Sheryl, Elisa and Rochelle thanks for being so helpful!! Everyone is so nice I really love all of you! 

2015 lessons & reflections

This year, I must say it's a more enjoyable year & peaceful year compared to last year. Things that I couldn't let go, I realize they will soon be forgotten. Sometimes even if the memory is still there; I know I have moved on. 

"Everything happens for a reason" is something that came upon me this year. In the past I used to thought that things are just like that, but after all the happenings in 2015; I realize it's because of that one thing in the beginning that led to the subsequent things. Planned or not, all I can say is that have faith and no matter what happens - it will be either a lesson or a blessing.

If 2015 wasn't good for you, then please reflect and make 2016 a good one. 

For me, I am definitely more determined to make things better and to be happier :) 

Hopes and dreams in 2016?

As usual, new year resolutions and all I will be writing in my next post. 

This will be my official last post for the blog in 2015. Thank you to all those who have read my blog all this while. Thank you for all your support! 

Enjoy your countdown and have a Happy New Year! 

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