2017 - My Year to Grow

January 01, 2017

Happy New Year!

(Photo taken by yours truly xD)

It's 2017 - and I am really well, excited yet calm about this year.

It will be the year of Rachel, yes.

Time to review my resolutions!

2016 Resolutions

And now, it's the part where I do my 2016 resolutions again!!

  • Lose weight!!! (continueee) ✓✓✓✓!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Use my planner daily -- (My fit planner and glitter planner were 60% empty woops..) 
  • Get into scholarship program -- (15 is nothing in a 10 pointer course) 
  • Pick up a foreign language proficiently-- (Downloaded my materials but xD) 
  • Save money -- (Overspent but I did save a little!)
  • Keep cool at all times -- (There were times which I flared)
  • NOT Look Back

Guess it's not too bad..... 

2017 & it's Challenges

I used to feel that odd numbered years were my luckiest - and even numbered years would mean that a calamity would fall on me, but last year proved me wrong. 

Yet maybe, it could be due to Rabbit being ranked no.1 on the zodiac luck cycle.. 

This year it's the opposite, Rabbit is ranked last and it's an odd numbered year.


Anyway, no matter what's coming - how rough is it gonna be, I will do my utmost to survive

I also have a few major decisions to make in my life as well. 

Which I won't elaborate much, but it has to do with the environment that I am currently in. 

Then, turning x

I might also host for my very first wedding, not sure how would I fare but I definitely want to do well!

I also have to plan out my schedule well to have a "balanced" life - to enjoy, work and relax. 

And of cos, to exercise (PIIT28) on a regular basis, or do more "mountain-climbing". 

The health forecast is said to be bad this year; so does wealth - hence I will have to take extra precautions as well.. 

Other than that - is just completing the resolutions/goals that I have for myself this year. 


Resolutions & Goals for 2017

  • Lose more weight & do PITT28 regularly :) 
  • Make use of the planner for daily to dos
  • Save money & use budget app daily 
  • Start painting again
  • Think twice before spending on cosmetic/clothes
  • To be able to firm up on decisions and not look back
  • Give my fullest in my job
  • Balance out that dark and bright personality 
  • Become a better emcee who can engage well 
  • Solo Getaway 
  • Let the creativity juices flow
  • Content!!
  • Meet up with old friends often
  • Not to talk when I am angry 
  • Networking
New Year - Better Content - Better me :) 

Have a great 2017 everyone, it's only gonna get better and better! [full-width]

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