Pink Dot 2015!

June 09, 2015

Before I begin my blog post, I would like to convey my sincere condolences to the family members of the victims and teachers as well as the guides who died in the Sabah Earthquake while climbing mount kinabalu. Big thank you to those heroes who sacrificed their lives to save some of the victims who almost died in the earthquake. You will be remembered. Rest in peace, little angels. 

It's June! And guess what, Pink Dot is around the corner again! I'm really excited as it will be happening on a 13th, (my fav no. is 13!) and not on the usual last saturday of the month! 

This year's ambassadors are Daren Tan, Patricia Mok, and the all time sassy duo Munah & Hirzi!

Here's this year video for Pink Dot 2015 :) My all time favorite one was still the 2013 version.

This is my forth pink dot and this year I'll be going with another friend who has never been there before! 

Some of you may ask, what is pink dot? Basically Pink Dot is an event where all the people, from elderly to children to adults to youths who come together as one to support the freedom to love :) No matter whether you are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender; It's OKAY and no one will judge you just because you are different. 

Having a lot of friends whom are part of the LGBT community. I really think this is a very meaningful event and I urged each and everyone of them to go every time :) 

My favourite part of the event is when we do the lighting up, with our pink torches or torch light from our cell phones. It feels so magical! 

Some of the pictures from previous years, in 2012 I didn't know much about what was happening so I didn't capture any photos!

2013 I went with my bff and met my sister and her crew from tantric afterwards :)

Photo credits to Tantric Bar @

2013's lighting up!

2014 I went with my best friend Shenelle!

A special light up among all the years, with a special bright heart!

It feels really heartening to know that the crowd just expands every year and more and more people are coming to support this event as well! I think this year's attendance WILL break record again! 30k people? Possible! 

If you have a friend, or it may be you as well, you have been in the closet for a long time, fear not and come for this event where you will meet really friendly people as well as people from the different organizations in Singapore whom are helping the LGBT community in Singapore. You are not alone, my friend! 

What's new this year? Other than the new sponsors who joined and the old sponsors whom withdrew..

Pink Dot actually invited our PM Lee Hsien Loong as well as other ministers! I think this is a great movement by them, and Pink happens to be PM Lee's favourite colour. But will he respond? :) I think many people has opinions on what PM Lee said on the topic of whether Singapore was ready for same-sex marriage or not. To me, this is something that is very hard to be allowed here, as majority of the people in our society is still very conservative. But this isn't impossible. So, let's just have faith and hopefully, it will be allowed! 

Pink Dot 2015 will be held at Hong Lim Park from 5pm, this saturday! So come down in your most creative costumes or pink outfits and let's all rock the park! 

This saturday, I'll be having my first haircut after 4.5+ years, if you haven't already done so, do read my post Story behind my hair to find out more! So the first event I'll be attending with my hair cut is Pink Dot! This date is definitely a special and memorable one! 

Oh and yes, if you would like to go for a post celebration after pink dot... 

Then these places are just for you!

                                                        Photo and caption credits to Tantric Bar crew

"A day that everyone comes together to celebrate freedom to love. Neil Road is the place to be, Neil Road makes it all happen for all LGBTs in modern Singapore history! Be proud, be fabulous, be ONE@Neil Road! Brought to you by Tantric Bar, Taboo Club, Backstage Bar, E Bar, Out Bar & DYMK💕" 

To all my party readers, do head there if you are free after Pink Dot! 

And that's it! See all of you guys this Saturday! Let's all support the freedom to LOVE! 


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