Mbs Day Out

April 18, 2015

Yay, finally blogged after a busy week! I enjoyed my 16th birthday a lot and it will be on my next blog post.

So basically two weeks ago, one day after challenge 2 when I was feeling really horrible, I finally went to Mbs's infinity pool. Few years ago when I was staying in mbs, there was no infinity pool yet so I didn't had the luxury to be swimming at such a beautiful pool! But thanks to Natalie who invited me, along with fabro. And I really enjoyed myself a lot that day.. though an incident happened....... (Which I will delude later)

To begin, here's an OOTD of mine! Which fabro and nat said it was high class and I was like hahahhahahahaha. Dress was from factorie, my first buy from factorie and I really liked it! Feat my cotton on blazer and rubi shoes plus lanvin handbag! With a long pony tail.

 back view

 this pose is a parody of someone.. guess who?!

yet another back view

Then we went to the pool area.. before that some selfies..

(mirror fie taken before we left)

Selfie! (oh notice the lady behind me)

 Hehehe.. nat always say my selfie level 101..

Then we proceeded to swim! Definitely.. selfies too!

but before that took an ootd w my two lovely friends.

(I rlly think my top suits the theme, though)

I like this photo a lot! And natalie resembles my sister.

Selfie time! (Look at how my phone was safe then...~~ )

 (trying to smile with teeth)...

And the most important part was to actually take a back photo of yourself facing the beautiful scenery and buildings.. one of the things in my bucket list.

I took way a lot but here's just one.


And yeah, I enjoyed the swim a lot and the time with them and the selfies BUT Something tragic happened to my precious iphone 4s (I really loved iphone 4) Apparently, for godly reasons when I tested whether the bag that contained my phone would leak or not, no water was seen going in. So I just hung it around my neck. And guess what, about 40 mins later when I asked about the time it was then I REALIZED that there were A LOT OF WATER INSIDE. It was like 2/3 filled I WAS LIKE WTF. But for godly reasons as well, I didn't panic a lot. As if it was going to be fine. There were like water vapor at my camera lens.. And I went to blow dry which isn't a good move (I googled) so I went home and I did this!

This asian method is actually working. In fact the water vapor are gone already, so now I am just waiting for miracle to happen. There are like 200-300 photos which I haven't saved YET and also my contacts. So yeah, and also I really love my iphone so I hope nothing happens to it.. I mean I hope it will recover. My iphone 4 was cracked alr so I hope the 4s would be good. Right now  I'm using note 3 & 2 but mainly 2 as I prefer 2 than 3 for camera . But still I hope that my precious iphone 4 would recover. Right now I'll just put it in the rice hopefully it works.

Then we went to bugis to have dinner, had astons! Took some mirror fie also ..

Leg & shoe fie

Yup so that concludes my day! It was a real great time spent with nat and fabro! Thank you guys once again! <3

I hope to go another pool similar like Sg's infinity pool soon, and take more photographs!

My next blog post will not be up so soon, but do look forward and thanks for reading! :)

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