Mrs Singapore & Classic Mrs Singapore 2017 Grand Finals

May 23, 2017

First and foremost, I would like to thank all the ERM Queens who had heartfelt messages for my videos/blog posts - I really appreciate them.

To all my readers who were excited for the Grand Finals updates, it's finally here!

I am so sorry for this tardy post because I have been busy (it's a good thing though) with work, hosting etc.. but I am so happy despite the busy schedule. 

Let's all go back to the 6th of May - the Grand Finals of Mrs Singapore & Classic Singapore 2017.

The theme this year was Retrolicious (like damn, I did one D&D and Birthday Party this year with that theme) and it was so happening!

I wanted to be a little different, and after-all - I am there to cover the event as a videographer/photographer too; why bother torturing myself with uncomfortable high heels and a fancy dress?

I actually wanted to wear my retro dresses but sadly I COULDN'T FIT IN THEM ANYMORE. 

They were too big for me - ANOTHER PIECE OF GOOD NEWS. 

So I attended with my "La Ba Ku" aka Trumpet pants and a simple Off-Shoulder that I bought just recently which had the retro feel paired with my crystals and a pearl necklace.

As I walked in the pre-event area, I caught Zhou Lin!! For those of you who do not know, ZL was one of my favourite contestant from Mrs Singapore World 2015/16 I mean compare us now and then... Fetus days vs now.. Pageants does make you grow as a person.

Other than Zhou Lin I met Diana too!! Another favourite contestant who is very humble and back then she was the first contestant I spoke to!

You can compare our before & afters and I think we look amazing now.. hehe grow up already!

Signature smile & most photogenic queen!

Table setting..

Judges Table!

Our table. Media table is forever at the right hand side of the stage because tech will always be left for them. (I even met my old tech guys at the event, small world indeed!)

Arrival of VIP - Mr Alex Liu

Followed by MP for Feng Shan SMC - Ms Cheryl Chan, accompanied by Ms Angela Tay

Emcee Opening by Guan & Sylvia.

Opening dance by the ladies! They looked great and danced fantastically, man I need to learn how to dance soon otherwise I will probably fail at best dressed segments in future D&Ds when I host..  
The video of them dancing is on my Youtube Channel - a 20 minutes long highlights!

The black heels worn by the ladies looked fantastic and they are all from Riccino
I will definitely get my first pair of Riccino shoes soon, so many meetings & events to host; I need a pair of comfortable black heels in which I'm super meticulous about from design to fit and comfortability.

This was the only dish that I managed to capture a perfect image, the rest? All eaten already when I went back to the table after taking tons of images and videos... haha but the food isn't the main thing!

Will definitely plan out my shot list in future so that I can capture the "just right" amount and not too much!

Practice makes perfect, and to be honest I never expected myself to be doing video editing and I'm really impressed (by myself, heh) 

Then we moved on to Self-Introduction!

Okay.. So some background story before I continue - I brought my SLR along BUT the battery wasn't able to last quite long (that 3 bars thingy is SO unpredictable, so when I reached the talent segment - I was left with 1 bar - so I thought to myself I better save the battery for Coronation. - but guess what the battery life was at 3 bars when I turned on the camera.. oh wells. So some photographs are HD some are just meh~ because they are screenshots from the videos (I took while I was videoing) or taken with the Iphone.)

#19 Priscilia looking good!! Her skin is so flawless and she reminds me of Jean Chen #4 in Mrs SG World 2015/16.. Oh gosh and Priscilia's a contestant in Classic Mrs!!!! They really do know how to take care of themselves!

#23 Imah is really a tough lady!

#24 Jessica Tan - From the day I saw her I was like, she's so cute and she's unique - she will definitely win! And she is so photogenic!

Zoomed up shot with the zoom lens, ladies looking good!

Then we had an opening speech from the organizing chairperson, Ms Poovani.

Followed by ERM Managing Director, Ms Angela Tay. She rocked the sequin jump suit!

Then we headed to the finals of the Talent Segment!

#6 Meena with her Meena Jackson moves.

#8 Vishalakshi with her breath taking Bollywood dance moves!

#22 Heidi with her graceful moves!

Then we moved on to a Retrolicious Showcase presented by Dark Horse Vintage (Retro Dresses) and Riccino (Shoes)

Dark Horse Vintage has way too many beautiful retro dresses! In the future when I host for any Retrolicious themed D&Ds, I guess I know where to head to!

Not much shots here because I videoed them, hence do check out the video!

#2 Cheryl Lee posing!

#22 Heidi posing as well!

All the ladies!

Then, we had our first round of Subsidiary Awards.

Here are your winners :) 

#3 Sarvani - Personality Queen

#20 Huang Xiuzhen - Optimistic Award

#17 Doana - Eloquence Award

#23 Imah Jamil - Inspiration Award

#10 Jennifer Toh - Contestant of the Year

#27 Lilian Hon - Mother of the Year 2017

#13 Ivy Wang - Congeniality Queen

#26 Raquel Chia - Popularity Queen 

(The fight was so intense btw!! She had like over 1k likes! Popularity Queen indeed!)

Then we moved on to the Presentation of Token of Appreciation to Sponsors of this year's Mrs Singapore & Classic Singapore, and man.. there were so many of them! (Some didn't turn up as well)

We had our Guest of Honour - Ms Cheryl Chan along with Ms Angela Tay to give out the awards.

And some of the Sponsors who weren't present are:

Official Water - Taiji Water

Official Hygiene Partner - Tender Soft

Official Fragrance: Jetaime Perfume

Official Mall: One KM

Official Online Media Partner: Beauty Insider

Then we moved on to the Evening Gown Showcase, brought to us by Beautiful Love Weddings.

One of my favourite segment, because man.. the way their hubbies look at them as they strut down the platform, it's so loving.

#1 Maggie Chiang

#2 Cheryl Lee

#3 Sarvani

#4 Swapna

#5 Zoe Sun Beibei

#6 Meena

#7 Elizabeth 

#8 Vishalakshi

#9 Racheal Olivero

#10 Jennifer Toh

Loved this moment!

Happy 10th Year Anniversary to Nishana & Hubby!

#11 Nishana

#12 Jennifer Chng

Just look at the way her hubby looks at her!!

#13 Ivy Wang

#14 Anjalika

#15 Chew Ee Ling

#16 Judith Eng

Classic Mrs now!

#17 Doana

Power couple, always ready for photos hahaha..

I liked this angle a lot.. 

#18 Catherine Chew

#19 Priscilia Koh

SO PRETTY I mean man, it was candid!

#20 Huang Xiu Zhen

#21 Fendi Fan

#22 Heidi Huang

#23 Imah Jamil

A very sweet moment, I was loving it!

#24 Jessica Tan

Can you believe she's 51? Oh god, she's SO PHOTOGENIC & her figure!!!!!

#25 Gan Siew Kim

#26 Raquel Chia

#27 Lilian Hon

I really liked her gown, it's so beautiful!

Then we moved on to our second round of Subsidiary Awards...

#24 Jessica Tan - Most Photogenic Award 

#16 Judith Eng - Gourmet Queen

#12 Jennifer Chng - Mrs Beautiful Smile

#22 Heidi Huang - Mrs Fitness

#24 Jessica Tan's Husband - Ang Teck Yong as Most Supportive Husband

***#23's Catherine Chew was crowned as Most Supportive Family, but unfortunately didn't manage to snap a picture on time.

#8 Vishalakshi - Best in Talent

#11 Nishana - Beauty with a Heart

#5 Zoe Sun Beibei - Goodwill Ambassador 2017

#21 Fendi Fan - Charity Queen

Then... presenting to your our Queen of Subsidiary Awards in the Mrs Category, with a whooping sweep of 6 Subsidiary Awards!!!!!

#NUMBERNINE  Racheal Olivero!!

Mrs Elegance 

Mrs Prima Taste

Mrs Indiba Asia 2017 

Mrs Serinity 

Mrs Ferisia

And last but not least, Mrs Infin8!

Then for Classic Mrs Category, she had a massive sweep of 4 Subsidiary Awards + she was the best dressed winner during the Pre-Judging!


Mrs Nutrient

Mrs Vitas Pro 

And her hubby is so excited and supportive!

Mrs Klarity Skin

Her complexion and skin is really flawless and well maintained! Well deserved!

And last but not least, one of the core subsidiary award - Ambassador of the Year 2017 where Priscilia represented Mrs Singapore & Classic Singapore to present the cheque of $5750 to their adopted charity for this year, RDSS (Rare Disorder Society Singapore)

Then, the Top 7 for Classic Mrs Singapore & Top 8 for Mrs Singapore were announced.

Top 7 (Classic Mrs SG): 

#22 Heidi Huang
#21 Fendi Fan
#20 Catherine Chew
#24 Jessica Tan
#19 Priscilia Koh
#17 Doana Tan
#26 Raquel Chia

Top 8 (Mrs SG):

#3 Sarvani
#6 Meena
#14 Anjalika
#9 Racheal Olivero
#16 Judith Eng
#12 Jennifer Chng
#5 Zoe Sun Beibei
#11 Nishana 

We proceeded to the Q&A for Classic Mrs first.

I translated and transcribe what they said mainly to what I remember - regarding the platform that they have chosen as well as the question that they picked!

First, we had

#22 Heidi Huang

Her Platform:

Single Mothers - "I want to help single mothers. 2 of my close friends are single mums and I care for them a lot. I hope to get people in the society to join hands and get donations for them and hold charity nights/dinners to raise funds and support them as well. Those who can contribute money shall contribute money, those who can contribute in terms of support, will continue to boost their morale.
I hope that their life will be ignited again as they re-discover their life goals!"

Her Question:

Should you become Classic Mrs Singapore, how will you empower women in the current society?

Her Answer:

As a woman in the current society, I feel that we as women should not only upgrade ourselves aesthetically - looks, figure, but our knowledge and wisdom as well. Beauty is not just about the face, it is about being beautiful inside out to bring warmth to people. When our Inner Beauty is able to motivate those in need, then that is when I would say "Beauty is Everything". I hope that I can bring strength to women in the current society as a role model.

#21 Fendi Fan

Her Platform:

Kids without any financial support - I want to bring my team and caring friends to the orphanage to visit them and donate money as well as raising money to build schools to educate the kids while sending love and warmth to them. If I were to win Classic Mrs Singapore, it's not just about the outer beauty that's important, she must have a kind and warm heart to help those in need, letting the world to be filled with love.

Her Question:
What's that one thing that sets a woman apart from a man? And do you have it?

Her Answer:

A woman's sixth sense. I myself have accurate sixth sense.

#26 Raquel Chia

Her Platform:

Elderly in the society of aged sick - my grandmother was in the Old Folks Home in the last two years and she felt lonely and isolated, thus I want to gather volunteers to organize performances and activities to make them feel at home and happy.

Her Question:
Among Family, Friends, Country and Yourself, how would you rank your preference and why? (Most important - ranked first) 

Her Answer:

I will rate myself first. I Have to love myself in order to love my family and friends, when they have everything, our country will be prosperous and will love our country too.

#19 Priscilia Koh

Her Platform:

Charity work by helping the elderly with their hospital fees - they are our pioneer generation who fought and contributed for Singapore in the earlier years and as Classic Mrs Singapore, I will use my title to invite more business owners to donate money to help them.

Her Question:
If you were to write an autobiography of yourself, what would the title be and what will the highlight of the story be?

Her Answer:

Diamond Life. Life has to go through lots of obstacles in order to shine bright like a diamond. As the process of producing the perfect diamond involves cutting/shaping it 108 times. My highlight would be the 6 miscarriages that I suffered from in the past, but I never gave up and because of the perseverance and believe I have in myself,  I am blessed with 3 lovely children and they gave me strength to walk on this journey bravely.

#17 Doana Tan

Her Platform:

Single Parents - I started a Single Parent Network Support Group in 2011 as I am a single mum as well. I started the network to inspire and create awareness while helping all the parents, getting support and volunteers to help them. My Motto is that if I can't change their path, but I can make a difference in their lives.

Her Question:
If you won a million dollars (USD) from a lottery, how will you spend it?

Her Answer:

As a property agent  I will know what's the cheapest available property and with this money I can buy 2-3 property around the world. Then I will invest half of it and get rental as revenue which will help all the poor people in the network that I started.

#18 Catherine Chew

Her Platform:

People whom are sick - I would like to use pranic healing and acupuncture to treat those who are sick or in need of help.

Her Question:
How will winning this pageant make a difference to your future and why?

Her Answer:

It won't make a difference. If I were to win, it will be because of abilities and self-confidence.

#24 Jessica Tan

Her Platform:

Elderly Home - they haven't been forgotten! Money or Support, we will get our friends together to help them. Contributing what we can.

Her Question:
How will winning this pageant make a difference to your future and why?

 Her Answer:

If I were to win, I will have better self confidence and at the same time, I hope that my business will get better. As a Singaporean Woman, what a guy can do, is also what I am doing right now. I am selling pork at Jurong West and I work hard with my husband daily and walked this path for 27 years already. I am thankful for a good family, and after this pageant I will want to contribute more to the charity, as I am already successful in my business.

Then we moved on to our Mrs Singapore Q&A.

#3 Sarvani

Her Platform:

Legal Services platform to help those in need.

Her Question:

If you were to have 3 wishes, what would they be? 

Her Answer:

To win Mrs Singapore, to pray that the society will not have anybody dying from hunger and lastly; to get 3 more wishes.

#14 Anjalika

Her Platform:

Singapore children society  - I am passionate for children. They are vulnerable children, not children whom are sick, thus they are more likely to be overlooked. Don’t forget that they will be the future of Singapore 30-40 years down the road. I will also mobilise TV and Radio stations so people will know where to get help and how to help out.

Her Question:
How does a woman balance her successful demanding career, healthy marriage and children?

Her Answer:

It is very possible, but a woman cant do it alone. She will need her supportive husband as a pillar of strength. She needs to be strong which require lots of hard work. A romantic night out with husband; all these will determine a balanced, healthy lifestyle and marriage.

#5 Zoe Sun Beibei

Her Platform:

Orphanage - I am helping them with my husband by doing volunteer work. We perform for them and raise funds for them and we hope to get more people to help them according to their needs.

Her Question:
Many countries have women becoming top leaders - what is your opinion on how to balance their role as a woman and leader?

Her Answer:

These days, women are very strong. Bosses, entrepreneurs and all sort of careers. As a woman, I will be hardworking and serious, I will take time to spend with my family and take care my children. At the same time, I will spend time doing charity work with my family.

#16 Judith Eng

Her Platform: 

To help orphanage in Myanmar with support from MWA and have fund raising events to get donations. As Mrs Singapore, I will use my voice to give love, bring hope and joy to everyone. 

Her Question: 
What is the relevance of a Beauty Pageant in a society like ours?

Her Answer: 

Beauty Pageant itself has allowed me to meet people with different personalities and cultures. As we come together on one platform, we learn the values of selflessness and team work. We do our  best and performed the entire night! I hope every woman can be like me to take up this challenge, not forgetting my friends support. I hope everyone will be confident at the end of this pageant journey.

#6 Meena

Her Platform: 

I am volunteering at AWWA as a children study playgroup facilitator. As I grew up in single parent family, I can relate most of these children who come from these underprivileged backgrounds.  As Mrs Singapore 2017, I will raise awareness by organising a charity bazaar yearly and to raise fund for them.

Her Question: 
How do the modern society change women’s life?

Her Answer:  

I strongly believe that the modern society has changed women's life in many ways. Traditionally, women have been taught to serve as homemakers and housewives, roles confined to domestic activities like cooking and cleaning. Yet in this modern age, there are many opportunities for women in terms of education and jobs thus I believe that these opportunities has allowed women to work outside from home which gives her the ability to provide for the society on a bigger level.

#9 Racheal Olivero

Her Platform: 

As a video producer I have the privilege to capture moments of terminally-ill children whom they have proven to be the bravest and strongest and I know they refuse to lose the fight. So I want to publicise my cause to help our children centre create a larger volunteer movement and to aid these children.

Her Question: 
Tell us about 1 life changing experience in your life.

Her Answer:

Becoming a parent has been life changing for me. With my two daughters, my life is not so much about me, but it's about me leaving a legacy. From my day to day activities, is more about how I walk, talk, the risk I take and the examples and values that I set for my children and it's for my kids to pass to their children and their children's children.

#11 Nishana

Her Platform: 

I want to create awareness for a society like RDSS whom adopted 90 families but I was told that people from my community (Indians) and the Malay Community will not come forward. Due to the every fact that their kids will get scrutinise or they are skeptical towards how the public will react to it. So I need to tell them there's help and there's people willing to share and give you strength and you need to be strong for your kids. So please do come forward, there's hands to reach out to you and all you need to do is to reach out to them.

Her Question: 
Do you think gender inequality exist? What impact does it have on today’s women? 

Her Answer:

It still exists, but on a minimum level in a country like Singapore. These gender equality issue has actually made women in Singapore and around the world stronger and more independent. In fact in South East Asia, we have the highest amount of female millionaires and even politicians! For instance, our honourable guest - our MP; Ms Cheryl who's a lady. These gender differences have made us stronger in fact. So way to go, women!

#12 Jennifer Chng 

Her Platform:

To support Laptsakha Community School that is near Talo in Bhutan. The school has 143 pupils from 7 different classes in Kindergarten to Primary 6. The area is rather rundown; being an educator, I would like to bring my pupils there to build a library for them and to bring volunteers to educate them.

Her Question: 

If your life is a movie, what would you edit or delete and what would you repeat? 

Her Answer:

I would like to edit the part  whereby I was really young and my dream was to be an Air Stewardess because I will get to travel for free and on a frequent basis. Yet, I didn't have the chance as I went straight to teaching. I would like to repeat this very moment whereby I am on this platform, on this stage; repeating myself again and again, talking to the judges, audiences and my supporters.

And.... the Coronation Moment is here!!!!

For Classic Mrs Category:

Classic Mrs Singapore 2017 2nd Runner Up - #22 Heidi Huang!

Classic Mrs Singapore 2017 1st Runner Up - #21 Fendi Fan!

Classic Mrs Singapore Planet 2017 - #26 Raquel Chia!

Classic Mrs Singapore Globe 2017 - #24 Jessica Tan!

And.. our Grand Winner for the night......

Classic Mrs Singapore Universe - #19 Priscilia Koh!

If you watch the video carefully, I was shouting 19 damn loud and Guan pointed to my direction.. 

My prediction was right...

Her husband is forever supportive!

Victory Punch!!

Our very beautiful and forever young 2017 Classic Mrs Singapore Queens!

Then, we moved on to our Mrs Singapore Category....

Mrs Singapore 2017 2nd Runner Up - #5 Zoe Sun Beibei!

Mrs Singapore 2017 1st Runner Up - #12 Jennifer Chng!

Mrs Singapore Planet 2017 - #16 Judith Eng!

Mrs Singapore Globe 2017 - #14 Anjalika!

And.. our grand winner is....


SHE IS....

Like Duh?.... (Guan) 


A very sweet moment shared on stage when her daughters ran up to their mummy.

With her 2 beautiful daughters!

And after 8 weeks, we finally saw the 10 women who proved to be the best in many aspects.


Photographs of all winners taken by my SLR :)

With the Guest of Honour Ms Cheryl Chan

#9 & #19

Loved this photograph of our Classic Mrs Singapore Queens!

Primarily because I was standing right in front of them.

Bad shot for me but I still see all my beautiful Mrs Singapore Queens!

And.. myself and my two top favourites whom both won the Grand Titles! 

What's more? I realized they were in the same team during the RDSS Easter Egg Painting competition.. and that number 9 in their Finalist Number?!


But I have learned a lot from them as well, and through their messages I am really thankful and happy that although I didn't manage to communicate with them during the activities, through messenger I could express what I thought and wished them the best of luck.

With Racheal's daughter too!!!!

Relieve the moment here again!

Other than thanking ERM Singapore for inviting me once again, I would like to congratulate every single finalist who strut that walkway & runway with confidence and passion. If you look back and look at how you were like in terms of public speaking; a simple introduction, dance, nervousness when it comes to performance.. you may have realized that you are a different woman now!

Step out of your comfort zone and you will achieve a lot, more than just the amazing benefits from all sponsors, more than just the titles; but the experience with different women of different background/culture that you can learn from.

Even if you felt sad that you left with not a single title, to qualify as a finalist - you have already won. You won the hearts of all your fellow pageant sisters and all of them know that it is not easy.

Not everyone is lucky to be able to fully devote her time to just the competition, there are still commitments from work and family etc.. 

It is perfectly alright!

To play a role not only as a woman, a mother, a daughter and an expert in your expertise..

All of you did great that night, and it's been heartwarming watching and hearing from all of you finalists.

I wish all of you the best in your future endeavours, and may the video that I edited and compiled - act as a memento in near future - for you, your children to look back how mommy has came so far.

To the new Queens, your journey ahead will be filled with so much adventures, all the best and I hope that you will enjoy every single moment of it - and bring glory to the country as you represent Singapore in the various pageants overseas.




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