Pre GE2020 Results Thoughts

July 08, 2020

And here we are, a day away from cooling-off day for the GE2020. 

I hope that all eligible Singaporean Voters, especially those who are voting for the first time have made your decisions based on what you have observed from the party itself rather than what the media has portrayed. 

I have always been interested in the political scene in Singapore and will never forget my first GE Watch in 2011 where I stayed up till past 4am to wait for the results. 

I was preparing for my National Exams and relied heavily on the newspaper, news on TV and physical rallies to understand more about the teams contesting. 

Social Media wasn’t that powerful then. I remembered only tweeting and sharing FB Status on the results. 

Of coz, I was also happy when Dr Yaacob and his team were still elected after so long in the then Moulmein Kallang which is also known as Jalan Besar today.

In 2015 I remembered that after our late MM Lee passed away, the elections were held a fewmonths later. 

With the new citizens that rose by quite a fair bit from 2011 GE as well (20,693 citizenships granted in 2012), the PAP won by a landslide victory and it is no doubt that these were the highly plausible factors as to why even though the opposition parties seemed to have great support online. 

Silent majority? Maybe.

Now fast forward 9 years from GE2011 we all have access to GE related news easily via WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I’m also happy to see pages being set up to share more on the political scene with information simplified and broken down to be understood by our new voters. 

I’m not sure how many 5 years we can afford to lose to vote great leaders into parliament especially when not all of them are of young age, mostly in their 40s and some even in their late 50s or 70s. 

But may we all take this one day off tomorrow to think wisely on what do we want for Singapore, for our future, our family members even our children in the next coming 5 years and if a parliament made up of just one party is acceptable. 

Thank you to all the leaders who shared your stories as well. 

Putting aside the good and the bad news that has happened over the campaigning period, I’m looking forward to the results tomorrow especially for the hot seats like East Coast GRC, West Coast GRC, Aljunied GRC, Tanjong Pagar GRC, Punggol West SMC, Potong Pasir SMC, Bukit Batok SMC, Bukit Panjang SMC and not forgetting Sengkang GRC. 

May the best politicians get elected!

PS: Do you prefer the East Coast Plan or Charles Yeo's version of Mandarin spoken on TV?

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