FABLife Press Conference

October 10, 2018

Two weeks back on a Thursday, I was very honoured to be invited to the Press Conference of FABLife Singapore!

FABLife stands for Fashion, Arts and Beauty.

Their vision is to empower women to be confident, beautiful and to live their lives to the fullest.

Some background information about FABLife - they sell not only products meant for the Face, for our Health but also Shaping Wear for us women!

About three months back I attended the Grand Opening of FABLife at their showroom, at 883 North Bridge Road, South Bank #13-02 Singapore 198785 and I got to try out the products.

In this press conference, new updates will be shared and the Brand Ambassador of FABLife will be officially introduced to members of the press.

Welcome Drink at the event 

The event was kickstarted by the Official Host of the event, Wallace Ang from Beam Artistes!

After Wallace made the opening segment done - he passed over the time to Alice, who is the Founder of FABLife to share with us more. 

(In the picture, Claire Alice Neo Ya Yuan - Founder of FABLife)

Alice (The Founder) shared that, there are more and more people are “going Back to nature” - Back to the natural way of our skin

Under FABLife, the two best-selling products are from Venna - which is the Venna Rice Spa as well as the Venna Indox.

Venna Rice Spa is not only an organic 2 in 1 scrub & mask, but it is also gentle as an eye mask and neck mask. 

After going through Research and Development for 10 years, Venna Rice Mask was officially launched 4 years ago by the founder of Venna. 

The Venna Rice Spa specialises in helping sensitive and acne prone skin. 

Plus, there’s whitening effect as well! 

In 2018, Venna Rice Spa was also awarded the “Best New Comer 2018”, “Best Face Saver Whitening/Brightening Treatment” in the Beauty & Wellness Awards 2018 by Beauty Insider.sg.

Then JJ, a product expert of Venna spoke about Venna's Indox Drink.

(In the picture, JJ - product expert)

For Venna Indox, it is an all natural fruit and enzyme drink which helps our bodies to detox the toxins inside. It will also help us to digest easily as well! With Apple Fibre being one of the key ingredients as well, it helps to promote smooth bowel movements for our bodies too. 

Venna's Indox was also awarded as the Best Organic/Natural Product Best Supplements (Detox & Cleansing) in Beauty & Wellness Awards 2018 by Beauty Insider.sg 

And the time has come for FABLife to introduce their Brand Ambassador! 

Other than being a Super Model back then, she launched her first Mandarin album in 1994 and featured in a Tribute Album in 1995. Her involvement does not only stop here, as she has made past appearances and held performances around the region which include Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan. She is currently filming for a new movie and she is the new lion mom on Channel 5 plus, her new single "妹妹妳依然真美" will be released soon!

And this lady is none other than, Gina Tan!

"I’m honoured to be the Brand Ambassador for FABLife and I am very thankful to Mr Samuel Seow who has supported me greatly"

said Gina Tan, Brand Ambassador of FABLife & Beam Artiste.

Wallace then got Gina to share about her experience with Venna Products. 

"Venna and Indox are both amazing products! Venna being a 2 in 1 scrub helps to remove pimple scars and moreover it is made from natural ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin."

She used the Rice Spa for 7 days straight and she saw the results. 

Gina recommends that one can apply the Rice Spa before an event, dinner as results can be seen immediately. And makeup can be applied on top directly as well.

For  Venna’s Indox, Gina was scared initially as she’s concerned if she will experience diarrhoea. True enough, she had a slight tummy ache after drinking the Indox for the very first time. Thus she went to call Alice (Founder of FABLife) who later explained that it is normal for first timers to have a slight tummy ache, but it will be a smooth process afterwards. Remember to hydrate yourself after drinking Venna's Indox!

As Gina mentioned that she has been eating vegetarian meals for the past one month, she ate a lot of carbohydrates (rice, vegetarian bee hoon etc) however with the help of Venna's Indox, she does not feel bloated at all!


Afterwards, a video interview was played for us. It captured some of the stories from women from all walks of life.

Out of all the stories heard, Alice's (Founder of FABLife) left a very deep impression on me - here's what she said (in mandarin but I'll translate):

"I wasn't born with such independence. It was forced. It was born with an experience yet forced out of my childhood because I do not want my parents to worry about me.

I told myself that I must be strong so that my parents can rest assure about me. As the only child, I must not only do well in my studies but my career too. However, that is not the real independence I wanted.

The true independence is when I made the decision to step out of the corporate world to be an entrepreneur. That was independence to me in life.

When you are independent because you are driven by your own goals, and not by others.

When you are independent for your own future.

When you are independent and you learn how to take responsibility for your own body and customers you serve.

From Independence that was Forced, then Brought Out and finally -- the real Independence.

Always be brave in your life, and true beauty is when a woman learns how to be brave.


For those of you who find #勇敢的女人最美 familiar, that is because it is not only part of Gina's new single, 妹妹,你依然真美 nor because it is also a tagline that reminds everyone about Venna's Rice Spa and Indox, but it is a Charity Movement initiated by FABLife!

#勇敢的女人最美 is a Charity Movement founded by FABLife.

There are many females out there, whether a Girl, Young Teenage Girl, a Woman, Wife or Mother -- there are many roles a female has to play in her life. It is a long process, yet a female's Endurance and Persistence can enable them to walk far in life.

Alice (Founder of FABLife) knows that there are many females out there who have suffered from Domestic Violence, Physical Abuse, Verbal Abuse or even Psychological Abuse. Hence, she wants to build a community that can reach out and create a better tomorrow for such females. And she feels that as a woman, wanting to have a better future while living in comfort is because of her family and not herself is so that she can also protect and support her family.

Certainly an inspiring movement by FABLife!

A final group photo at the Press Conference

And the Press Conference ended off with healthy treats as well as the product demonstration, especially for those who have yet to try out Venna's products.

And some photos of me at the event! Will post the Official Photos too once it is out!

I will be trying out both products for 1 week and I am in the midst of capturing my experience with the products


The Venna Indox really helps to cleanse the toxins from the junk food and what not and I will have it after my work out in the morning - it doesn't have any laxative like effect so that's relieving to know.

As for the Rice Spa, I used it for 7 Days straight and my skin was smoother - and it helped to exfoliate the dead skin as well. 

I have used the rice spa at least 1-3 times a week (2018) since the 7 days daily application and have also repurchased in 2019 Feb - it may be a little tedious having to mix and keep it for another day but for beauty, it is worth it.  

But, if you like what you read above and you would love to try out the Award Winning Venna Rice Spa and Venna Indox Drink, do head over to FABLife https://www.fablife.style/ to purchase! 

Plus - here is a special promo code for all of you! 


Simply purchase more than 3 Venna Rice Spa/Indox and get 20% off your total bill! 

Code is only valid till 12th October so do get it quick! 

Thank you FABLife for having me! 

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