The year ''2014''

December 10, 2014

2014.. How was it like for you? Apparently, this year has to be one of the worse in the kpop industry, airlines industry and many more. Maybe even for Singapore, because the amount of homicides, murder, serious robberies, sagas ; aka the Jover Chew mobile saga, operation #Opsairkangkang, and many more. Oh and did you hear about this R rated movie that Sam Loh, a filmmaker based in Singapore actually directed just for the Singapore International Film Festival? Too many stuffs.

To me, I didn't had a lot of expectations in 2014. Because I know it will be quite a tough year. For the following reasons ;

  1. Even years were horrible for me. (For the past few years) 
  2. This year, my zodiac the rabbit actually ''Fan Tai Sui'' aka conflict with the gods.
  3. It was secondary 3 ; new environment, classmates, subjects. 
And yeap.. that was all. So apparently I had low hopes for this year and I expected myself to get into deep shits. Like literally really deep ones that I may just sink and never come back LOL. Like in 2012 I almost gave myself up.

But.... actually no. It was kind of great, 2014,  because I had really good luck for certain things ; winning awards, facebook prizes, free giftcards etc but also some of the worse luck ever ; hospitalized for four times, had multiple knee, ankle injuries on my left leg etc.

And so here is it ; the top 10 moments of 2014. For me.

Top 10 Top 9 worse moments ;
oh in no particular order

1) Falling because of soccer in Jan that caused my ankle to be sprained.

Wearing slippers to school ; Really?

2) Hospitalized thrice for stomach problems + surgery.

Apparently I was having fun.. babies, balloons, flowers, injections TONS of injections daily.

3) Phone screen cracked.


4) Cracked my knee twice. Finger once (no pic for this too gross)

does this looks ok to u

5) Another person left in March.

 well. yearly thing ; expected.

6) Squandered almost 300$ for arcade.

hard earned money gone in a few seconds.

7) Sitex 2014 sales were terrible.

top sales gets 50$ per day. Lol. 

8) Quarrels ; relationships & friends.


10) Breakup. 

unavoidable & karma & sorry


There's always this saying; When one door closes, another door opens

Top 09 best moments of 2014 ;
                                                               In no particular order.

1) My first school award ; Good progress award ; I waited 9 years for my FIRST prize giving day.

cried. #dreamscometrue

2) Won fb giveaways ; etude house products, owndays glasses, gosh cosmetics etc.

its free bitch.

3) Won bronze award for my first public speaking competition; YMCA PESA.

sch website ;;;

4) Won 2 100$ vouchers from H&M.

define crazy shopping..

5) Top 10 in class.. despite failing math LOL. 

yeah right bitches

6) Top for EL oral , combined humanities ; elective geography & SS in class (EOY).

and ppl said i'll retain due to many mcs.

7) Radio AEM in September. (I found my unique voice)

mcm im coming for ya.

8) Birthday ; Cell in church celebrated for me as well as S&N, PY and another friend. & tq fat for the cake <3

9) Shunji Matsuo hair treatment given by Youtube Channel ; Night Owl Cinematics.

still a better salon than Jean Yip's . Lol .

yeah.. and that's it.. my top 18 worse & best moments of 2014. Thinking back, time passed really fast; and it's gonna end soon (finally).

Other than that I personally feel that I grew a lot in this year as well. Many things happened, and I found my true friends and all. Despite many setbacks, as long as I didn't gave up and overcame them, it all became better. And, pretty much sums up my 2014. What about yours? 

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