December 31, 2016


Really. Really fast.

Difficult yet amazing year.

Reminded me of 2014 where many tragedies happened.

Deaths, accidents..

Push on, if you're still suffering from all these pain of loss. 

It's been quite a journey for me this year; with so many happenings that took me on a rollercoaster rides filled with different emotions.

Now... As usual, favourite pictures of the year.

Warning: Many selfies ahead. 

My customised phone case for a brand new phone that I used since 1/1. (I used this case for a year without changing!!! Best record..) But the letters fell off slowly :(

Lao Shen and I, obviously his best student. 

When I became a red head again, CNY bonus from Ric :) 

Kitty from cat cafe ^_^ 

Fabz and I while OTW to MBS with Nat :)

I always wonder why I haven't posted any of these pictures to instagram though.. MBS Infinity Pool/Jacuzzi.

Still my favourite and prettiest MUA Huiming :D 

With the BFF one day before my birthday for make up lesson.

My 17th birthday celebration where all my closest friends from all walks of life came together :) 

Customized Birthday Cake :) 

Taken by Sean!

With YY hahaha

Day 3 of being a red head again during May (fav photo HAHA)

Chillax Bar that had really good pasta and truffle fries

Overdue picture of me at Astons. Kinda miss the hair.

Met Amy and CASSEY!! She even Hi-fived me. Happy! Almost died after 1 hour of pilates.


At Desaru Malaysia

After a tiring event which started at 7am..

Solo Getaway to Thailand (Will blog about it soon with recommendations and all :) )

Mandatory before leaving home selfie in Thailand

Turning into dark purple... aka black.

I thought I looked younger though

Under sun light!

With Zhou Lin @ Mrs Intl :) 

Selfies and more selfies..

Thrasher x Long Clothing x Killstar - I love the choker!

Yet another

Mrt-fie with Chris feat huge elephant thighs that I have been trying to get rid of!

At some Japanese BBQ place - PS it's untidy but hmm..

Mac-book fie

Rainbow cake which was very dry (exposed in the fridge :( )

Perfect caption would be: Actually expensive hot chocolate also no difference from those at home leh :( 


With Chris

Bought after my first gig 

Office opening 

 Ben and Jean's birthday lunch :)

Hosted my first D&D where my face even appeared on the banner!

As always, a mirror-fie while at the fitting room of Sects Shop

Work -- Home -- Shower -- Office -- School 

Crazy about Labels!

While hosting @ Thomson Plaza 

 Posing with the flowers 

 Posing with the LED cubes

Unlimited Mirror Fies

Young girl with her candies made from Kapaline...

But she also transformed to this after having fun

While posing at the photo wall of Xmas Party @ Sects Shop :) 

With the two bosses of Sects Shop! I spent a few thousand dollars this year there but of cos, I gained more than just clothes.

Froyo that came with nice nuts

Finally bought my timer detox bottle! Featuring my nails which I finally clipped it and I won't be having gel nails for a few months.

The longest receipt.. Ever.. Spent a bomb @ Face Shop

Favourite Mirror-fie!!

Office Shots

With Bonna

Crazy about off shoulder tops especially if they are of quality and affordable!

Won the Etude House Selfie Queen contest and walked away with a $300 store grab, charm and phone! All in pink gold YAY. 

A Summary of my 2016 

2016 first started off with collection of O Level Results - in which I began a new journey subsequently and met new people as well. 

There were both good and bad times. 

Got into my desired course and learned many new skills which were helpful. 

Turned 17. To me - it was special, unique and meaningful. Reason being; many didn't take me seriously when I was younger. 16? Still a kid. 

Not that I am trying to prove that at 17 I am an adult - but when I turned 17 I had more opportunities and the impression people gave me upon hearing 17 instead of 16 is like: Wow you're so young and yet you're doing this already! vs: So young can work already meh? You know what you doing not?

Nevertheless, it has been great being 17 and another 4 months, I'll be moving on to my next phase of life @ 18. 

2016 has been a year of changes, opportunities, growth and emotions

I finally got my first ever emcee gig - and it was a huge one for me; being able to promote my favourite beverage. Hosted a small D&D, Beauty Roadshows, Government Events, shopping malls.... 

I am so thankful for the opportunities for I was never really appreciated back then by my school.

Change. The day I decided to have Mala as my last meal before moving on to the great plan of changing, in which I did succeed a little - but there is still a long way to go. 

Growth. I saw myself slowly becoming better in certain areas of work like planning, coordinating and all. 


Sadness, Anger, Happiness. 

When things don't go right and they make you feel terrible about yourself.
When things go against you and you're feeling indignant as well as angry inside. 

Craving for assurance, care and support. 

Yet deep down you're struggling a lot because you have been deemed strong by others.

You chose not to show that vulnerable side.

But at the end of it, everything will be worth it when you finally find peace within yourself, learning how to cope with those feelings & not letting it affecting subconsciously as well.

I must say, I am really lucky to have the right people in my life.

The people whom I meet within the industry who provided me many valuable insights about life and work, as well as the lovely people in office.

And not to forget to group of friends I have from different walks of life who is still there - despite little to no communication, we can always have a good conversation and not feel foreign/awkward each time we meet.

If there's a quote I would use to summarize the year in whole, I would say;

Growth comes with Pain and with Pain, there's always Growth.  

Many times we often indulge ourselves in pain - brought by the matter. But truth is that, the aftermath/lessons learned is always that one factor that made us a better version of ourselves today.

So for those of you who have been saying that 2016 sucked for you and all, don't count on the bad things that made you felt that way - instead count on the number of new goals you set for yourself in 2017 that you will indeed work on them to make it better than 2016.

It feels weird because, deep down I know that there are many issues that happened that gave me a lot to reflect - but I realised my reflections this time does not end up in a "not to do list" instead it allowed me to set goals for myself that is achievable.

2016 was my year to grow, but 2017 - it will still be. 

This post is slightly shorter compared to my previous goodbye series, but the post that will be published tomorrow where I review my resolutions for this year and hopes for next year will be a long one definitely.

Have a great new year's eve all! 

Enjoy, and stay safe. [full-width]

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