I FINALLY ATE STRAWBERRIES! - from LiHo's Fresh Seolhyang Strawberry Beverages

January 17, 2019

LiHo Tea is starting the year with an exclusive Korean Seolhyang Strawberry Beverage

When I heard about it, I was like.. man. 

I am going to face my biggest fear of Strawberries. Now little did people know that I used to have a phobia of strawberries as I tend to be nausea/puke after consuming them (ice cream, cakes, beverages) Sometimes I just call it the Strawberry Allergy in my own terms.

LiHo, being one of my favourite brands when it comes to bubble tea, I simply couldn't say no and I had to try it... 

Previously at the launch of their salted egg beverages, they had cute decor around and this time there was no exception at all! 

 In fact, I loved how LiHo always puts in the effort to style the venue and make their furniture to be matching to their theme.

December to March is Korea's Strawberry Season and it is when the finest strawberries are harvested.

For us Singaporeans to experience the best of these strawberries, LiHo Tea is specially flying in these hand-picked Seolhyang Strawberries from the farms in Korea EVERY 3 DAYS! 

Imagine that.

And.. I actually the ate strawberries for the first time ever in my life!

I felt that it was a little bland with a tinge of sweetness and sourness, just alright!

Seolhyang Strawberries is one of the sweetest variety with low acidity as compared to others -- it is also juicy and soft and it cannot be found in Singapore because of its soft and tender nature that is prone to damage, hence the short shelf life. 

Being a Fruit Tea lover as well as a Milk Tea Lover (at times) I was curious if LiHo was going to do a Tea Concoction or a Milk Tea one.. and Tada! There's the best of both worlds available for us to choose from!

Introducing first, the Fresh Seolhyang Strawberry Green Tea is also known as 不能莓有你绿茶 (sounds so corny but perfect for Valentine's day lor!) When translated, it means "Can't live without you tea"

I personally LOVED this a lot! It reminded me of LiHo's Singapore Fruit Tea but this time the sweetness from the strawberries makes it so much more refreshing and I enjoyed eating the pulp from the Tea too! 

I highly recommend going without toppings as you'll get to enjoy the beverage on its own :)

Medium Size: $6.60 Large Size: $7.60

It is a little costly but it is all worth it for such fresh strawberries that are specially flown in every 3 days! So I guess in moderation, it is still cost friendly to the wallet :) 

Next up, we have the Fresh Seolhyang Strawberry Latte also known as 不能莓有你牛乳 When translated, it means "Can't live without you milk"

Medium Size: $6.60 Large Size: $7.60

For this, it comes with a milky taste with the strawberries inside, but personally, I felt that it was a little sweet, and I thought that it should go with something else.. 

Hence I requested for cheese to be added as a topping and it tasted great! Sweet and Saltiness combined with the milky taste, I think that's perfect.

Try out this combination and let me know how is it like! 


LiHo will be launching the strawberries series on the 19th for 15 outlets BUT 

On the 18th they will have a pre-launch at Suntec B1 outlet. 

First 30 to flash LiHo's Instagram post can get free strawberry drinks! 

Subsequently, it will be 1 for 1.

Don't miss out on the opportunity!

 Try the Fresh Seolhyang Strawberry Series at your nearest LiHo from 19th Jan onwards!

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