Mrs Singapore World 2015/16 Press Conference

November 20, 2015

As mentioned from the previous post, I will be involved in yet another pageant, last Saturday was the official press conference for Mrs Singapore World 2015/16 and here's what happened.

Upon entering the HBI office (which was really beautiful and had a fantastic view) I was greeted by a goodie bag with items from the various sponsors for Mrs Singapore World 2015/16.

Then I was seated for awhile while waiting for the press conference to start.

We had two former queens to speak to us about ERM World (organizer) and the importance of the the beauty pageants they hold.

Then, we had a speech from the main sponsor of Mrs Singapore World 2015/16 "HBI International", by the marketing & communications manager, Miss April Wong.

I liked her speech a lot and I got to know more about the company as well as the brands & products that are under them.

HBI actually stands for Health, BeautyIdea.

From her speech, I got to know more of the two brands under HBI.

Firstly, "For/get" which is a high end beauty & skin care brand that produces skin care products for women.

From the speech, I also know that these products has gone through lots of research and development under Mr Xie Kun in Shanghai (who has 20 over years of experience in cosmetics etc) to be a high end brand in the beauty industry. 

Other than For/Get, another brand under HBI is "Ikewenna" which is a body shape wear worn by women that is super popular, renowned in China. 

This shape wear is targeted towards Asian women more, and I really think it's essential, though some may argue that women should learn how to accept themselves - in terms of body image, but I disagree a little at the same time because a body shape wear will get to bring out the natural curves a woman has and let women look even more beautiful in dresses. 

Yup, so time to meet the 18 finalists for Mrs Singapore World 2015/16! 

Some photos taken in the press conference with the sponsors as well as the finalists. 

Thank you for the delicious food as well!

Photo with the two other invited bloggers as well as a former queen + finalist.

A picture of me and the photo wall.

Pictures with the two bloggers with our goodie bag.

Yup!! I personally like contestant number 8 the most because of her speech. And also number 2. 

Number 8 said that; No matter  how old are you, even if you're a married woman, it is still important to exude confidence in yourself and that you will not just - because of your duties as a wife, a mother to neglect yourself as a woman and transform into an "old hag". And that she joined this competition is to hopefully, gain lots of experience while transforming herself as well, creating memories and to tell them as stories to her children in the future. 

I agreed with her. Its 2015 and women are no longer just "girls'' who stays at home, receives no education learning to cook, sew and taking care of the children only. Women in this generation are receiving higher education, getting jobs of higher positions and are empowering themselves each day to be better than yesterday. A few of the contestants are even directors and founders of companies in Singapore. This showed a lot. 

Pageant is not just about who is the prettiest or who has the best dress. It is about having and showing a great example of how an ideal woman should be like - her confidence and her ideas. 

And that we can also see the women be involved in charity acts, giving back to the society as well at the same time. 

I think that Mrs Singapore World 2015/16 will definitely inspire more women to step out of their comfort zone and to re-discover themselves again. With that said, I cannot wait for the finals to see who will be crowned ultimately as Mrs Singapore World 2015/16. 

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