Direct Poly Admission & it's surprises

December 24, 2015

Wow, I am finally breaking silence to majority of those (for the exception of my close friends) on what happened during that DPA selection process and how did I manage to get in - when I didn't in the first place?

Most of you would have read my blog post titled "600"  where I blogged about how I felt when I knew that I wasn't shortlisted for the interview. 

It was a very emotional blog post for me because I cried, before and in the midst of writing it. 

Everything started off with me searching for keywords "DPA, NGEE ANN, MCM, DIRECT POLY ADMISSION, SHORTLISTED" on twitter. 

And, I found this person who was also applying for Ngee Ann Mass Communications. 

And so I started talking to him. To find out more. 

On that particular Friday,, I saw his twitter that he got shortlisted - via email. And I was disappointed because I knew I didn't got shortlisted for I didn't receive any emails. 

I was very confident that I could get shortlisted because to me, I had a perfect write up to talk about how I can contribute as well as my achievements. One of which was getting an "A" for  the radio module in Ngee Ann Poly in 2014. I swore that I would do my very best to get into MCM by DPA. 

I said that on my instagram post and my new year resolutions for 2015. 

I never felt so driven for something like this before. Before I stepped into Ngee Ann Poly as a student for AEM programme, I was all about the JCs. In fact I never once explore about poly courses. 

Because I thought nothing suited me. I am talented in public speaking, communications etc, but I never knew that there would be a course which is just like that! And with additional stuffs that I am very interested in, like Media Law. 

This is why it meant so much to me that I could break down so easily even after my self-encouraging post. 

I thought, that those words that I wrote it's ample enough to calm myself down and to convince that I'll be able to work super hard to get in. But I was wrong.

On that following Monday, during Chemistry lesson at lab, I broke down, I cried. 

I heard my classmate Juleen receiving an email on her DPA interview. I felt sad. I felt useless. My tears couldn't hold back when I heard her screams and happiness. 

I ran down to the counselor's room and I told her everything. 

I knew for a fact that I wouldn't want to step into that course anymore, because they rejected me even before they met me and that even if the lecturers said that I was potential and all - I was shut out of their doors. It's no longer the determination to get in but the anger I have towards it. 

She then suggested, Rachel do you want to give them a call? 

I hesitated. If I were to call them and ask for the reason why I was rejected - it's equivalent to asking for a slap on your face yourself. 

I was suppose to practice for my DSA performance on the Wednesday of that week, as I was practicing, I thought about it and I decided. 

"Even if I lose, I wanna know why" - and so I called the School of Film Media & Studies. 

When the call connected - I said; Hello. Can I look for the person in charge of DPA? I am a student who applied for MCM for DPA. I know that I am not shortlisted already but I want to know why because the lecturers have said that I was potential during my aem and all. 

Never did I know that the person who said "hold on" was the one who was in charge of it. 

She then said that she'll check and she'll call back. 

After 10 minutes or so. 

I received a call. 

"Hello Rachel, after much consideration the panel has decided to grant you an interview because of your certificate".

I wondered, why didn't I get shortlisted if that cert meant a lot?

Reason being, my MYE results (L1R4) was booted out of their system. And none of them read my application at all. (It may just be for MCM this time round since they had many applicants, because I had friends with L1R4 >30 getting shortlisted for interview) 

But after I hung the call, I was very happy. Everything finally paid off. 

Because I finally got a chance to tell them why I deserve to be in the course and how I can contribute. 

I immediately told Miss Zainab (counselor) Miss Lee, Victoria, then Huilin and Fabro after their mock exam.

It felt like a dream. For I didn't expect nor have any hopes that the call would have landed me an interview. 

Shortly after, I received my an email addressed to me that wasn't mass mailed out unlike the others.

In the interview, I was confident and surprisingly, I actually met one of the lecturers already - during course counselling. (but fear not he wasn't biased as he wasn't the one who asked. merely looked through my portfolio)

The questions posed were related to the course - and also why Law & Management was in my second choice when it was of a different course as compared to MCM. 

I told them that I was interested in criminal law since young but I would like to pursue MCM first to build my foundations in communications then heading to Law School or University of Melbourne to further my studies in Law. 

I was clear on what I would want to pick, instead of 1 main specialization I'll pick 3 electives, Broadcast Journalism,  Presentation Skills in Chinese & Advanced PR OR Events Management. 

She then asked if I was interested in Media Law. I said definitely and that we will be learning it in Year 3. 

She was happy with my answers and that I really knew what I wanted. 

Days passed, and to be honest I wasn't super nervous for the results because I know that I already had the chance to say my piece and even if I get rejected, I'll take it as a motivation to fight for what I want even more because some people didn't even got a chance to get interviewed. 

And so on the 21st of August, I checked into the system and it was a success! I did it.

After all these happened, I truly believed "everything happens for a reason". 

If I didn't search for DPA etc I wouldn't have saw Qayyum's tweet and know that I wasn't shortlisted thereafter. 

If Juleen didn't check her email during chemistry, I wouldn't have break down and then call FMS. 

If I didn't make the call I wouldn't have gotten a chance to go for the interview. 

And also, if in 2014 Clarissa didn't give me her slot to go for the AEM Module, I wouldn't have found my passion, my dream and gotten in because of that cert. 

I registered for the AEM but then at that point I was still soft spoken not out of my shell yet in Secondary 3 May and Mrs Goh didn't gave me the opportunity to attend the AEM, but because Clarissa was busy and I asked her if she could let me go instead - which she agreed to.. I would have nothing today. 

I know for a fact that I did not do well in O's maths and there is a high possibility that my DPA would be revoked because I did not hit the minimum requirements e.g Maths D7 English B3 

But I feel very blessed and thankful for everything that happened. Even if I were to fail, I believe the process was great enough and that it wasn't meant for me in the end. 

That's all. I hope if any of you wants to apply for it next year, just go for it. 

If you work hard for your dreams, no matter how difficult is it to get it; you'll. 

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