13th June - A special day with Shunji Matsuo

June 13, 2015

Days passed, and the date that I was really anticipating to, finally came! (13th June!) I'm sorry that this post had to come only 3 days after the actual day passed because I was busy picking out photos from the 530+ photos taken by my friend, Victoria. And I had events on the past few days as well. I am really excited to share with all of you!

So on 13th June, it is also Global Wellness Day! I'm very happy that Mefitted Singapore also collaborated with Shunji Matsuo for this meaningful event. Thanks  for the feature on your social media platforms!

On that day, I was really excited. I slept at 4am the previous night and I woke up at 7am. Filming started at about 8am at my house (filming me going out of the house etc)

Then we headed to Shunji Matsuo at Ngee Ann City via Ashima's car. We reached early, at about 8:50AM so we started filming early in the salon. After which we sat around and waited for the key people to come.

A selfie before I sat before the mirror! My last selfie with my hair as well.

And then Victoria came. Had a few test shots, I'm really thankful for her because she came down to watch me getting my first hair cut after so many years and helping me to take so many photos.

Justin started off by combing and detangling my hair.

A guy came to help him, I don't know his name but I really want to thank him for he washed my hair, combed & de tangled and helped to blew dry also.

This is one of my favourite picture.

Behind the scenes. Thank you Anshul for your wonderful cinematography skills.

Justin was preparing to trim off my ends.. but it was too long no matter how high the chair was and eventually... 

Eventually I had to stand up and so he can cut for me. 

Ashima helping out anshul as well. 

Does this looks like a pantene commercial? That hair flick. 

Google actually made this gif from the auto photo mode, and I thought it was really nice!

This photo was from Mefitted's instagram and they had a funny caption with it, 

"@shunjimatsuo celebrates Global Wellness Day with the inaugural hair cutting of Rachel's hair, which has not been cut for 5 years. Hair stylist Justin remarked that the longest hair he has ever cut was up to a person's waist. Rachel's hair, which hangs below her hips, breaks his record."

Haha, so I broke the record! 

Then I proceeded for a hair wash, which is an important procedure if you are going to donate your hair because you want to ensure the hair is dry. 

I was telling victoria how much I liked the straight ends.

He has really really good skills when washing my hair and he is very thoughtful. Thank you once again!!

Some behind the scenes with Anshul shooting

 And yes it's him again! He is helping to detangle the wet hair (which is not an easy, in fact a very hard feat)

It was done pretty fast. 

And Yanling came, a volunteer from recycle your hair. 

Then the blow drying started! With Justin and the guy first. 

Chikuma san joined as well so that it can be faster. This broke the record of having two stylists to blow dry for me, now with three! 

I really liked my natural straight hair. 

the straight ends were really beautiful

Google made 8 more gifs for me! Here's 3 from the blow drying process. It is like a re enactment of the scene that happened. Thanks google!

I saw the straight fringe and I was like, Victoria you see it's so pretty!!

Fantasizing over straight ends and straight fringe of 22 inches. 

This photo again, is from Mefitted and it has another funny caption as well.

"How many people does it take to blow dry hair that hasn't been cut in over 5 years?"

3 is definitely enough!

Justin at work! 

Then we proceeded to straightening even more, also because the heat will make the hair even drier. (which is good when it is processed for wigs)

Yanling and Justin discussing how the hair should be tied. Whether a long wig or two short wigs?

I actually preferred a wig that was fully made from my hair but then I just hoped that it would fit the usual requirements which is a short wig. 

Chikuma san and Justin helping me out to tie my hair. 

Google made another  gif during the tying process.

The hair maestro Mr Shunji Matsuo then came. 
I felt happy to meet him as he was the man behind the excellent concept of  the salon. 
He was really friendly as well. 


Mr Shunji Matsuo cutting off the part from my hair which will be donated. 

Before cutting, he said, 5 years, my golden scissors will now cut off your hair.

Justin helping to take the hair and place it on the table. 

Finally done!

To be honest at this point, I didn't felt sad at all. In fact I felt really relieved. I let go of everything and it felt good. 

Everyone was happy for me, so was I. 

25 inches of hair to be donated. 

Perfect moment taken by Mefitted.

Another gif by google. 

Chikuma san looking very ready to take over! 

He's in charge of cutting my hair. 

Fringes finally after 5 years.

He took great care of my hair! 

Blew dry! 

Another gif!

Getting changed into another robe because I was preparing for hair perming. 
What a reaction. 

Justin then came to do the perming. Chikuma san helped. 

I was like, Victoria; do I look good??

I always thought that perming is actually using the iron curler. Turns out that that isn't permanent. 

Snapchat was a must because I was constantly updating my friends. 

And the last gif!

Mirror-fie with Victoria!

After the perm! holding my own pony tails for photo taking. 

Goodbye, my hair. 

 One of the photos taken with the maestro Mr Shunji Matsuo, the rest will be up on my instagram!

And that concluded what happened in the salon! 

I felt really happy that I finally done what I wanted. The hair would go to people who needs it  more than me, so I'm feeling relieved that it will not just be hair that is left on the floor and swept away.

I would also like to extend my thanks to the people from Our Better World, both Ashima and Anshul who helped out with the filming, planning, logistics etc,

It was great meeting you guys and I can't wait to watch the final video which is shot from day one of my journey.

I would also like to thank recycle your hair for being part of this project.

And the social media teams who were there to take photographs and covering the story.

Also last but not least, the team of stylists and everyone from Shunji Matsuo salon! I will have a seperate blog post for them, and about them which will be coming out soon. Just wanna thank all this people once again, Bernard, Ashima, Anshul, Justin & Chikuma San and Jason Yanling.

I hope all of you enjoyed looking at all of the photos! Do drop me a question at my ask.fm @ http://ask.fm/Ztshanshan if any and I'll be happy to answer! It has been a great journey with my hair, and hair will definitely grow again, so do I!

Till the next post xx

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