DPA, again

August 21, 2015

I'm not sure if you guys read my previous post, titled "600", if not scroll down and read that first.

Many things happened, and all I want to say is that I am very thankful for everything that happened on me.

This particular week was extremely difficult for me because I had a bad cough and sore throat days before my O levels' english oral on Monday, 17th August. And on monday, I had a high fever of 38.3-38.9 degrees. I know that I would definitely fail to do well in oral if I forced myself to stay, thus I chose to go home, although I know that it means I may risk to have a harder text and spoken interaction questions on Day 5 (wednesday) as compared to the Day 3 slot I was given. However, things went pretty well. But I still had the fever and only recovered yesterday night, and my cough is still present..

But finally, things ended off great, today as I received good news. What happened was really, a miracle but I do not want to explain further yet, just that I want this post to be dedicated to those of you who didn't make it for the DPA, despite getting called up for interview, or you did not even have a chance to go, at all.

To me, it really sucks when I know my close friends didn't make it or to anyone of you out there who didn't make it and you have to see people being really happy about it while feeling really really bad deep inside your heart, am I right? I know how you felt because I felt the same way as you when I heard my friends getting called and I knew that I was rejected earlier.. trust me, no matter how many times you tell yourself, ''Fine, I'll just work hard, I'll do better in my Os to get in'', you still feel really bad inside. The first thing I want to tell you is,

It's okay to cry 

Been there done that, and today I just witnessed one of my best friend crying over this matter. It's actually ok to cry, because it SHOWS how much you really WANTED IT. 

But please, do not give up on your current dream just because of this. 

We all know that in every single thing, whether is it a job application or competition, there will always be results; winning or losing etc. We may have lost, but the thing is, it won't stop us from trying again. If we improve on ourselves and get the required points, 


But, are you stopping yourself? By not working hard and such? I know, at this point some of you may be hating the polys and say "Why work hard you guys already don't want me why bother!" 

My answer to you is that, 

Prove them wrong then

Why not prove to them that, "I got what it takes to be here, you guys missed out on me instead?''
I think that, this will eventually be one of YOUR success story one day. If our lives are so smooth sailing, if we don't experience so much obstacles, how can we find our way to Success?

If you think that you're bad for not getting accepted, despite getting interviewed, there are people who didn't even got a chance to meet the lecturers to talk to them and discuss about their future, You did! 

If you think you're bad for even getting a call, there are people who regretted not submitting their forms just because they were afraid. You did! 

All of you, if you fit in the bill of what I typed. Each and EVERYONE of you, you HAD A DREAM. If you choose to fall now and let this KILL YOU instead of PUSHING YOU, then you are killing your DREAM and you will NOT GET IT!

I know it's very hard, it is so upset to know that you did not secure a place whereas your friends did etc, but then tell yourself everything happens for a reason, and who knows you may not be meant for that particular course you chose and you could have done so much better to go to another course instead. 

I hope all of you will be able to step out of this dark stage; of failure before your O levels, and walk bravely towards the final point. 


You're almost there. 

And I shall leave you with this quote, something I encountered countless times in my life. 

Good luck to those taking O levels! 

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