JC or Poly? -- my mye results

June 28, 2015

Okay so it has been quite a long time since I talked about my grades so I am probably going to do it today..

I had my mid year exams last month and to be honest, it wasn't that good but it wasn't that bad either. I had my ups and downs and yeah I failed maths once again. One thing I really hate about myself is that I tend to ONLY study the day before my exams. And surprisingly, I can still do well but then the fact is that I had the capability to do even better. It really sucks somehow. But then the amount of effort put in wasn't as great as some people who did it in the long run, so yeah I am happy with my results because the time I put in wasn't that much, so at the end of the day I still didn't lose out.

Having said that I know that this will not work for my O levels. I should start now to change my bad habbits, but this has been going on for 4 years already. Sometimes I feel lost. Aware of the directions but no actions are taken.

So for mye, for subjects like maths and science I just flunked it all.. F9 for both. For physics it was because I was sick the previous day of the exam, my mcq was alright 14/20 but for my paper 2 it was horrible the calculations had error I remembered some stuffs wrongly etc. Otherwise I could have passed. What pulled me down was really my chemistry, to be honest I feel really helpless at this point because sometimes despite self studying myself, there are certain things I still don't get it logically but only in my own way of learning. And I don't have a teacher to really rely on..

For my humanities, well I did badly (To me) I could have scored an A1 easily if I actually did study more the day before but I succumbed to my tiredness.. But still I scored 33/50 for SS and 32/50 for Geography. So, for SS I actually studied the wrong topic despite me making notes for the correct one I did 2 weeks prior to the exam.. I guess luck wasn't on my side. I understand that some people may say, that me getting 65 is high so I should probably shut up and not be sad about it but the thing is I used to be the top for humanities in my class so I was kinda sad and I know that B3 isn't my standard. but considering the time I put in for it, I guess it was really good; however how long can I count on this intelligence of mine?

However on the bright side, I did well for my F&N and my Higher Chinese, I actually scored 71/90 for my composition and I was one of the top in class. Although I flunked my paper 2, I got a B4 still which I am happy about it. The teacher told me that my composition is currently the best in the class, and the reason why some of the other students marks got moderated highly was because the marker was their CLIT teacher. #Ihavenothingtosay So yeah, it was a great motivation for me to do even better and I know this would drive me more to get that distinction for Higher Chinese.

For F&N theory, I topped the class as well with 71/100. To me I was happy, but then not really because I did have certain hints and I studied all the topics involved somehow, by reading through and scribbling. I'm not sure if for Os I can do this but it is definitely and achievement for me as I showed my true capability of doing well getting A.

For English I actually just maintained, failed comprehension but I did well for paper 1, like always and I scored the highest in my class for it. This mye I actually tried writing narrative.. I got comments that my essay is more like a blog post/speech so I probably want to stick to discursive and get higher than 22.

So through all these I guess I have better strategies planned ahead for me to do even better in the last lap. But for my maths and science.. especially maths I should really somehow pray for extra help too.

This is actually in regards to those whom actually felt unhappy about me tweeting my results on MY twitter and you saying really not so nice things like I shouldn't boast or like oh it's nothing etc. Well, the block function is there and I didn't force you to read or such. It's quite funny that I didn't hear it myself but there are people who actually come to me and tell me who said it. To be honest, I don't really care about your comments because I deserve to be happy because of such ''small achievements''. So what if my class ain't the top class? To me small achievements is what that pushes me to do better. It's never too small or too big because an achievement is an achievement. Why can't one be proud of themselves when they accomplish something? So it means that by showing is proud and I should pretend to be humble and hide it? What happened to ''being yourself''? Those tweets are meant for my archive anyway for me to read it 10 years down the road to see what happened in my life, if you don't like to read about it, simply go click the block button or unfollow and yeah don't even bother bitching about me behind my back like how I am doing now on my keyboard. #Anotetoyou

Now to the part when I am actually going to talk about, JC or Poly. Most of you actually do know that I am actually aiming for Mass Comm in Np or Tp's Law.. But here's the thing, I decided to go for DSA in NYJC as well. Why? Because in case I can't make it for the DPA. I always have the idea that it's good to have plan Bs in life. To be honest I don't suit JC at all. I am a very lazy person and I always do my revision for exams the day before. Jc life is very constant and work needs to be done everyday. But why do I want to aim for a JC as well? It is because there is a perfect subject combination for me, and my love for humanities is really huge. Econs, Geog and History with a H1 physics I guess since its the best among my lousiest sciences and math. I think when one studies his or her fav subjects, he or she will tend to do better as well.

My teachers always said that I suit a poly more and I should just enter there straight away etc. . what's stopping me now is probably my O levels.. So I decided to take on both DPA and DSA and see how's the results like. To me if I can't enter either, I would probably quit government school and enroll myself in a private college and pay for my own school fees etc. Because I don't see myself in any other streams nor courses. It's like now or never.. Mass comm or dropout.

I once thought to myself, if I were to go to a jc, chances of me starting to change into a more serious person is probably, less than 20 percent. But I never know. So I should probably not doubt myself. And I hope that I won't just be an average student but someone who stands out in terms of grades and such. I don't want to take courses that I don't like in university. Law requires 4As.. Or a GPA higher than 3.86 or 3.96. Which I believe if I were to enter Mass Comm, my passion will drive me to the top. Its more like of a different story. 2 years of studying core subjects then entering a uni or some route, or 3 years of learning different skills and subjects then entering to a uni or other routes. I have friends who regretted taking the JC route but I guess if you don't want to regret, choose the one that is best for you not just because it's the norm to every other person. If you don't know any course to go at this stage or probably love to study I guess you should be the JC type.

Right now, I am still waiting for my results on whether can I proceed to the interview or trial and such.. I probably will do well for interview.. but I never know. I always believe that there are certain things that were already pre planned, but yeah I guess I'll just stay tuned. I hope that I get through at least one. Otherwise I'll lose that extra drive to do even better. It's like telling you that you have a school already even before you take your Os.

To everyone of those whom are still doubting themselves or such, PLEASE DON'T and hurry go to the DPA portal and sign up for it. Don't tell me that your results sucks or whatsoever, I have 2 F9s for my important subjects but I am still going to do so because these results currently DON'T define your true ability to do well in your future. Don't give up and I urge each and everyone of you to TRY. It doesn't hurt at all really. International business or sciences.. Just try. Do not doubt yourself or give it up just because the cut off point is very low. If you do you are a loser, if you don't, good for you. You may fail in the end but hey that will drive you even more to do better because you want to prove to them that you got what it takes to go into their course but they missed you out right? It's always good to be positive but i like the idea of having both. - Both positive and negative thoughts, I may doubt myself at times but this will eventually push me to prove people wrong.

It's now or never. Give it a try, and you may see yourself studying at that dream school of yours tomorrow. :)

For me, I will definitely buck up on my studies while lazing around and having fun.. also I will aim to finish the assessment books I bought for over 200$ of hard earned money.. and hopefully scoring well for Os? I look forward to prelims already. 2015 is passing really fast, and I like it! Will update if I pass my DPA or such.



[ps; so looking forward to WWE LIVE on the 2nd of July. YAYAyAYAy }

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