Hello 2016

January 01, 2016

Hello 2016!

I am super looking forward to 2016 because it's gonna be the year of Rachel once again. 

I will talk about my wishes and plans later on, but first it's our New Year's Resolution list again! 

To see what I have achieved or so. 

In 2014, I wrote these for 2015 

  • Pass maths; be more hardworking! -- results not out yet 
  • DPA to Ngee Ann Poly Mass Comm! ✓ -- so thankful
  • Shed more pounds! (More!) ✓ 
  • Lesser shopping sprees. -- I guess no difference..
  • Save money. -- not towards the end of the year
  • Spend everyday wisely. 
  • Healthier. 
  • Happier. 

Not bad lah hor! 

Why am I so excited for 2016?

I guess first and foremost, it'll be a new journey in my life after so long. 

I'll be taking my O level results soon, perhaps in 11 days. I do not want to see my maths failing or English not getting B3 or so, just not that two requirements for my DPA.. 

But I guess we have to face it sometimes and seek for alternatives - in which I would definitely defer my studies for work then I'll go private. 

But then again it was all my hard work - so I'll just plan from there when it comes. 2016, I definitely imagined it to be a fantastic year if I were to be in NP Mass comm, meeting new people, doing the things I like and most importantly. studying the things I like..

I never thought I'll be able to be so close to my dream.. But at the end of the day it may not be meant for me. If I were to have a smooth path towards it, I would cherish it so much. 

2016 is also a brand new year for me as I have left the negative self - in which even years were bad and odd years were good. Ever since 2012, I guess the years just got better through the many lessons learned and 2015 was a good one. 

Also, I am looking forward to see what'll be like in my career in 2016. I can never thank Blink! Events more for believing in me since 2013. And we will be moving our office to joo seng soon! Can't wait to pack the entire office so that it'll look super clean! And perhaps having my own table although i'll just be a part time perm staff. 

Wishes for 2016 

One of my biggest wish is still to get in NP's Mass Communications. And also, I wanna be part of the scholarship program as well. :) Hope to be more efficient when working and alert as well.

To be happier and also positive. To be closer with everyone more in the industry as well. 

Blink! Events to HUAT AH! 

2016 Resolutions

And now, it's the part where I do my 2016 resolutions again!!

  • Lose weight!!! (continueee)
  • Use my planner daily 
  • Get into scholarship program
  • Pick up a foreign language proficiently
  • Save money
  • Keep cool at all times
  • NOT Look Back
That's all. A short and simple post. 

Before I collect my results I'll be going for my staycation alone. 

Calm before the storm. :)

Happy New Year all! Have a great 2016! 

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