Do people change?

May 17, 2015

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Well, I never thought that I will be blogging at this timing as I should be busy studying for my last paper. But well, I just had to. From the title and photo I guess most of you know what is it gonna be about.

This was just something that I have observed, that had a massive change in the recent weeks.

Disclaimer: This entry is solely just a two cents of mine, with the observation that I made. I do not have the intention to defame any humanity at all.

Something that I observed for the past few years of someone that I know of, that made me felt questionable to some of the actions I see in the current society today, To me, I always agreed that one should not start on a new relationship right after a breakup, I thought this was one of the last resorts that someone, would ever want to do. Note: Although it is not wrong, neither it is right.

As an observant in the society that I live in, I tend to be very cautious of every single person's actions or anyone and have an outlook of them or the matter in my head despite the fact that I do not know them in person, or let's say, personally encounter such a matter. Albeit I made way too detailed observations and comments, most of the time 97% of it is true and accurate. In layman terms, most of the time I was really a ''busy body'', someone who probes more than she could ever could. however I didn't see it as a something bad either as I learn things from this behaviour of mine. My friend once said that, I was just displaying ''maturity immaturity'' - which I will explain further next time. And perhaps that's the reason why I am constantly sharing my thoughts on the things that I really believed in.

Some time long ago, I happen to chance upon someone whom I thought wasn't a serious individual when it comes to relationships, until then I sort of witnessed the change and saw that he/she had a stable relationship with his/her companion. So I thought, that could be the 3% where I was inaccurate. And I thought that, oh this must be it. They had many things that a teen couple would see them as goals, from their photos to their style. It was sort of special I guess?

But then recently, it was known that the duo broke due to personal reasons. To me, as a bystander I felt it was a pity. As it wasn't a short relationship they had. However, I guess when it comes to showing affections for someone, when it stops it just stops and one shouldn't force him or herself to continue if it doesn't work out, right? However one observation I made was that he/she embarked on a new relationship right after the previous one.

To me, I felt that it was disrespect to both the current and the previous relationship. It was like, the last moment you were still loving that person, however stopped and the next moment, it's someone new. I mean, it's great to move on but I felt that there should be a so called, window period for each individual to cool down from the previous one so that it will not affect the current one. And I guess, with his/her previous knowing about this matter, I think it can affect one a lot. Emotionally or physically. There will be signs and things that bystanders can observe. And I thought it would be good to let things subside and then starting it again.

That was just what I thought.

But then again, in today's society, reality, how many of them do the otherwise? Like I said, there's no right and wrong. Just that if it happened on someone really close to me that was what I'll say. I think, while putting your own emotions as the main is an important factor, learning how to care for others' feelings is also a concern that one should have. (albeit you shouldn't do it on people who don't do the same to you)

So yeah.. I guess different people have different opinions & mindsets. While embarking on something new may be the best way to forgo something once beloved,  it does come with certain costs as well that one wouldn't realize until the later point in life or so.

The stigma will always stay.

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