Thank you 2014

December 31, 2014

Before I start my blog post, I would like to convey my sincerest condolences to the family of victims of flight QZ801. It was yet another tragedy that happened. The flight was flying from Surabaya Indonesia (which happened to be my previous helper who stayed w me for almost 8 years' hometown.) I was really scared when I knew about it and checked the passenger's list to make sure her name wasn't inside. Thank god, she wasn't. And there were some victims inside the plane who were either Singaporeans, or working/studying in Singapore. Two of them who happened to be people that some of my friends know of. Nico, a student studying in SAJC now & a biology teacher from HCI. And news came in yesterday that they found 3 bodies. Along with remains of the plane. So... most probably we all know what happened already, however there might be miracles that some of the victims might be saved in a nearby beach or hopefully they had something to grab on. You never know. I feel for the family members who were crying and all. God bless everyone. And really, the phrase ''Have a safe flight'' really means a lot now. 

Now back to my blog post. 

 Oh and hey... Time really flies and it's the last day of 2014. Well, while my title says ''Thank You'' , there's a very good reason behind it though I mentioned before it wasn't a really good year. Right now I'm sipping green tea from my cup while blogging. I didn't slept due to my not so good flu condition. And here is my final post for 2014. 

Before going into more details (lengthy paragraphs) would like to share some of my favorite photographs taken in 2014.

First! A pic of me shenelle & huilin in the hospital. 

Selfie in a cab that I thought I looked great w glasses. 

A smile drew by a famine camp leader & words by him.

Pink Dot 2014. 

Candid photo that Shenelle took for me. 

My fav pair of stilettos from H&M a pity I didn't managed to get it in the end. 

Yet another selfie.

Me and fabro.

 And another selfie.. (with my cracked iphone 4 surprisingly) the lens in front was cracked.. but.

I learned how to tie fishtail in 2014. LOL. 

Selfie of me and flowers from Miss Lee.


Met Dee Kosh during my birthday celebration, first selfie really happy.

Taken during my birthday with natalie. 

 Birthday celebration.

Fav pic with Ninnette during my brithday.

Took while working haha. gain city show.

 One of my fav snapchat selfie.

Met with an old school mate this year.


With tree potatoes. 

Fav mirror selfie of the year.

Pink coloured sky. 

Had 30 secs of fame on NOC's youtube video 

Selfie with starbucks.

Fav picture of me and Huilin of the year. PS; my hairstyle was nice too.

Lovely yoga mat.


selfie with my cracked front camera phone

Fav bus-fie 

One of my fav candid shots. Taken by Jeremy Yeo using canon 700D.

Selfie on my first official show under Lau Int

Hafy w his colourful tail.

Fav hospital-fie 

Fav pic with Ryan and his helmet! And feat Jianhao.
ps; eyes really small due to many selfies taken..

Fav air-fie

Yet another bus-fie. 

And yes.. that's it for the pictures part. And now.. This is going to get a little personal first. But there's actually a list of people I wanna thank for the year 2014 & also apologizing. (In no particular order) Just a nice short message to them. You may skip this part if you wish!

Just some people I would love to say Thank you & Sorry

Boss Richel: Okay I know you're never gonna see this unless I asked you to do so but here's a really big thank you from the bottom of my heart. Actually this should have been said last year. I really thank you so much for messaging me last year on 7th of Oct to ask me to be one of your promoters for camera accessories -- which led me to Lau Int (my current job) and prolly one of my long term career as a sales associate. Thanks for giving me a chance despite of age & many  issues. But you trusted me and helped my a lot. And treated me really good. For instance I still remembered you paid for certain cab fares to and from your office. Gave me extra bonus & paid me 2 weeks once in cash & not in cheque once a month. Gave me many event jobs as well that earned like a lot in a day with not many things done, letting me experiencing the operations and stuffs done in an event. And many more. I still hope that I can be your protege next year for emcee-ing and trust me I will get hold of my dpa cert and throw it on your face. HAHA. Kidding. Without you, perhaps I wouldn't be as successful as I am now. 

Lau Int: Thank you so much for everything. And the nice people in office and my fellow colleagues, bosses, for all the chances for me to perform in shows. And letting me doing most of the shows! I definitely met a lot of people in this line, and made many new friends and learned many things. 

Miss Jasmine Lee: The most caring teacher I have ever seen. During my hospitalization, she visited every single time with gifts and words of comfort. And cared for my condition a lot. Motivated me when I was at my lowest and kept on giving me tips for certain things and helped me a lot. Thank you so much. 

Mrs Khan: One of the teachers that I trust. Thank you for all the chances that you have given me, asking me to join your CCA, giving me a position and letting me joining competitions which showed my talent more and eventually winning my first award for the school. I never knew what I was good at would be recognised one day. 

Shenelle: My dearest fabro! Well, our friendship is definitely stronger now. Despite so many stuffs that happened. Thank you so much for everything. For being there for me and all. When I was down you heard me out and you did great as a listening ear. And accompanying me to go out etc. <3 

Peiyin: It's been a not so good year tbh in many aspects. But Thank you for still being there for me. It's getting busier and we have not went out for many many times as compared to before but I'm still thankful for your existence. And you helped me a lot as well, for the first three months when I was really down due to those issues (only you know!) and up to date you're still hearing me bitching and all but thanks for listening it meant a lot. And also, I look forward to more cards from you and more dishes from me to you on your birthday. Thanks a lot, my 11 year BFF. 

CJ: For the first half it wasn't so good cos of many drama, but I guess because of all these we all grew in our own way and the friendship was stronger. Nevertheless thanks for being there for me when I'm really down. And listening to all my problems. memeda. 

(..) ; so sorry for everything that happened. to me you were both a blessing & a lesson. but thank you for all the wonderful memories you have given me. At least, they still remain for now. 

Huilin: Thank you so much polarbear. For the many many things you sacrificed for me. For example you went home later just to accompany me to ''follow'' someone AHAHAH. And I miss your hugs a lot! Thanks for tolerating me for many occasions for my occasional da xiao jie pi qi and my very horrible mood swings. 

Ninnette: So glad we were in the same class! Sorry for annoying you during math class sometimes but I just had to. And your birthday gift it was indeed the best among the best! Enjoyed great times with you and fabro. 

Jiejie: My lovely sister. Thank you so so much for everything. Best sister I have ever had. Thanks for all the rewards you have given me and all the food you have treated me hahaha, and gifts as well. Sharing is caring ma, and I hope you will find the love of your life soon. Thanks again for tolerating me at many times.

Mama & fat (my guardian btw) : Thanks for all the lovely treats. Rewards and all. Thank you fat for taking all my hair pictures lah, it's pretty ok! 

Papa: Thank you for all your care and hard work. You cared for me more than yourself. Sacrificing many things. To date I really hope you will be at the top of your health and I miss those times when I was younger going out with you but still I love you my dearest papa. 

And if I didn't mention you here I'm really sorry but still THANK YOU! 

And now just sharing a little about 2014. In many aspects. Lessons and all. 

Lesson(s) learned in 2014.

  • Treat every moment as if it was your last. Why I would say so, because you never know it could be the last time you will be conversing with someone in that tone or so. . or doing certain things in certain way..
  • Cherish every single one of your friends/family members around you. Till the day you realized they are gone, you probably wouldn't realized all the good things they have done for you. And when you want them back.. It's beyond your reach.
  • Have the courage to step out and do things or say things you wanna do&say. It's always at the very end you realized it was too late and filled with regrets.. because you knew very well ''if only'' you ... whatever you wished for will come through. But you chose not to take that step.
  • Friendships are always stronger than relationships. I bet your sisters/brothers last longer w you compared to your him/her! 
  • Do not give up because there are obstacles. The road may not be clear, the obstacles may be unlimited, but if you chose to persevere. You'll see the light.
  • Treat people the way you want them to treat you. Sometimes you don't get hate for no reasons (unless for xiaxue when people are just jealous/haters of her plastic surgery) so always reflect what you have done on your side before confronting the others. 
  • Do not protray yourself as a victim when ''everything'' is against you. Sometimes is not the world that is against you but you yourself who chose not to wake up and do something about your current state. 
  • Love yourself more than the others. At the end of the day you can choose to abandon certain thoughts and be happy and in fact do so much better than the person who hurt you. SO choose to not care about other people and love yourself more by freeing yourself from all the bad memories of those people. 

I hope you relate well, First few are from my own experience, the rest just some common ones. 


So on my part why Thank You 2014? Firstly, I had many many experiences, and had many disasters as well which I really learned from it a lot. And made me reflect a lot for certain things. For example emcee-ing for gain city & audio house show camera section and doing on air presentation and going for public speaking competitions etc. 

And of cos, lessons that were learned. In fact now I know not to trust certain people for the next moment they'll turn into another person. Lol, and well this saying ''A leopard never change it's spots''' there are really some faggots, when given another chance they DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT repent and do even horrible stuffs. Like seriously? 

Also, I learned how to be braver, In terms of expressing myself, Though in primary school I was known for my ''unshyness'' to share things to people but I have to admit in secondary school I am in a shell now. 

And nevertheless, cherishing people. Like what I mentioned above. There's this saying in chinese ''得到的时候你在毁,失去的时候你在悔'' which translates to ''When you get it, you ruin it, but when you lose it you regret it.'' And that is what exactly I am talking about. After you got certain things, or people, you tend to neglect them or take them for granted. And when they are gone you immediately regret, but then you realized it's almost near impossible to return to the past. Things will not be the way it was back then. 

2014 also made me realized that promises were the WORSE thing you can ever make to someone. Because the chances of you fulfilling that promise is 10/100. And yes, I mean it. Sometimes it's not the person/memories that filled you with all your thoughts -- whether sad or hurtful, but it's those idiotic promises (which meant a lot to you before) for example; I'll always be there for you, (fuck you left) : We will be together forever : I'll love you forever : Our happiness lasts forever : (And now where the fuck is that person???? ) You can't let go because of that promise. It's made you know, and for all of a sudden, it's gone. IT never EXISTED. How do you take that blow? It's like I told you you can survive after this ordeal and suddenly I told you that you are gonna die tomorrow. Same logic. While you say stupid people dwell on these, you will never ever know how it feels unless it happens on you. Promises are weak. My final point. & don't ever promise someone when you have no capability of fulfilling it. 

''The heart wants what it wants'' ; sometimes even when you're very determined to do certain things, you still lose the final battle to your heart. Because it already became a need in it. So the best way to let go? Forget. Yes, slowly you'll forget you need oxygen to survive and breathe in CO2 instead. Nah, just a comparison. 

This pretty well is a closure for 2014!! 

My 2015 resoulutions and wishes?

Well, definitely to be a better year than 2014. I will be blogging another post but I'll save it as a draft and publish on 1/1 at 12AM because it's all 2015 related stuffs! All my wishes and resolutions are there. Do read my next post! 

For now, I hope everyone will enjoy the final day of 2014. Be it with your love one or not, spend the day wisely! And happily. If you're working then have an enjoyable time with your colleagues before you head to countdown! And if you're OT-ing, thank you! 

Lastly thank you to all my readers who are still reading this blog! I promise there will be more posts. 
God bless everyone and have a great NEW YEAR'S EVE !!

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