A New Beginning

June 24, 2014

Hi guys! Been really busy the past week due to work and stuffs. Finally have the time to blog, well I guess just a few thoughts and sharings :)

So recently someone asked me why am I a blogger since 2009 yet my entries are only from 2014 onwards or just mid 2013? Like 14 entries when majority bloggers who started out like in 2009 have hundreds over posts. Well I actually have 4 blogs. 2 of them are just my past. I started blogging about my daily life since primary 4..and trust me contents are actually like i hate this blah blah blah i ate wanton noodles etc etc etc.. It's really boring, childish and useless.. well deleting those posts were a chore and eventually the whole blog. My blog started out as a simple one..
Then slowly it turned into some.. well. Remember those days whereby friends will just link each others' blogs and just click and read.. Like Runlin Peiyin Yifeng Jihying 's blogs well it was popular back then and we had fun blogging, then having a 'tagbox' which was so popular back then but now I don't even bother to have it.

After that I had a blog running from 2010-2011 which I deleted alr.. It was quite hard though. After reading all I do have memories but some are just fictitious or I would say, untrue. I didn't know there were such things as viewers and people actually read my blog! I had 1077++ views when I deleted that blog last year. I was shocked though.

Soon I had another blog from 2012-2013 which I still have it in my blogs, however, private. One year passed and I realised I have been blogging the wrong way. It is just isnt the content I want to share with people and I offend people with hate posts and really personal stuffs I used to have thinking no one would see as I don't share the URL like how I do now cos it's more of an open post. Open topics. Thus I switched it to private. And I deleted like 100 over posts from it cos it was too bullshit and negative. And believe me haters and some people just read for the sake of knowing my past and just spreading it to people. It's my fault too for sharing such 'sensitive content' so yeah.

Currently, I have one blog about WWE which is inactive since last year cos I was too busy. :( But I'll make it running again.. and this! Well, this shall be the blog that walks me through this teenage life and I will not private nor delete it unless I'm dead. Yeah.. will blog more in days to come by.. Btw do join this year's pink dot ya this saturday 28th june! :)

Thanks for reading!

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