Manhunt Singapore 2017 Pre-Judging

July 25, 2017

And the opportunity finally came after some time, am so stoked to be able to blog for Man Hunt Singapore as I haven't attended a full male pageant before, and moreover - to pen down my thoughts about it.

Last Saturday I was tied up with hosting in the morning but fortunately the main event started after I reached the venue.

The press conference was in late April, which I didn't attend but of cos through the ERM queens on Facebook I got to catch a glimpse of the contestants this year. And I happen to know 1 of them who belonged to the same networking organization.

As usual, a mandatory photo wall shot - thank you to Alex of Selfiprint for this amazing shot!!!

The Pre-Judging was held at the Pool Side of  One Farrer Hotel & Spa, one of my favourite hotel for events & spa retreat, I missed their aromatic spa massage!

Then, the contestants made their way out in their Flesh Imp shirts, which looked super pleasing on each and everyone of them! I liked the variety of colours, this is definitely a go to place to buy shirts for your boyfriends' ladies!

Some photographs taken.

The contestants went to change and came out in their Waveline Trunks for the Pre-Judging! They had to each introduce themselves then pick a ball from the box to get a question from the panel of judges which had renowned celebrities/industry experts such as Samuel Seow, Daniel Boey, Julian Hee, Vincent from Vintage Studio, Dr David from Dr D Aesthetic, Melvin and Angela from ERM Marketing!

I was listening actively to the Q&A hence, some photographs aren't as high res as the ones taken on my DSLR :)

Since it's my first time meeting the contestants, those of you who are new to Man Hunt can also get to know the contestants at the very same time! If you like him/his answer - do click on the hyperlink on their names to vote for them via Global Tickets! As the winner with the most votes will be crowned as Mr. Internet Popularity.

Will share their Q&A however it is based on memory, hence there'll be some missing bits here and there.. or nothing for some. I'll try my best! PS: Feel free to reach out to me if you want me to include the missing parts.

And let's start with the Junior category....

Contestant #1, Gabriel Lim 

Gabriel is 23 years old this year who's also a final year student in his University.

His Question: What is the difference between you and the other contestants in this competition?

I am in this competition because I want to build up on my self-confidence, I know that many of them here have lots of confidence, whereas for me I want to step out of my comfort zone and achieve success through this competition. 

Contestant #2, Derrel Lee

Derrel is 28 years old this year and he is currently doing Social Media Marketing in the Events Industry. 

His Question: What is your favourite phase in this competition?

The beginning whereby I met all of the contestants. As I got to meet the different contestants from different walks of life who had very different phases of life as compared to what I have.

Contestant #3, Sam Lee

Sam is 22 years old this year, and he is an Entrepreneur. 

His Question: What are your thoughts on the social media comments on the recent Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant?

I feel that everyone has something to say. Even if you're the most gorgeous/handsome person, people have something to say.. Due to jealousy and all. Just be positive, be yourself and do your best. Believe in yourself in whatever you do.  

Contestant #4, Ryan Ho

Ryan is the youngest contestant in the competition, at 19 years old - he is currently a fresh graduate from Republic Polytechnic.

His Question: (Same as #3) 

I look up to the Ms Singapore girls because they dare to go up on stage, just like us in nothing but our trunks.. when people put up images and make awful comments.. I think beauty is very subjective and we should be confident instead.

Contestant #5, Ivan leong

Ivan is 24 years old this year who's a wannabe musician at night!

He said that be very afraid because he will eat you up..

Contestant #6, U-Jin 

U-Jin is 29 years old and he is a cross fit coach! 

Contestant #7, Boris Tan

Boris is 27 years old this year and he is a Financial Service Consultant!

His Question: What is the biggest challenge for young people today?

Social Media - they have to portray their best image because they crave for acceptance... 

Contestant #8, Jonathan Ernest 

Jonathan is 25 years old this year and he is currently still studying for his Diploma.

Contestant #9, Mohamed Saiful 

Saiful is 29 years old this year and he is a Sports Manager.

Contestant #10, Simon Shen 

Simon is 27 years old this year and he is a Chiropractor.

His Question: What is the most important part of joining Man Hunt?

Being alongside these guys, there are some of us who go through lots of emotions, so we encourage each other and get to know about each other.. I even know one of them who wants to feast on Nasi Lemak burger later! And I hope that we can be as good as we can be!

Contestant #11, Vincent Chua

Vincent is 25 years old and he is an officer in the Navy!

Which explains the sun burn...

His Question: What are your thoughts on Cyber-Bullying? 

The recent Ms Singapore Beauty Pageant is one thing I talked to my colleague today. All 29 of us today we are proud to be here; to make a statement to everyone. No matter our looks, physique, height or weight, we are always able to participate in something that we want. We can aspire to achieve what we want and we should dare to do it, we only live once! If we allow others to pull us down then why do we live? If we do not achieve what we want..

Contestant #12, Phone Pyi Kyaw 

Phone is 23 years old this year and he is a fitness trainer who can never stop smiling!

His Question: Who will you pick as the winner of Man Hunt Singapore 2017?

For me, if I can.. I will pick everyone! Because to me it is subjective.. I would rather say everyone. Everyone is a champion, everyone is a winner. Winning is not everything.. it is about the process, the people we meet and the good memories forged. That is what matters to me the most.

Contestant #13, Desmond Toh

Desmond is 23 years old this year and he is a fitness trainer.

His Question: What if you were to become a woman?
I believe in many perks of being a male in Singapore.. I believe that even if I become a woman, I will just accept it. I will learn to be a good woman.. I will not be a bad one. All this comes down to my background and education, what I did when I am younger.. So I do not want to mix with bad company.. not very ideal. Everyone has their own flaws but we just have to take time to discover our strengths. I get to see my confidence rising up and with the help of my buddies here it is a very good journey. 

Contestant #14, Shaun Leong

Shaun is  22 years old this year who's currently a platoon officer in the army and will be heading for his University Studies soon!

His Question: Do you think foreigners are stealing jobs from Singaporeans?

I don't feel that way. I think from a neutral perspective, everyone has their own dreams; people from overseas who want to seek for jobs. To do what they want. It is a challenge for everyone for how we want to fight for our dreams. If you don't win, then you have to keep it up. 

Contestant #15, Jayden Teo

Jayden is 27 years old this year and he is an engineer.

His Question: What do you see in the mirror?

I see someone with commitment, willing to work hard for his dreams.

Contestant #16, Muhammad Hassanal

Hass is 22 years old this year and he is an Accounting Undergraduate.

His Question: What is the biggest challenge?

Being yourself.. because people nowadays on social media and everything around - we just want to be something/someone whom we are not. I feel that we should stick to being who we really are!

Contestant #17, Muhammad Badruddin

Badruddin is 26 years old this year and he is a performer.

His Question: What gave you the motivation to lose weight?

I was bullied a lot to a point where I do others' homework just to be accepted in their social circles and have friends. So that was the only way since I was ugly and fat. I see kids now less motivated, lose motivation in many stuffs they do. They can find that courage and determination in their heart to pursue what they want, what they are passionate about and go for it. For me, I manage to found alternative sources of income just to support myself in university and achieve what I have today.. hence I hope to motivate them as well!

Contestant #18, Danesh

Danesh is 29 years old this year and he runs an Italian Restaurant!

His Question: What gave you the joy and motivation to run the restaurant?

The customers and the way I see how everything works as a family business. I hope to be able to do the same like what my dad did to make the business even better.

Contestant #19, Hui Yuan

Hui Yuan is 21 years old this year and he is an Engineering Student in NTU.

He hopes to share his story with others and be their inspiration. 

Contestant #20, John Fong

John is 23 years old this year and he is a fitness instructor. 

His Question: What is the one feature, you will change about yourself and why?

My eyes, because everyone says that it is too small, especially my teacher in secondary school day, she will exclaim that I am sleeping... so ya. 

Let's move on to our SENIOR Category now!

Contestant #S1 - Muhammad Syafiq  

Syafiq is 31 years old and he is a Creative Manager by the day, fitness instructor at night.

His Question: What bothers you the most in this world?

If only people spread more love and happiness to the world.. It will be much more better.

Contestant #S2, Ryan Chen

Ryan is 31 years old this year and he is a personal trainer. 

His Question: Who are the top 3 for you?

I suppose it's for seniors only.. If I were to name the top 3, I will pick myself because I want to win. Syafiq and Glen.

Contestant #S3, Glen Qiu

Glen is 33 years old this year and he is an Accounts Assistant.

His Question: If you were to win man hunt, who will you thank?

I want to thank my mum, she gave birth to me and took care of me. Thank her for all the hard work. Then my girlfriend, because she has spent time to work out with me.

Contestant #S4, Allan Tan

Allan is 30 years old this year and he is a Personal Trainer!

Contestant #S5, Berdley Choong

Berdley is 34 years old this year and he has been in the fitness industry for more than a decade!

Contestant #S6, Damien Koh

Damien is 30 years old this year and he is a Personal Trainer.

His Question: If you do not win Man Hunt, what would be the first thing that you will do?

When I go home, I will think back of the journey which I had, regardless of the outcome - not all 29 of us will be a winner. All of us have our memories and lessons that we learned. Man Hunt has been an amazing journey it has prepared us for every aspect what it means to be a man of the modern society. From the way we speak, how we groom ourselves and present ourselves to people confidently. Such that when we look at others in the eye, we can be confident.. 

Contestant #S7, Ismail Bin Khalid

Ismail is 37 years old this year and he is working in the Civil Defence industry. 

His Question: There's a saying - behind every successful man, there's always a woman. Looking back at the sentence, can you define the values of a successful man?

I applaud my wife for supporting me in my needs and wants, throughout this competition. Values wise, I think they are living life to the fullest and fulfil the responsibilities as a husband, son and a father in the future.

Contestant #S8, Derrick Ong

Derrick is 31 years old this year and he is an Airline Executive.

His Question: If your younger sister asks you to buy condoms, what would you say/do?

I will tell her the pros and cons of having pre-marital sex and I think it's good to have protection. I don't have a difficult time because I had my sisters to ask me to buy tampons, hence I think buying such sexual related items it will be ok.

Contestant #S10, Louis Chan

Louis is 52 years old this year and he is a Fitness Trainer.


That's all for Q&A! 

Some candid photos taken by their official photographer, Richard (Amazing Photographer!!)

Two Subsidiary titles were then given out, Mr most Sporty & Mr Wellness.. and the same guy won both titles!

He is none other than #2, Derrel Lee!

Dr David also gave out 4 awards to 4 contestants who will be undergoing a transformation with Dr D Aesthetics Centre. - #S6 - Damien Koh, #S2 - Ryan Chen, #16 - Hassanal & #2 - Derrel Lee!

#S1 - Syafiq won the most supportive family/friends award :) 

A picture of the winners! (I tried asking Syafiq to go closer but I think I failed :( But the rest looks good still! I think #S6 has a signature RBF like myself) 

Very happy to meet the ERM queens in the event as well, thank you for the lovely comments for my blog posts! I really appreciate it!

Had fun in the event because of their presence. Some photos with the queens!

A group photo with the contestants alongside the Queens & contestants of Ms Singapore Beauty Pageant from ERM :) 

Last but not least, with Samuel himself! (Waiting for official photog's picture cos the flash didn't do the photo justice!!)

Official Photo taken by Richard :)

Personally, I feel that all the contestants have trained really hard (as I saw some of their Press Conference - Before Photos) vs now. 

It was a little different from the usual all female pageants that I attended so far, and I agreed that it's of a challenge when you expose everything and just wear swimming trunks out. 

Besides.. there were men of different physiques and sizes.. I believed in a way some might feel a little ''inferior'' as compared to some. . those regular self-esteem issues, but I am surprised that every single one of the contestant walked out with confidence and spoke with poise. 

Some of them were brave enough to share their stories too, embracing their bravery and proud to be standing as a survivor of their obstacles faced in life. 

Nevertheless, I wish all of them the best of luck!

In light of the recent Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant Saga, this is also what I have to say: 

No doubt there isn't a clear sign of racial diversity, however; is it because they chose not to step out of their comfort zone to join? Or is it because the main (bad) focus of this year's pageant has shadowed all their past winners who were of different races

It is unfortunate that a photograph from an unofficial photographer has stirred up quite a flak and got people discussing about the beauty of Singaporean Women in general.. while it is an interesting topic that has been left out for years (Like how our 2015 Miss Universe was chosen in a closed door recruitment) it does show that hey, people are concerned of who will get to represent them..

But are these people caring because it has become a drama, popular topic on Social Media or is it because they are truly concerned that the country's image will be tarnished because of these girls?

Beauty Pageants to some, is just a showcase of money and networks. Yet to others, it might be the first step out of their comfort zones when they hold on that microphone and walk out in a two piece or one piece swim wear.. 

They took up the challenge on how to grow as a Singaporean Woman, while in the midst of all the drama and comments.

So what's a true Singaporean Beauty Standard in your eyes?

Someone above 1.7M, wears 6 inch heels, big eyes and perfect make up wherever she goes?

Beauty is subjective, and we cannot force people who conform to the "beauty standard" to step out and represent; likewise we cannot stop those who aren't of a certain "beauty standard" to stop what they believe in doing.

Take a breather & think about it. :)

So.. that's all! 

A video for all of you - 

As for who are my favourites.. Or my top picks in winning... I would say:



It's been a great time hearing all of you out, all the best and may the best man emerge as the grand winner(s).

The grand finals will be held on the 8th of September, book your tickets via Global Tickets to support your favourite contestant. Meanwhile, remember to vote for your favourite contestant via the same platform (Click on their names in my post) and the contestant with the most votes will be crowned Mr Internet Popularity!

Till then. Xx, Rachel J.


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