My Facial Journey with Annabelle Skin [ANNABELLE SKIN REVIEW]

December 17, 2018

I never enjoyed a single Facial Treatment I had with any of the usual salons outside.

Not because the service wasn't good, but the constant selling of top-ups for Ampoules or Special Masks made the whole treatment felt like a nagging session rather than a relaxing Facial Treatment. (Not as if the 1 Hour Consult used to hard-sell packages even before the treatment wasn't terrible enough) 

Lucky me, I finally found that one Facial Salon that I can proudly introduce to my family members, friends and even strangers (who signed for a package after reading my post on forums)! 

I got to know about Annabelle Skin because of a networking organization that I was involved in, where I heard many raving reviews about the facial were many, including men, felt that they had the best facial of their life!

Being a busy bee running around for events most of the time last year, I rarely had free time but I made time to have my first facial in June last year.

My Facial Journey with Annabelle Skin

Like a normal procedure, when I reached, I was told to fill up a form about my particulars and some usual Q&A regarding my skin. I also had a complimentary Personalised Skin Analysis (U.P. $38) to check on my *Epidermis (Outermost Layer of Skin which provides a waterproof barrier and creates our skin tone) as well as the *Dermis (beneath the Epidermis, contains tough connective tissue, hair follicles and sweat glands).  *terms a bit cheem but learn la hor

Annabelle Skin uses a Hi-Tech Scalar Skin Scanner from Japan, that will also help to analyse our skin profile - pores' condition, smoothness and suppleness.

The Skin Analysis will also then be able to recommend me a suitable Facial Treatment according to what my skin needs!

I was recommended to the "Natural Facial Treatments" specially for Young Adults.

They had 4 different Facial Treatments under this category, and I was recommended to E02 - Herbal Facial Treatment. I personally chose that as well as it fits well with my budget, moreover there's an ampoule, mask as well as their facial and shoulder massage which is a MUST TRY!

After the treatment - I felt so refreshed! Prior to the facial treatment, I actually didn't have sleep for one night so I felt extremely tired, but I had an amazing nap whilst enjoying the treatment and massage.

A Boomerang was recorded and as you can see, there is absolutely no redness at all on my skin.

I had like 2 hosting gigs that weekend and I was thankful that I looked my best too. 

After the whole treatment was over, I was treated to tea and was introduced to their package price for 10 sessions. The price was really attractive BUT my mentality is that I rather pay $98 each time I visit rather than paying a lump sum at once as I wanted to have more cash flow on hand. Budget Babe being on Budget. And for the Salon they are actually earning more, so why not for them? I just missed out on the discount! The sales talk took less than 2 minutes perhaps, the staff were not pushy at all. 

My Second Visit was in August, as I had a really busy schedule and I had to skip facial in July. 

Prior to my own Facial, I brought along my BFF for her Facial Treatment (she had her previous facial done in the same mall as well by a different salon, that costs more!) and she enjoyed thoroughly and I had the honour to document the whole process down in which I'll be writing and making a video for it that will be shared at a later date! So stay tuned. 

Shots from my second visit (after treatment shots)

For my second visit, it was a facial treatment scheduled after my Photoshoot with The Makeover Inc - just right! I experienced pimples before my shoot, however, I thought it's better to clear after the photo shoot and take a rest from cosmetics or so. To allow my skin to breathe!

You can definitely see the glow in my skin!

Pardon my big face back then. I did not sleep throughout this session as I was particular about the extraction for my many pimples. Glad to say that, it's one of the finest skills I ever experienced in my life. Usually what normal therapists would do is that they would use a tissue paper to pop your pimples or worse, their fingernails. 

However for Annabelle Skin, with their special tool and concise skills - they are able to extract all the bad kinds of stuff like Pimples, White/Blackheads. I wouldn't say it's painless but it's bearable for sensitive skin like mine. 

This shot was taken one day after my facial, I only had pimple cream and skincare on with Ponds Powder for coverage. Usually, I will let my skin breathe one day after facial and I tend to avoid cosmetics (but that is just my style, you can in fact just have on your normal makeup but I prefer to let the essence stay on my skin longer *laughs*) 

The third visit in October, all was ok and I enjoyed myself thoroughly!

Went for Yin Yoga, Core and Dance class the very next day but my skin was great!

So prior to my fourth visit, something BAD happened.

I was introduced to this X brand of Mud Mask in which it's supposed to be helping my skin to clear the impurities and what not, was eager to try as I had a presentation the week after so I definitely wanted to look my best...

To my horror.

Here's what happened.

Not everything is for sensitive skin... and my skin reacted badly to the product used and had breakouts and mini scars that were bleeding :(

Never in history had I experienced such a bad break out before.

(I really don't wanna write the brand here, coz it might just be me, but if you wanna know what it is, email me!)

During my fourth visit, I got "lectured" by Shirley (Founder of Annabelle Skin) a little to remember NOT to anyhow use product samples and what not, sometimes, sensitive skin is really a big problem and not every brand's sensitive skin is YOUR sensitive skin.

Remember that!

Otherwise, you have to suffer and have all these scars and what not just because of the wrong choice of product being used.

It is important that you are talking to a qualified expert on skin rather than just a salesperson who only knows what is good about their product, rather then what is good for your skin.

Managed to clear out the impurities and what not after facial, felt SO MUCH better.

The very next day, I had to head down to the salon to dye my hair, and all I had was skincare since Erwin Laoban is the only one that will see me, plus some red lipstick on!

Lipstick makes your face look less pale even without skincare or foundation!

The wounds were healing and slowly the pus will all be drained out.

On 8th November, a day prior to my presentation, I had a business meeting to attend and all I had was Skincare plus Dr Belter's Multi Benefit Colour Balm which I love A LOT! It acts as a sunscreen with ample SPF 15 (less is more!) as well as a light foundation to even out my skin tone. 2 in 1, perfect!

A pretty selfie with my lipstick 💋💋


Oh boy... I had to have my usual foundation and all so that I could look camera ready. 

But yes, recovered well and my make up could safely go above the affected areas!

At my fifth visit, the skin was well taken care of hence not many extractions! Wanted to stay home and rest but went out to eat Hai Di Lao instead with my god-sis.

My skin is glowing from far!

For my sixth visit, this is how my skin looks like from the surface - just skincare on!

BUT! I was actually having a lot of dirty kinds of stuff inside, for some reasons. And my therapist helped to do a very in-depth extraction, because of that my skin is now extremely sensitive and I couldn't enjoy the facial massage coz it won't be good to "agitate" the skin. 

After extraction, "magic" water will be soaked with tissue to be placed over the skin so that the redness can reduce :) 

And Ta-Da! After facial. To think I actually went to play golf after my facial...... but it was at night so no problem at all! 

Looking ok the next day! Recovering well.

After Thursday Morning's meeting - looking good as usual with the clear skin!

At my seventh visit, it was prior to my first day of work at a new environment - skin is glowing after treatment!!! After all the CNY feasting... plus I had my eyelash extensions on but the experienced therapists knew the right way to take care of it :) 

This shot was taken with iPhone 7+'s normal camera, no edits at all! Look how clear the skin is, and it's glowing!

Then.. my eighth visit was prior to my Thailand trip, the skin was alright. 

If you notice, facial by facial - the skin condition is definitely improving!

Other than going for facial, I also use Dr Belter's products such as the Cleanser, Sunscreen and their Cream which I love a lot! In fact, most of their signature facial treatments are using products from Dr Belter! So if you enjoyed the scrub or mask during the facial, you can actually buy it for yourself and have a mini facial from time to time.


So ever since my last facial with Annabelle Skin, I have tried to extract pimples on my own to see if is there really a need to go to experts?

The answer is a straight YES. 

Plus... I actually had scars on my face that I had to conceal for a couple of months before it healed just because I didn't extract my pimple properly! 

And some of these scars bled whenever I scratched off the scab like skin from it. 

Lesson learnt! 

Nevertheless, other than the extraction portion, I did see how much easier was it to take care of my skin after facial, as my skin could absorb all the skincare that's being used. 

So... Why Annabelle Skin?
Other than the fact that it has been around for 24 years, I am in love with the passion of every single therapist in the salon. 

On Mondays' mornings, they will be going for training to further improve their skills despite being old birds in the industry and in the same salon with over a decade of experience! 

With that being said, ANY therapist will take good care of your skin for sure! 

Plus, I personally know friends who have been with Annabelle Skin for more than 10 years, one of them is in her 40s now with four children but she looks like 28! Her skin is the first thing I notice when I see her. Glowing with radiance. 

On top of all, I think the most important thing is that Annabelle Skin does not hard sell, which is really important. You simply get what you pay for, there is no stoppage of treatment just to upsell an ampoule or a diamond peel off that will do wonders for your face or so.

Annabelle Skin respects the decision of every consumer and will only do their best to treat your skin! 

Final Thoughts
I would like to thank the team over at Annabelle Skin for taking care of my skin since 2017 - the journey has been pleasant thus far and also speaking for my friends whom I have recommended over since then who only had nothing but praises. 

Next year marks the 25th Anniversary of Annabelle Skin too - I am definitely more than excited for the team to grow into greater heights while satisfying even more consumers just like myself! 

Enjoyed what you just read and you would like to book a trial facial for yourself? 

Quote my name "Rachel
for 30% off your First Facial Trial 
& Free Skin Analysis worth $38
(Usual Discount: 20% via website)

Make your appointment now with Annabelle Skin at 63368975 for radiance and glow on your skin  and they are located conveniently near City Hall MRT at The Adelphi, #02-42, 1 Coleman Street, 179803!

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