Happy 2015!

January 01, 2015

Oh hey! It's 2015 !!

a photo of my hair with 2015, hah.

The year I anticipated a lot! Because there are many many things I'm so looking forward to. And most importantly, I'm turning 16. The so called ''sweet sixteen''. Right now I'm sipping on snapple while watching the SG50 celebration. Really wanted to attend and watch Bigbang but I guess, I still sticked to my old way of counting down which is being at home, to blog! And I was really happy that before 2014 ended my blog views leaped from 1.2K to the current 1.7K because my post was shared online that I got 345 clicks for that review. Thank you so much!

update: cj is coming to my house to watch countdown and fireworks. :)

First part of this post will be my resolutions of 2014. If they are fulfilled!

  • Learn Guzheng well . ( grade 4 by eoy ) --- I gave up after grade 1 cos I was too tired. ://
  • Pass my A Maths . ---- Dropped in the end due to lost of interest. 
  • Do well in class . 
  • No more ponning .. unless TIRED . ---- 107/166 of attendance in school... hee..
  • Top 10 in class . 
  • Good prog award . 
  • Get along with classmates . 
  • LOSE WEIGHT . ( Omg my 10 year resolution -_- ) ✓ (still hoping for more!)
  • Try not to skip CCA . -- eh.. MCs count lah hor? 

So.. apparently most were done!!! 

Why am I looking forward to 2015?

And now! Why am I looking forward to 2015 so much! 

Firstly, 2014 was a year of many ups and down. I believe with so many experiences already, I can make 2015 a better year. Just like how the worse year of my life 2012 moved to a so much better 2013. And there are things I'm looking forward, like my birthday, DPA procedure, SYF & O Levels (not in a happy way lah..), graduation and 16th birthday. 

I feel that 2015 can practically be the year of Rachel. Yeah, whether in work or studies. I just decided to work so much harder because of the many motivations and the things I really want to achieve. For example, getting into Ngee Ann Poly Mass Communications course through DPA, which is gonna be very hard. But I'm thankful that most of the lecturers there already know me, and I hope I can join them soon and be a student there! Although it is really far but it's gonna be worth it. For all of those people who are close to me, you must have known that speaking, is really one of the talents that really make me shine as who I am. To me, it was a voice given from God. I always thought I was a lost cow who just wanted to go JC to follow the so called education route, the right one, the one sought by many people because it's so much better.. (Getting a cert in Singapore is so important tbh) But in the end I found a course that fit me a lot. Nevertheless, I really wanted to get into Law & Management but then I think Mass Comm is like the basic. And it is said that if I were to have a head start in MCM already, taking up Law in university would be easier. Being a lawyer is always my dream, since young in fact. So I'm really really gonna work hard for this. University of Melbourne, I'm coming for you. However -- actions speaks louder than words. So I must really act and not just speak! 

Then we have SYF .. which I'm not really anticipating because I'm gonna get so busy. In fact I will be spending my 16th birthday in CCA as well... And the many many practices is going to make me really tired. How to cope? Hope there's a way! Then O levels. I already took my MT paper so I'm still worried. I believe the results will be out in 2 weeks time? I really hope I got a distinction. & passing maths is still a problem to me now. I am really not a math person, I do not have interest to do math at all. I prefer language. However I always managed to pass my math at important exams.. But I won't count on it lah, I will still work hard. It's the final lap and hey I don't have to deal with algebra and whatever stuffs anymore when I'm in poly. 

Wishes for 2015?

Wishes for 2015.. Definitely I wish to be happier. And also healthier, I have been hospitalized thrice in 2014 due to my recurring gastric problems and I practically had 60+ days of MCs. The amount of money spent on MCs could probably buy me 3 LV bags already. No joke. Healthier, and more toned up as well! I recently took up yoga and I fell in love in it. Not only it reduces my stress but also makes me fitter lah! It is showing obvious results already and I'm looking forward to more. Being happier really means a lot because I have been through many many sorrows and there was 2 weeks that I cried everyday due to many stuffs and no I do not want to be in that situation again. And also I want to have a good plan for my everyday. It was said before, it takes 21 days to get used to a habbit. And I definitely want to have a balanced day with school, cca, homework, yoga, rest. And also, I wish to do very well in school. Hehehe, I know I'm better than what I did last year. But still I managed to got into the top 10 despite failing math. I guess I should not be so lazy. . And be more hardworking. 

My own wishes for myself aside. Here are some wishes I would like to wish towards other things. I really hope that 2015 will be a peaceful year. No disasters, no fights, no wars. Hopefully it will get better for everything. And I wish all the unfortunate kids, old people who do not have their family by their side will stay healthy & happy. And I hope the starving kids will be able to eat. Those who are still waiting for their family to be back will be having their wish come true. And to those who are still waiting for that someone, sometimes determination works but sometimes you have to know the difference between that and desperation. If he or she is no longer who she or he was in the past, don't dwell already and move forward. Because things won't be the same anymore. Sometimes it's both lesson and blessing, perhaps the next person will be the right one. :)

Resolutions for 2015?
And now my fav part! 

  • Pass maths; be more hardworking!
  • DPA to Ngee Ann Poly Mass Comm!
  • Shed more pounds! (More!)
  • Lesser shopping sprees.
  • Save money.
  • Spend everyday wisely. 
  • Healthier.
  • Happier.
And that's about it. I believe I can do it.. hahaha somehow. 

I really hope that one year from now, I will be happy because I achieved most of my goals and most importantly 2015 was really great. 

Thanks for reading, may your 2015 be the best among all the other years. 
Happy New Year! 

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