December getaway

December 15, 2014

Oh dang, finally on blogger again. I just realized that I blog on a more regular basis on the month of December, maybe because I am more free! So, December, final month of the year, but apparently there are MORE dramas. Oh well, and I realized many things as well, oh girl if you're trying to be scheming yet smart yet the same time you're not there YET. Apparently I know what you are up to already, and no I WON'T fall for it. You trying to ruin my mood and life? Hell no. Yes for two days I was really affected. But thanks to myself, my blog post in September and also friends who listened to me talking about it, I'm so much better now. Oh, and Yoga & Meditation too. I'm very sure you read my blog so yeah, I'm directing this post to you. Okay, things aside, well I'm feeling just an okay-okay feeling for this month, but the past few days though my mood was pretty disturbed, but I kinda enjoyed myself a lot as well! (Though I wish Fabro would be w me too!!)

So my pay which has been dragged for 2 months for various reasons finally came, and its well above 1K for 10 days of show! Hard work paid off. And no, this time I did not go to bugis and shop like shit in fact I sort of upgraded myself, actually not but I don't really like bugis street stuffs (for ppl who know me) they know that I only buy stuffs from bugis if it's like 5$ per shirt or skirt etc otherwise no. I shop for clothes in H&M mainly and some korean shops. While girls on payday go there, I decided to go around orchard since I needed to collect my glasses as well and wanted to visit Sakinah at her workplace. And I wanted to visit the Etude House at Wisma Atria since it was the flagship store. AND also, to eat my tortellinis which ended up in a disaster somehow but not.

Okay, before my pictures on my ''holiday'', a picture with fabro who left me so suddenly! I'll miss you! 

My red extensions at it's best HAHA.

Does our hair look pretty!

Okay, so that's for the airport part. Now for 12/12 (my payday!!) First place I went to was Dhoby Ghaut cos the macDonald's building was beside it; I had to collect my glasses so I went there. And upon walking just a few mins I chanced upon Havaianas and they were having a sale (on big sizes slippers 44-45 -_-) and I bought a pair for myself! which was so pretty! @49.90$! I wanted the black one like my sister but it was not available already so yeah. 

Then I headed to this company to collect my glasses, apparently it was an angmoh advertising company LOL. But then pretty glasses! (I will review it in the next post!) 

Damn these glasses!

After, I headed to Orchard, went to Wisma Atria first to look at the etude house, and I spent a lot of money buying new cosmetics (again) I had to admit there were many stuffs that I didn't need but I just felt like adding it to my collection. But two special lip gloss colours + one lipstick that was on offer was something I wanted, and also the tear drop liner which I wanted since the start of this year. Bought a few masks also; but I miss the old ABC mask though.. I still have like 8 in my fridge but really sad that Etude House stopped the production of ABC masks. Also, bought the 101 pencil thing and a lip mask which I found it interesting! All in all it was great and I received a free makeover as well the make up was great but I didn't really liked having eyeliner on me but I picked up tips from my makeup artist and I may approach her in future also if I need any help in choosing cosmetics!
Special shout out to the sales associate Eva and also Ming Hui who did my make-up! Really patient and understanding! A picture of my buys ; 

Next I headed to Wheelock place to have lunch and then I headed to H&M! I got two very good buys though! Not a clear pic but just a sneak haha. Bought a pullover dress for a very cheap price of 20$ discounted from 39.90$ and also the furry jacket @49.90! Received a nice gold colour paper bag (I'm obsessed with paper bags!!) 

And finally after that I headed for dinner at Savuer @ Far East Plaza. I went there to eat my long time craving ; Tortellinis. & when I reached there it was full house and there were people who were queuing as well. Determined to eat what I wanted I queued for an hour at the restaurant itself. And guessed what happened. The minute I opened the menu and flipped, there were NO SIGHT of tortellinis. I asked the manager and she said ''Its only available in Concetto by savuer''. I was like OH WHAT I QUEUED AN HOUR AND THERE'S NONE. But fine, I ate something else. Which tasted really good and I recommend everyone to eat there as well! It's really CHEAP for french cuisine. 
I had a pasta, duck confit & their home made iced lemon tea which all tasted really GOOD. I give it a 10/10 for the pasta, it had a mee pok dry kind of taste, it didn't really tasted like the typical italian pastas (maybe french cuisine is like that LOL!) and the price was only 4.90$. Like O M G . It was so cheap! Everyone have to try it once in their life. The dried shrimp also tasted really good, and the noodles were tasty as well. For the duck confit, the duck was so well done. It had a very nice grilled/BBQ smell and it had shitakes all over (my fav mushroom!!) plus the special sauce and oranges, the meat was soft and tender, and every bite I could taste the essence of duck LOL it was really fresh and so easy to eat, only like one bone (it was the thigh part I suppose) and all these for only 12,90$! Lastly their home made iced lemon tea was special to me, I didn't had such a special tasting one before. It was sweet & sour. for 3$ I recommend everyone to try! Pics of the dishes!

Duck Confit

Yup so that's it for 12/12! 

Then 13/12 I supposedly booked a seat @ concetto but I cancelled because my mood was affected, However someone called me out for lunch so I went to Nex's Ramen Play and had ramen. 
Verdict ; Tasted better than Ajisen's (I'm never ever going back for the lousy service anymore) 
Why I said Ajisen Ramen was lousy first thing first, some of the attitudes of the waiters/waitresses were horrible LOL. But that's not the point, they used to take orders from customers directly but they have since used this Ipad thing which I don't agree at all for special requests and they are still charging the 10% service charge when apparently there was NO service. I mean you see, Astons don't charge svc charge but they still deliver the food to you. So apparently Ajisen should no longer charge bec you guys are doing the basic job yet already enjoying bec you guys don't have to go to the extra mile of taking orders etc. Next, they no longer refill green tea which is so shitty because it's very basic for all Jap Restaurants to do that. Then also, the menu changed from 6 gyoza to 4 which is ugh I don't know what to say at all already. Never ever going back! Ramen play was new to me, I didn't ate it before but I heard about it's existence. I ate this spicy tokotsu ramen, it was ony 11.80$ and it was huge, other than that I ordered a salad as well cos it was only 2,60$. Had to try! And their egg was special. Overall I gave it a 8/10 cos the mushrooms inside tasted horrible. It was a eww/10.

 Then I went to Chinatown to look for the baobei who was working and waited for her to knock off. We went to bugis and came across this shop called Pie Face, and ate there! the dessert pies were very nice, price was alright at 3.30$ per piece. And the savoury pies at 3$-$3.30 each. Overall packaging and instagram worthiness was 9/10. The filling inside was so many that you feel so guilty after eating it though it's very small.

Then, 14/12 where my mood was even more worse. But then I finally went to concetto and ate my tortellinis. Thank you Peiyin for accompanying me! Booked a table and was almost late, luckily I wasn't. Overall taste was so good. It was a 10/10. Because for people like me who don't really like raw egg yolk to spill all over the dish, i actually liked the taste a lot. The duck was so fresh and tender, similar to the confit. And the pasta tasted good. One bite was half of each tortellini. It was so filling but I ate finish after an hour plus. 4 tortellinis + potato + egg for 12.90$ I have to say it's very cheap. You guys should try as well. Picture of it! 

And I bought some stuffs from typo!

yup.. so as I was saying my mood was really terrible, I didn't end the day quite well. But thanks to yoga & meditation my mood was better. 

So today, 15/12 I was feeling ok already, the negative thoughts were gone and I encouraged myself a lot. So I went to clark quay and took a walk, had lunch and sightseeing to calm myself down while enjoying myself with the beautiful scenery. Had lunch at Hooters Singapore. It was fantastic. The steak tasted really good that I wanted more but I was too full from the salad and the fries. Their ice lemon tea serving was really huge too. And I'm not a fan of mangoes but I decided to try their signature mango ice cream which tasted really good as well. Overall it's a 9/10 and the girls who served me was very nice. Will go back there again definitely! 

beautiful scenery; couldn't ask for more.

Took a few selfies too! 

Yup, so I really enjoyed myself. Will blog my next post on my owndays sunglasses. So stay tuned. xx

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