School Trip: Sea Aquarium & Singapore River

March 18, 2015

Okay, so last week I actually went on an ILJ trip, known as integrated learning journey in my school to the Sea Aquarium and Singapore River. Well, finally no more Changi Airports. *yawns* So I missed ILJ last year because I was in the hospital, so this year I definitely want to have a fun time because it's my last time going for ILJ with my class.

Day 1 was at Sea Aquarium, for those who know me well I'm actually a fish lover because I have an aquarium at home itself, salted water fishes and non salted ones. <- sounds funny ik. So going there was definitely gonna be a photography session ONLY. Haha! No joke there's a lot of photos in this post so yeah, you guys can just enjoy looking at the beautiful fishes.

Started my day with breakfast with the fabro! Had my favorite bak chor mee! :D 

Tied bun for that day haha everyone says that it looks good

 Gear of the day, #TeamPrada

Yeap, apparently E2's bus was the last to reach. Kinda pissed of with the arrangement, actually we could have left SECOND, but the bus was said to be too ''big'', for our class of 37 + 2 teachers. So they gave the bus to the other class with about 45 people. Then, the next bus that came was said to be ''too small''. In the end we waited about 30 mins (around thr) after the first bus left and our class took two small separate buses instead. Bad arrangement! 

Now here are all the fishes photos!

white sharks .

grumpy fish


Yet another huge and grumpy fish

dory again, this time with nemo as well!

Beautiful dory!!

Glow in the dark jelly fishes?

I swear the star fish looks like a biscuit

jelly fishes again


Spider/king crab


I swear this was my best shot of the dolphin

Cutest thing I saw HAHAH THAT FACE THO

I find this an extremely nice photo that looks like a desktop wallpaper

Dat ass tho. My anaconda~~

Tada! After the trip, had a little shopping spree then headed for lunch at Fish & Co. Had grilled chicken pasta which tasted so good!

Some photos taken by Faris for me HAHA, good photographer I must say!!

 I swear this pic was hilarious as well, kianhui photobombed AGAIN. And yeah..

Adjusted the brightness of the photo to let you guys see him. Actually quite cute la, oh btw do you see white and gold instead of blue and black??

 One of my fav pic as well. Turned and smiled the shadow was rlly nice.

I shall name this the, BUNFIE. :)
I took this myself. btw,

Yeap, so that's it for Day 1!

For Day 2, I went to Singapore River. Got a chance to sit with the Fabro because E2's bus could only fit 34/35 people and our class had 39 including the teacher. So Hongsheng and I volunteered to take another bus with E1. And on that day, E1's bus came late. We left at 915am like that. Horrible. Both days of ILJ - buses late. 

Some photos!

With jycinta <3

With the fabro

fabro helped me to take this random selfie cos i felt it was nice ahahah and the colour saturation was nice too, my pretty hair


I swear this was the funnies selfie feat kianhui who was trying SO HARD to be Miley LOL!

 Owen and Junwei tried to photobomb, haha another funny photo alongside kh's

singapore river

The end painting was really nice, this old man is awesome.

 One of my fav pic. I didn't want to crop hongsheng out because it will look weird, the proportion of the photo. But then, this photo I felt that I am walking to my future, soon. Walking towards me are actually future lawyers - I believed from their dressing, the girl on left particularly.. So yeah, the generation today & the generation of tomorrow.

Eh don't say I think too much thank you HAHA.

Btw my pony tail was really long LOL.

 I was like.. WTF?

 " Oi kianhui take properly!!! ''

Kianhui got a little botch up here

Fullbody shot w the fabro. I AM SO TALL.
Choosing salads.

 Discussing which was better

 Had breakfast at the salad stop that day, always wanted to try out their salads and it tasted really good and fresh, I will review it SOON !! :)

Mushroom soup which HAD SHITAKESOMG

So that's all, day two wasn't really fun but I enjoyed Day 1 the most. Would love to re-visit these places alone the next time round. Oh and also, for SG50, the entry fee to Sentosa IS WAIVED!! So take this chance to go Sentosa and take a walk, visit the attractions! :) Will blog again, thanks for reading.

PS: I am still thinking if I should blog about my response to the GC vs Xiaxue Saga? I actually have a lot to comment, (im not supporting anyone actually btw) so yeah,.. I'll just leave my link here (i dont use this actually lol) if you think I should, just go to my and say YES. Link: 

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