My thoughts on Ronda Rousey VS Holly Holm

November 16, 2015

So I guess most people would have known that the first ever UFC Bantamweight Champion for women's division Ronda Rousey was defeated for the first time in her MMA career. 12-1.

And so, I have decided to share some of my thoughts on this. 

Let's take a look at the stats first, obviously Holly had better stats as she had a 100% takedown and she's a 19x world boxing champion, but then this isn't an excuse as this is a challenge and the biggest fight in both women's career. 

While there are many people calling Ronda cocky, because she did not touch gloves and that she ''deserved'' it, i thought the otherwise. 

I guess it's pretty normal to see someone who has never lost before in her career to be confident of herself - that she will trash her opponent which is Holly and that she is very eager to start the match. Moreover, during the weighing ins Holly actually landed a punch on her.. I guess that made her not wanting to touch gloves even more. 

Holly was seen as humble and calm instead. 

After watching the entire match, I felt that both women had done a fantastic job. And that the main event was actually a match from the women's division. It showed a lot especially when the UFC President Dana White said, no women is ever gonna fight in the octagon. The bantamweight division was basically created for Ronda Rousey. 

As much as I would like to see Ronda retired and undefeated, then heading to the WWE perhaps to capture the Divas title, I guess it's not gonna happen anymore. 

But then, let's look towards the bright side because the stories from these two women are very inspiring no matter they win or lose.

For Holly, she is like an underdog, that nobody believed in. Until she finally won. And that her hard work finally paid off and she finally proved people wrong.

While for Ronda, she is the ultimate best in the world however she is defeated that one time - and while it may seems over for her; I feel that she will definitely train harder and get back into the ring for a rematch and win back the title then retire. 

Ronda is going to show the "never give up" spirit and that despite failure, you will be able to do it even better the next time round. 

I really liked Holly's humbleness and that she was still caring for her opponent after kicking her in the head. 

This is the ultimate sportsmanship we can ever see in the UFC. To be honest, we see WWE women hugging after matches etc, I mean hey WWE is scripted. I wished I could see it happening in UFC but I guess not, so caring for your opponent after the match is the highest trademark of a sportsman in UFC. 

All in all, it was the best fight I have ever seen as a women's main event and I will continue to support Ronda Rousey and also Congratulations #AndNew Batamweight Champion Holly Holm. 

Some words from Ronda herself. 

I believe she will be back even stronger. 

They make us women proud that they are able to stand strong and have their match as the main event in a male dominated sport. 

So instead of saying bad things about the match, let's just appreciate the lesson we have learnt through this match. 

UFC193 is like WM30 where Undertaker's streak was broken, but I guess such thing is inevitable because life is full of ups and downs and that a smooth journey isn't gonna bring you more challenges.

All the best to both Ronda and Holly and I look forward to a rematch soon. 

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