Food of the March! {Llao Llao/Pie Face/18th Chefs}

March 15, 2015

Okay, so I'm starting with this series of posts on my blog called the Food of the (Inserts Month). Basically it will be foods that are very popular, cheap or interesting. 1 of each category, where I will then go and try to eat with one of my friends and then write my personal review and also compare it with similar brands and give my two cents on which is worth is or so and so -- basically just what I think so you may not have to take me seriously! Haha. So let's get it started!!

The first one would be Llao Llao; which is frozen yogurt that has been very popular since last year.

I definitely do not have a sweet tooth, so I wouldn't be that interested. But am just gonna try to see if it really tastes as good as people claim. So, I heard the average queue time during busy hour would be about 45 mins or so.  And some thoughts; Is it popular bec it is rlly good? Or is it because it's a trend to eat it. Well......... Anyway here are some photos before I continue.

I bought a medium sized yougurt - which can add up to three toppings, I chose 2X Oreos and mango sauce. For 5,90$ 

I like the shape of the spoon somehow. Haha, reminds me of Mcdonald's Mcflurry's spoon. 

Selfie with llao llao. 

My verdict?

  • As a person who doesn't like to eat sweet things;
I feel that the taste is alright, it isn't too sweet if you did not add sweet sauces. However, the aftertaste of it is not really that good, it seems that the taste is still lingering in the mouth and you would need water to sort of wash away the taste. There are also many toppings to choose from, fruits and sauces as well, you are basically spoilt for choices! 

  • What if I am someone who loves to eat sweet things?
I would say I really love the idea of mixing so many different stuffs with the yogurt and make it so instagram worthy or food porn worthy! And the sweetness is just so awesome!

  • Price?
It is sort of affordable, it isn't too pricey or very cheap, just in the middle range. For the small size with one topping it's 4.90$ while for the medium one with 3 toppings. And the large size it's 6.90$ with 5 toppings I guess! Plus the wide variety of toppings available, I think it's worth to pay as well. 

And yes! That's it, overall I will rate it a 6.5/10. Where are the remaining 3.5? Below I will tell you more about it! 

Now I am going to compare two frozen yogurt brands to llao llao, which is the froyo from KFC & Sogurt. 

Okay, please click the photo to view the comparisons I made! Basically, in terms of pricing, KFC has the cheapest froyo of them all. So if you just want to eat for the sake of eating and not your crazy love for sweet stuffs or froyo, eat the one from KFC. However, let's say you want to eat froyo of another flavour and have many many other toppings and do not mind to pay more, buy the one from sogurt instead. But! If you prefer original flavour of yogurt, and do not want to spend a lot but prefer to add many toppings, +++++ DON'T MIND WAITING, buy llao llao instead. And to be honest, all the froyos tastes similar :P so I guess, its just personal preference of what brand you prefer and how much are you willing to pay, :) And so, ultimately I would recommend Llao Llao as it is affordable and consists of many choices of toppings. 

The next food item would be... 

18th Chefs! 

Wondered how I came to know about it? I actually read an article on stomp last year saying that a man commented that their food tasted like dog food and so I knew about it. Plus, it opened at Nex so I decided to try, and to be honest I didn't quite like the food there - pasta especially because of many reasons. But before that, 18th chefs is a place where they hire ex convicts to work there as well, as a second chance, which is why I like the place! They have very very cheap student meal that is available everyday at any time which I think is a good choice for students to dine in there! 

So I actually tried their pasta before, but I didn't quite like it because I felt that the pasta was too overcooked and tasted like cheap pastas, as a broke student in the past when I cooked spaghetti for the first time, I bought the cheapest type of pasta at only 1.30$ per packet. It tasted more like noodles than pasta.. Very soft. But then, as I go there in different timings and days, I realized it improved time to time and the reason of the overcooked pasta may be due to busy hour or too many customers or so. I wouldn't condemn them for once I guess? However if I compare them to Pastamania, their cheapest pasta would be 5.70$, Aglio Olio or Arrabiata and the pasta they use is good quality pasta ( i wouldn't know how to explain why I thought so in words you have to try yourself ) So if you purchase the same pasta without student meal it will cost around 7$-8$..  But then their sauces were also quite a disappointment. Not that I am fussy or so but I guess the names were kind of misleading. ): For spicy garlic (the first sauce I ordered) it was clearly not any garlic sauce it was just cream of chicken + chili padi. Then for their creamy white, which I thought it would be bechamel sauce, turned out to be just cream of chicken sauce. But I do like their tomato based sauces and the japanese curry sauce. :) Not too bad though! 

Here's their menu! 

The student meal was stated 6.40 but it's actually just 6$. 

A student meal consist of a main+topping; either baked rice or pasta, +iced lemon tea(my fav) + ice cream. For 6$? Yes it is! Damn worthy. And on the bright side, I think their baked rice tastes really good and it's damn worthy. And here are some photos! 

Their homemade iced lemon tea is really good! Not too sweet or sour, does not leave a bitter aftertaste. 10/10! 

Another photo!

Ordered a side dish, chicken wings that cost 3.80$! 

I always say chili flakes and Parmesan cheese are the BEST combination ever. Tastes nice, 8/10

Fabro's pasta. 

My baked rice which I love it so much! It's in spicy garlic sauce + mushrooms which are my favorite! I would die without mushrooms.

It's damn cheesy. 

The rice was well cooked :)

I tried cooking baked rice before and tbh it is not an easy feat. The amount of cheese you have to add is just wow.. plus the cost of ingredients and the time you have to waste.. why not just eat this? And most importantly it is very cheap! 
I'll give it a 10/10! 

Lastly, the ice cream that was in the set meal. :) I recommend the chocolate flavour one. 

I guess from now onwards I will only eat at 18th chefs for their baked rice! And it doesn't have gst nor service charge as well. So broke students like me can all dine in there yay! And you can order with a bunch of friends to try out the different sauces. This place has a diy concept as well so it's pretty fun to mix and match the sauces and toppings, they also have many party snacks and serves breakfast, waffles, fried rice as well. So do try! Overall rating a 8/10. :)

Last but not least, an interesting food which are the pies from The Pie Face!! They serve both sweet and savory pies, OH AND, HAPPY PI DAY! I reviewed their sweet pies in my december post, so do look for it if you wanna read :)

Some photos!

Packaging 10/10 so cute! 

Aren't these too cute to be eaten hahahaha 

This is the creamy vegetable flavour, highly recommend to those who love the taste of chicken with veggies. 

Chicken with peppercorn, it doesn't have too much black pepper taste which is good. The amount is just right! 

And finally my fav, chicken with mushroom!!! Mushroom fans like me MUST get this, it just taste really nice.

The prices are really affordable, provided with the fact that the filling inside is really a lot. Additional tip for you, to buy during closing hours because it will be a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE THING AHHAHAHAHAH. Cheap stuffs are just a pleasure. And they serve cakes and coffee too, cookies as well, students can also go there to study, in the bugis outlet! Now it's opened at nex and the handsome guy is there now ahaha. I would rate it a 8.5/10! :)

So all in all I hope you guys have found my reviews useful and do give them a try!

Till the next post! And its march hols soon,but not holidays for me because 5/7 days I HAVE TO BE IN SCHOOL FOR CCA . Sucks ugh ):

Some selfies to end the post, not relevant but thanks fabro for accompanying me!

I liked today's skin tone so a selfie hahaha /

basically i was flipping my photo but it ended up getting crop and I LOVED THIS SHOT ): so in the end i went to stick two photos back and the end result is below.

Looks like the completed photo right!!!

 Typical post by some bimbos in our sch LOL.

 I really loved today's skin tome, looking healthy!!

So yeah, thanks for reading guys!! Next post would be up soon on my favorite buys of feb & march! 

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