Vintage Studio (Bugis+ Outlet) Review

December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

Today I'll be reviewing on a treatment done recently at Vintage Studio (Bugis+ Outlet).

It was a complimentary treatment given to me by ERM World because I was one of the guest bloggers for Mrs Singapore World 2015/16. Vintage Studio, being the official hair studio for Mrs Singapore World, decided to even pamper us bloggers as well, thank you! 

Previously I only noticed the salon because they had a huge life sized advertisement poster hanging on the ceiling of bugis+ so and I always remembered their spokesperson - Jaylee & Yuan Shuai. 

As all of you know, from my blog post "Story Of My Hair" that I have a bad experience with salons before, even those top notch ones that gets so many air time daily but in factual their services is not what you see and read from articles, blogs or so. Hence, I didn't had high expectations but at the same time I was hoping for surprises as well. 

Prior to the treatment day itself, I didn't had a really good experience with Vintage Studio because there was a miscommunication with the staff in Bugis+. 

Working in an events company now as a "part time perm staff" in office hours is truly hectic, yet enjoyable. However we do not really follow office hours as there are days where we have more things to do, or some days, lesser.. It was the "peak period" in December where I was involved in many events thus I didn't had the time to really go for the appointment though the letter was sent early. Luckily I managed to fork out some time and did the treatment 2 weeks ago. 

I had to book an appointment in either of the 5 branches of Vintage Studio

I chose Bugis+ outlet at level 3 because it was the nearest for me, and it's convenient to go from my office. 

Here are the other outlets! 

  • Far East Plaza #04-44
  • Bedok Point #03-22 & #03-23
  • West Gate #03-25
  • Waterway Point #01-37 

What happened was that I was kinda disappointed that the person over the phone didn't really know what was going on, like the event or such and why am I getting a complimentary treatment hence they actually didn't remember upon me fixing my appointment and such. 

So on the 9th, as I was in Bugis for the Daniel Bryan meet & greet, after receiving my wrist tag I decided to call Vintage Studio to see if I could drop by and if they were free to do the treatment. The guy over the phone said OK but upon reaching he said the salon is busy & because I forget to brought my physical letter along, it couldn't be done even on that day. However as I was explaining I guess, I was a little pissed off already and judging from their looks they may be annoyed or so. 

And so I left after fixing an appointment on the following week. 

To me, it was kind of a bad impression that the staff did not knew what was going on or so. Like I said it was a miscommunication and I guess no one really had a good day that day either. After I feedback-ed to Florence from ERM World, she rest assured me that she would convey my feedback to their boss. 

After reading Shayne's (other blogger) review on the Far East Outlet, I was tempted to just switch to the Far East one but then I thought again, I should just go to Bugis one because after all, a miscommunication isn't equivalent to bad salon services. 

And so, I went to their salon right after an event and they were kind enough to drop me a reminder via SMS. 

Bugis + Outlet 

When I knew that Ella would be the one doing the treatment for me, I didn't know how to react because previously she had a really ''annoyed'' face but then I guess it may be due to something else. So I just proceeded. 

This was a snapchat selfie took during my event and as you can see, I had a little curls from the braids I tied and well, working in the events industry can be so hectic that on certain days you just have no time to condition your hair or so. 

She gave me a kimono to wear over and then a towel on my neck area. And one of their staff then handed me a menu to order a drink, it ranged from coffee to green tea then even hot chocolate! Of course I took the hot chocolate!

After taking out the pins. My hair seriously needs to get fixed!

So she went to wash my hair and it was one of the most enjoyable hair washes ever and this was when I got to know more about Ella like how she knew more about me. 

Ella washed my hair with Vintage Studio's signature hair product, Vitas Shampoo and conditioned with the Vitas conditioner as well. She even helped me to massaged my scalp and even my arms and back, I couldn't really relax and she helped me a lot! She then said, "Can you speak mandarin"? So I guess, I knew why she appeared to have an "annoyed" look and wouldn't talk to me much earlier on because she was afraid that she will not know how to communicate with me in English. 

I had a very good conversation with her and I even told her some very personal stuffs. Usually my stylists only talks about my very long hair - which is already a wig now :) but for Ella, it was different. 

She thought I was a contestant for Mrs/Ms Singapore and I told her No! I don't look that old haha! I told her that I was part of the media as a guest blogger for the event and she wow-ed because at my age I am involved in such events. She then asked what did I blog about I just told her anything and everything because I don't limit myself to a specific genre at all. Then she asked if I was very emotional sad that's why I blogged a lot then I just simply said that I had far more life experiences that motivates me to motivate others despite failures. She told me that the 16 year olds' back then only had to worry about what to eat, to study, and to watch television but for me it seemed different. I guess so because I am different. 

I even told her about my condition back then in 2009 and I guess I really trusted her even though she was just a stranger moments ago. It was a real good conversation!

After the hair wash, she proceeded to apply the cream for the treatment on my hair, then to be covered with a steam cap. 

 But before that, my hot chocolate was served along with blue berry biscuits which happened to be my favorite! It tasted really good.

Steam cap on! PS/ I didn't really like the TV before me on the mirror because I couldn't take pictures if I didn't raised myself higher but I got to know more of their events and so. 

So some of you may ask, what's a steam cap what is it for?

Since my hair treatment was to increase the moisture in my hair without having to dunk it into a pool of water every single second, a steam cap was needed. In fact any other treatments would require it as well but I feel that it's particularly important as it enables your hair to absorb the product even better when you're at home in the shower. 

The steam cap serves to lift our hair cuticle for a better absorption of the ingredients in the cream used for treatment. With the hair cuticle gently lifted, the water will be able to moisturize our hair and our hair will then be conditioned fully. It will also promote the strength of our air and it's elasticity. When our hair is moisturized, problems like dryness, brittleness & breakage is unlikely to happen. Which is important so that our hair doesn't get damaged! 

Steaming our hair also enhances the natural patterns - (curly, straight etc) of our hair! Which you can see later in my photos because it's been a long time since I last saw my natural straight hair after so many days of braids.

After the steaming process was done, Ella washed my hair again then proceeded to blow dry! Because that's where the magic happens and you'll see the results of the treatment.

Ella :D

 Also, I would like to mention that when Ella was blow drying my hair, 2 customers came (mother & daughter) and apparently the salon was full so one of them sat at the seat beside me, and the daughter was suppose to wait till I leave then she'll get to sit. Hearing their conversation, they bought a package but Ella didn't speed on things deliberately or just stop or so. She didn't rush through and completed the blow drying well.

It shows their professionalism that, even if there's another customer waiting they should ensure that they handle their current customer well first. Kudos for that.

And here's the after results!

I was truly impressed and happy with their service. 

Upon leaving, Daniel & the stylist with gold coloured hair, I guess his name is Channel or Chanel apologized for the previous incident of our miscommunication and that they were also having a lot of appointments hence it could be mixed up or so. And I totally appreciate that. 

Some after selfies! 

I never looked exactly like this in this year! Centre parting fringe kinda looks good too.

That concludes my treatment journey with Vintage Studio! As it's evident from the before & after photos I really recommend all of you to try out.

Also, after reading some of the reviews on Facebook I just wanna say that Ella isn't rude or not willing to talk to you but that's because she may not know how to communicate with you. She's truly nice and I was wrong about her too in the beginning. 

And Thank You Mr Ang, whom I believed was the one who conveyed my feedback to the staff and ensured that I had a good treatment there. 

Upon reading this statement which is very true, 

I realized it's very rare to see an owner so involved in replying feed backs (some don't even have a review tab to avoid bad reviews) This showed that Vintage Studio is definitely taking all of our words seriously and they seek to improve on each time they do not do well, which is also something I learned when I started working as a sales associate in 2013. 

It is certainly not my last time visiting Vintage Studio in fact I can't wait to go back again as well. I also loved their Vitas Hair Shampoo, Conditioner and Tonic Spray a lot! It smelled like heaven, with ingredients like flowers and herbs, it's a great choice of product for the hair. I will definitely purchase it after finishing my current set of shampoo. 

To all my readers there's a deal on their facebook page right now where they will be giving away $20 Vintage Studio Voucher for you to off set any services (except wash and blow & hair products)! 

Do take this chance to visit the salon and get your hair done at a cheaper price.

Thank you for reading this post! Have a great countdown to all! [full-width]

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