Meet Style Theory, your Infinite Wardrobe for just $129 per month! [STYLE THEORY REVIEW]

February 09, 2019

Have you ever dreamt of having an infinite wardrobe without having to worry about wardrobe space or your monthly expenses on clothing?

Make this dream come true with Style Theory!

Months ago, I chanced upon Style Theory with the knowledge that one can get to rent unlimited designer outfits by just paying a small subscription fee. 

Immediately what came to mind was: 

What is available? What are the sizes? What is the turnover time to rent and return a box? 

And now, I finally have the answers.

The process of signing up was quick, and I had to answer a few questions regarding my personal style preference as well as providing my measurements (which I gauged, without measuring)

I ordered my first box on the 24th of January, and I collected on the 25th of January from the Style Theory's Capsule Store at Plaza Singapura's NomadX. I didn't choose the delivery option as I needed the box urgently prior to my flight on the 27th!

You can book your box before midnight and you can get to self collect on the next day after 5pm! 

If you were to opt for delivery, it can be delivered within 2 working days :) 

Style Theory now has a capsule store at Plaza Singapura's NomadX, other than its HQ at Pasir Panjang! 

It's located in town, making it convenient for subscribers to collect/return and try out new collections!

Over here at the capsule store, you can get to try out the sizes and styles! However, you cannot select these pieces for your boxes immediately and bring them home. There are plans in the future for subscribers to rent from the store directly, but until then, you can add the styles you like to your wishlist or book it on the app should it be available!

Apart from the fitting, you can also get to talk to Style Theory's friendly staffs for any queries you have!

And here I have, my first subscription box! It comes with a large tote bag and it's easy to carry around too.


As it's my very first box, I received a welcome card and a free measuring tape which is SO USEFUL because I actually gauged my measurements for all my selections which turned out to be a very bad move...

Every clothing is professionally dry-cleaned, pressed and nicely wrapped with care!

I chose a bomber jacket and two dresses for my very first box!

In the end? 1 was too big, 1 was tight and only 1 item from the box was wearable. A few inches of a difference does make a very big difference! 

Style Theory carries sizes from XS-L (some clothings may have XXS or XL)

But for my second box, it was perfect! 

I returned the box easily to the capsule store at NomadX, after I landed at around 8PM, my box was "unbooked" within 15 minutes and I could then select my next 3 pieces! A tip that I would recommend all of you to do is to wishlist your favourite items so that you can book it once you have unbooked your previous box. This time for my second box, I opted for delivery which took 2 working days (they do not operate on Sundays!)

My second subscription box came delivered in a poly mailer (tote bag is inside; so you can still return easily to the store OR to return to a Popstation (label is provided inside) 

And guess what? I did my measurements this time and all the items were perfect! Which meant that the sizing in the app is really accurate, and I also did some "homework" at the review section, which was really helpful as I could see reviews from women who picked the size along with their measurements. Comments like "slightly long, tight" were there to assist me as well :) 

All the pieces I booked so far looked brand new and not worn out, and this is because each Style Theory piece arrives at our door expertly cleaned and pressed by luxury dry cleaner partner Jeeves, which uses an extensive 7 stage cleaning process that combines 40 years of experience in fabric care with advanced dry cleaning equipment.

Apart from the clothing's condition that impresses me, another aspect about subscription plans that concerns me is the Customer Service, which hasn't been a problem because of their in-app chat feature and fast response time.

Happy girl is really happy and you guys can get to follow my Style Theory journey on Instagram under my stories right here

Imagine, at just $129 per month, you get unlimited swaps of 3 rented designer outfits that comes with free laundry, delivery, collection; isn't it worth it?

Plus if you're the impatient kind, you also have options to collect from their Office, Capsule Store or even the Popstation nearest to your home!

All these without an extra cost but just $129 per month, which makes it $4.30 per day.


Get $30 off your first 2 months of Unlimited 
Apparel Subscription PLUS 1 extra piece of 
 in any of your box orders.

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