The Makeover Me @ The Makeover Inc

January 07, 2018

I thought I would have to wait for a very long time to step in The Makeover Inc to have my photos taken.

Prior to this day, there were so much obstacles that I had to first overcome to be able to stand in that studio.

Sounds dramatic, I know.

So.. let's start this off by the First Part of the story.

The Beginning

I got to know about The Makeover Inc back then as I was a blogger for Mrs Singapore World 2015/16 there was this signature image of the salon that I loved, until this date.

She's actually the founder & managing director of The Makeover Inc, Ms Brenda Goh.

Through Mrs Singapore World, I witnessed transformation of the ladies whom are usually not so "dressed up" and subsequently, their overall image simply became better and better after the makeover.

I was a fan of The Makeover Inc's end product - the images of the ladies.

The smile they had, the intensity in their eyes, the way they posed.

In 2016 June, I made the decision to change - hard.

The Change

Story here.

Even until today, I'm not comfortable in my own skin, it's just something that most people outside wouldn't understand; the kind of pain I have inside me regarding this matter.

It is still something that affects myself, that I am very conscious for every smile/pose/picture taken.

Surprisingly, right? Even though I kinda branded myself as a selfie queen yet deep down these underlying issues still exist when it comes to someone else taking the photos.

When I first had my corporate shoot back then in June, the photographer then already had so much issues capturing the right picture - in fact I didn't really like any of the pictures in particular; not because of his skills, rather because of what I saw in myself that others might deem it as "nice"

The Opportunity

So, in August I had the opportunity to go for a shoot with The Makeover Inc, and I swore - I was SO EXCITED.

For that shoot, I had a strict meal plan for myself, had to retouch the Goldilocks as my black roots were terrible, I conquered my biggest fear of wearing contacts - thanks to KJ Optometrists as well (will share the story one day) bought myself lovely shoes from Riccino Shoes.

I did what Brenda said - just buy some nice clothes and bring whatever I think is nice in a huge luggage, which I did.

The Day

The lenses that the photographer chose for me! That were from KJ.

It took me like 15 mins to get it on.. 


In total, Fanny (Make Up Artist & Hair Stylist) actually chose 4 outfits for me because there were two more that looked good. 

She's super experienced and hence she took little time to match the shoes/accessories for me.

Prepping the face first! 

And... during this time I actually received the notification that I won the contest!!!! Super good news :)

The Progress! Prepping for the first look - more sweet, young girl.

Then moving on to the second look...

More curls on the hair!

Second outfit was more like a corporate outfit somehow or rather, but it's one of my favourite off-shoulders top!

Third look! Hair to be straighten, and to add a little smokey eye effect as the outfit was black, plus another layer of falsies.

What a first for someone who has NEVER worn any falsies prior to this to be able to have 2 layers of it!! And bottom lashes as well! 

Selfie after changing and before the last make-up!

For this Goth look, it had the heaviest make up amongst all looks - The Make Up Artist planned the sequence such that as each look is being changed - it's easier to "add-on" to the existing make-up :) 

Hairstyle was changed again + more smokey look on the eye. The Make Up artist also styled my hair in the way that the beanie would look good on it, she really did a fantastic job on this one! 

Over here I had 2 looks - one with the beanie, one without!

Imagine if the Iphone version looked this good, what about the actual one?!

These poses were guided by their professional photographer who already had close to a decade of experience shooting IN STUDIO! It really made a lot of difference as he is able to know what will look good instantly.

Then we moved on to the beanie-less version which showed my very large and heavy earrings + the rockstar hairdo that my make up artist did!

At first, it felt weird to pose in these poses below - but they actually turned out real good. Sometimes when you don't have a good photographer with good directions you might end up being "lost" as the internet poses you saw didn't fit you well. . over here at The Makeover Inc, I am as good as a newbie so all I needed was just to listen to the photographer - and viola! 

I thought I would fall off but I didn't, haha! A little fear but a stepping stone. It takes anything and everything for the perfect picture!

One of my favourite shots!

The hairdo that many of my friends on Facebook liked - rocky style! I wished I knew how to tie it too, she did it so fast!

So.. in total we took about 300 shots, shortlisted to 113, then 12! 

I was utterly shocked because I totally didn't expect to have such a hard time, the photos turned out real good! 

The package I had allowed me to had 12 shots (retouched) - you may find out more on the different packages they offer here or to call them at 67335833 for any clarifications :) 

While selecting the photos, I also had a short chat with Brenda, the founder of The Makeover Inc. 

I was curious why she had the idea to have a business like this. 

She shared that she was a former SQ Girl (Singapore Airlines Air Stewardess) and as we all know - they all look good and tall! She wanted everyone to have the ability to feel good, and look good.

Thus the idea was born. 

The Makeover Inc specialize in these different areas in which I would describe them as:

Morphosis: A NEW YOU 

Have you ever dreamt of being in your dream gown while having your photo taken in a beautiful setting like this?

The Look of SUCCESS

Beauty of Innocence

Beginning of Life

One of my favourite shots!

Memories for Generations

Whether is it just a makeover for yourself, your new career, your family, being a mom - The Makeover Inc is able to capture these shots for you. 

And now..

The Final Product!

So far I only unveiled about 4 pictures of the final shot on Facebook/Instagram and many liked!

I am so thankful to have these 4 different looks captured by The Makeover Inc - Sweet, Sexy, Bold & Gothic.

So.. imagine if these were the looks I manage to pull off based on my different personalities - what about you? 

One interesting area I wanted to address on:

Photoshop/Retouching/DI of pictures 

To majority, PS is actually just to make yourself slimmer etc, and it's so "fake". While it is true, there's actually nothing wrong about that! 

I realized every photographer has his/her own beauty perception. There'll be photographer who will prefer your "natural" look and insist on not retouching your flaws. 

But face it, smaller faced people always look better on screen! 

I tend to have a hunch back as well during the shoot, luckily it can be corrected with Photoshop as well. 

So the other time Xiaxue actually photoshopped her own pictures for the magazine cover - I thought she did great! 

Although you can notice the differences when it's being compared side by side, the retouched version still looked like her - just better :) 

I guess the most important thing when it comes to retouching is that you know how you want to look like and you do not want to "exaggerate" things as well, so it is very important to have a good DI/Photoshop artist to help you to edit! Which I'm thankful as The Makeover Inc has a professional DI/Photoshop Artist who is not only fast but efficient!

At the end of the day, we just want to look the best we can be at our final shots. 

And also, just admit when people ask la. 

Looking good is never an impossible thing - you just need to have the right Make Up Artist, Stylist & Photographer! 

I had fun with the fake eyelashes, I never knew three layers would actually be such a dramatic effect! And to have someone constantly adjusting your hair while the wind blows to your face for that shot? Tried and tested! 

All in all, I am extremely thankful to the professional team behind The Makeover Inc! I will definitely go back again to shoot after my next round of transformation 😆 

Then again, if you have a special occasion you would like to celebrate - why not do it through pictures, of yourself? 

If you have any burning questions, do check out their website here or call them at 67335833

Final Thoughts

The journey leading up to the date of the shoot was pretty intense for me, everyday I was just thinking about it (makes me so excited) and I really loved every single photo that expressed my real emotions. 

I conquered a decade long fear of wearing contacts just to look better in this shoot..

Smiling - was a difficult thing, smiling with teeth was even worse but I did it!

As I look back in future, I will always remember this special moment that I had with myself. 

To celebrate the new me, after such a long time.

Although I am not a beauty queen, but hey - even normal girls like me can also have images like these. I think that is what makes it special :) Just by capturing the true you in a different style.

Although I have repeated numerous times - I genuinely thank the team behind The Makeover Inc for this wonderful experience.

When you Look Good, you will Feel Good.


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