(Review + Discount code) Sudio NIVA, wireless earphones from Sudio Sweden

February 04, 2019

Prior to my Vietnam Work Trip, Sudio sent me their latest Wireless Earphones to review and I must say that I am really impressed!

I have since used the Sudio Wireless Earphones on the plane, on the go and while packing my room (with my phone placed far away) and talking on the phone with it.. all have been nothing but a smooth process!

It comes in a sleek and minimalist design, with 4 choices of colours (White, Black, Pink and MARBLE WHITE* new!) for you to choose from. I chose pink because it brings out the girly side of me and it looks really pretty!

The compact magnetic casing for the Sudio Wireless Earphones also acts as its charging case, with a total of 4 charges which brings the total battery life to 17.5 hours! 

Apart from its usual 3.5 hours of play time of course!

Once you slot in the Wireless Earphones, it charges automatically, making sure that your Earphones are always 100% charged!

Another feature that I like about the Sudio Wireless Earphones is that it comes with a built-in microphone plus I can choose to only activate one side of the earphones and use it as a handsfree to talk on the phone, and once I'm done, I can just charge it on the casing.

As mentioned earlier on, I can leave my phone placed on the table and I can roam freely while still being able to listen to my music or to talk on the phone. That is because the Sudio Wireless Earphone features a 10m Range as well. 

It connects automatically too after you switch on the Sudio Wireless Earphones and Bluetooth on your mobile, all in less than 10 seconds!

The Sudio Wireless Earphones is rather comfortable once you get used to it, and this is coming from someone who doesn't like to use Earphones with Ear Buds.. and that is why I always thought that I can never switch from Apple's Earpods to Sudio. But it proved me wrong!

While the Sudio Wireless Earphones does not claim to have a noise-cancelling feature, it gave me a surprise when I was on board the plane, as it shuts down noises from the surrounding and I am in my own wonderland... 

Amazes me though! I rather enjoy music than hearing the engines from the aircraft. I think that is an important feature that many would have wanted as well! 

Personally, as someone who is extremely sensitive to the bass and treble frequency in music, I can hear the crispy sound of the instruments, vocals and vibrations in my music when I listen to it with my Sudio NIVA, wireless earphones from Sudio Sweden!

A good deal to share with all of you is that when you purchase your Sudio NIVA, wireless earphones from Sudio Sweden; you will enjoy not only a 15% off from my code, THIRTEENTUESDAY but there will be a FREE Gift Package and additional 10% discount should you get two or more earphones! 

And the best part? FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE! Say goodbye to expensive shipping fees.

It's an exclusive Valentine's Day Offer but then again if you are single... time to pamper yourself with good music :)

The Packaging comes with the Sudio NIVA, wireless earphones from Sudio Sweden itself, plus extra Ear Buds, charging cable, manual and its warranty card (valid for 1 year).

Hurry get your very own Sudio NIVA, wireless earphones from Sudio Sweden with a 15% off from my code, THIRTEENTUESDAY which will bring the total bill from $169 to $143 (Singapore Dollars)! 

Affordable, Compact and of Quality; what are you waiting for!

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